Ichigo's head was resting against the wall while Rukia's head was somewhere a little more south. They were on top of the school's roof while everyone else ate their lunch and talking about how they weren't getting what Ichigo and Rukia were getting right then.

"God, your mouth is so warm, Rukia." Ichigo whispered to the girl whose head was in between his legs now.

"I thought you might like it." Rukia answered, and then continued eagerly devouring Ichigo's hardon.

Ichigo's cock felt like it was melting in pleasure. Rukia's mouth was warm in ways that were unimaginable. The wetness only added to Ichigo's pleasure. Ichigo only listened to Rukia's eager moans as he slowly approached his release.

"Rukia, I'm about to cum." he said to his kneeling lover.

"Cum in my mouth." she quietly ordered to Ichigo. Her strokes and motions quickened as she anticipated the delicious white liquid that she so craved.

She didn't have long to wait. Ichigo came with a torrent of cum that Rukia was only too eager to drink, never having enough to fully satisfy her thirst. She drank the last of the semen and looked up at Ichigo's face as she gulped down the last mouthful. She slowly stood up to Ichigo's level as he leaned over to give her a deep and passionate kiss.

As their lips met, Ichigo could taste the last remnants of cum on Rukia's lips, but he care as long as he was with Rukia.

"I'll see you after school." Rukia whispered to Ichigo and then ran off just as the bell rang for lunch to end. The bell woke Ichigo out of his daze quickly and he buttoned and zipped up his jeans, grabbed his things, and raced off to his next class, still having a little trace of that dazzling afterglow.

Ichigo couldn't concentrate on any of his afternoon classes, just on Rukia. She had improved greatly in giving blowjobs. She could make him cum within seconds at times.

The final bell woke Ichigo from his daze for the second time in one day. He quickly gathered his things and raced off to find Rukia. When he reached the main grounds of the school, he saw that Rukia was nowhere to be found. This both worried him and made him disappointed. Rukia always waited up for him after school.

Just then a hell butterfly (which only he could see) came flying towards him gracefully. He lifted his hand to receive the message and found that it was from Rukia.

Dear Ichigo,

Wait until 6:00 to come home. It'll be worth the wait.



He suddenly felt a surge of blood in his groin as he anticipated all the possibilities that Rukia had planned for them.

It was only 3:10 now, so he decided to pass the time by seeing if Urahara Shoten had anything interesting in its last shipment.


Ichigo approached his house with is groin nearly fully erect. Luckily nobody was around to see him walk funny as he approached his own house.

He unlocked his front door and the stairs to his room nearly shaking in his shoes. His cock fully erect as he approached his room.

He opened the door only to be welcomed by a gloved hand hitting him square in the face.

"What the fuck, Rukia?!" Ichigo yelled as his shinigami self hit the floor and his body also falling limp to the floor.

"I need you in your spirit form; you'll need all the energy you can get." Rukia responded as she swallowed a spirit pill. She separated from her gigai clad in nothing but a lacy, black, transparent, nightgown. After she was fully separated, she slowly walked over to Ichigo's bed, which had been surrounded by red and black candled.

Ichigo hurriedly got up and stripped off his shuhakusho and went over to join Rukia on his bed.

He was welcomed with Rukia's lips forced, but not unwelcomed, on his. He kissed her back just as forcefully and they both fell onto the bed.

Ichigo slowly raised the nightgown that Rukia was wearing over her head and threw it across the floor near the closet. As the kissing continued, the placing of Ichigo's kisses changed. Ichigo slowly went farther down Rukia's small sexy body. Starting with her jaw, kissing it lovingly, then moving down to her neck, caressing it with both his teeth and tongue, licking her in spots that made her gasp and twitch. When he got to Rukia's perky smooth breasts, he just rubbed the nipples with his fingers first, making her cringe and whine with pleasure at it wrapped around her body.

Ichigo then licked around one nipple with his tongue, which nearly threw Rukia over into sexual madness. He felt her slender fingers wind through his orange hair and press his head into her chest with increasing force. Ichigo then trailed with his tongue down to Rukia's navel and licked a circle around that for a minute, then lifted his head and looked at Rukia's slit only to see her shiny juice completely coating the small opening.

Ichigo slowly ran his finger lightly over the wet slit. Rukia twitched with anticipation.

"Please." was all Rukia could say between pants of pleasure.

Ichigo wordlessly put his head in between Rukia's legs and positioned his cock up near Rukia's head, which she accepted hungrily. The 69 position was something he had always wanted to try, but never had the chance.

Ichigo ran his tongue slowly over the soaked opening to be greeted with a small burst of more juice as it poured out of Rukia.

Rukia meanwhile was a little busy focusing on Ichigo's rock-hard cock. She was practically shoving the dick down her throat, almost begging for her special milk to be coaxed out of the member.

Ichigo turns to looks at Rukia, and sees that she is in her own little world that consists of just Ichigo's cock. Ichigo returns to Rukia's dripping hole and fits in two fingers and immediately feels more pressure from Rukia's mouth, which he returns with an added third finger.

All of a sudden, he feels Rukia turn him around (damn, she's stronger than Ichigo thought. XP). He takes the hint and slowly penetrated Rukia. She writhes in pleasure with the hard member inside her.

Ichigo slowly increases his thrust pace at the begging of Rukia. Her moans were getting to where he would be worried if the rest of his family were able to hear.

"Cum inside me." Rukia pants into Ichigo's ear. That request sends Ichigo over the edge.

Ichigo explodes inside Rukia, filling her womb with warm semen. Rukia came herself from being filled to overflowing with Ichigo's cum.

They both just lay there in the afterglow.

"I love you Ichigo." Rukia whispers lovingly into Ichigo's ear.

"I love you too Rukia." Ichigo answers back.

They both fall asleep with Ichigo's limp cock still inside Rukia's cum filled slit.

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