Otto: So…uhh….Laura, I was wondering….

Laura: *PMSing* What do you want from me Otto?!

Otto: I – I was kinda wondering i-if you might, I mean, uh, if you could-

Laura: Spit it out!!

Otto: Would you go out with me?

Laura: Where?

Otto: Uhh, I'm not exactly sure…

Laura: *stares at Otto for a moment* Otto, you do know we're in a volcano, right?

Otto: Yes, I'm aware of that.

Laura: Ok.

Otto: Whoo!! *does happy dance* Go me!! Go me!!

Laura: *raises voice over Otto's incredibly bad singing* I'll go when you become an emo.

Otto: *stop doing happy dance, looks over at Laura* What?!

Laura: *shrugs* I have a thing for emo guys.

Otto: *mutters* Damn, where am I ever gonna get eye liner around here?

*At Franz and Nigels' room*

Wing: *laughing* I can't believe she turned you down just because you weren't emo!!!

Otto: Shut up! It really hurt my self esteem

Franz: You need make-up, ya?

Otto: That's what emos wear.

Franz: *goes to a drawer in the room, then takes something out* here you go. *hands Otto a makeup kit complete with a pamphlet on how to look your sexiest using makeup*

Otto: *frightened* How did you sneak this in here?! No – more importantly, WHY DO YOU HAVE THIS?!

Franz: It makes me look pretty.

Nigel: *shudders* Are you in the closet?

Wing: *laughs even harder* Franz is gay!!!

Otto: *shrugs* Works for me. *goes to apply mascara and the fruity tutee lip gloss *


Laura: Where's Otto? I haven't seen him since I told him I'm attracted to emos.

Shelby: You like emos?!

Wing: *laughs so hard, he starts to choke*

*Otto enters the room where xhilaration skinny jeans with a black skull tee and Maybelline eyewear *

Otto: Hey Laura!

Laura: Oh God…

Otto: Will you go out with me now?

Laura: Not SCENE emo, you idiot!

Otto: What do you mean?

Wing: *is now pissing his pants*

Shelby: *laughing alongside Wing*

Laura: Otto Malpense, you are an idiot. *leaves room*

Otto: Wha- what did I do?! She told me she likes emo boys!

Wing and Shelby: *laughing too hard to answer*

Otto: You know what? I don't care! I think I look sexy, damnnit! I've got to thank Franz.

Wing and Shelby: *are now dead from laughter*