My hands were plopped on the table of the room.I looked around it,I've been here countless times. The name is Alex Ryan Skyler Villuaneva,and I have suffered from first and second degree burns look so bad that I have to use face paint to just cover it. How did I get these burns on my face?Well my parents came home and me and my brother Randy were playing a game. They came into our room and told us we were worthless because our chores were not finished. My mother grab me and made me watch as my father beat my brother to DEATH. I yelled at him to stop. But He did not stop. After he beat him , my mother let go of me and I ran to my brother's side and I hugged him and he barely managed to say 3 famous last words......"I LOVE YOU". Then he died on me in my arms and I slowly let go of him.I got up and I smelled smoke and I turned around and my mother threw gas on my face. I coughed up some gas and I looked at my father and he flicked a smoke in my face and trust me. It burned like hell. Then my parents were starting to put the house on fire. I managed to get the fire off my face with water Randy was using and I tried to get out but then I passed out from me inhaling the smoke. The next day I found I was in the hospital and my parents were taking to jail. I also found out that Randy actually made it. But I never got to see my brother again I asked the nurse and she said He was taken to a different hospital. After that they put myself in A Teen's View Adoption Agency.I am her now and I have been here for 4 years.

"Trust Me she is a good view."I here that awful ugly looking women I call my "Therapist".

"Ok."I hear two males respond to that slut.

Two males come in and my electric green and black hair is hung and my face paint I have looks like a tiger. The male has his hair dyed several colors in his hair and he has a lip ring, mine,he is dressed in black converse and baggy cargos, and the other male is big and bulky and his hair is cut and he has a shirt that shows his tattos.

"Hi my name is Jeff and this is my husband Randy."The weird odd looking male said.

"Hey." The bulky one said.

"...Hi..."I barely managed to say.

"What's you name?"The odd one asked.

"Alex.....Alex Ryan Skyler Villuneva."I said.

"Wow long name cheeks."The weird one said again.

"Don't call cheeks my brother use do that."I said furious bringing up my brother's pet name for me.

"Oh...were is your brother?"He asked.

"I don't want to talk about it."

"What happen you could tell me?"He asked.

"......Have you ever heard of....VILLUNEVA KILLINGS...In 1998?"

"Yea that-Oh you were in there?"

"No my brother was, he was Randy Eric Nathan Villuneva he was I thought he was,the next day I found out survived but they never told me were he was and they put me here."

"I'm sorry."

"You know some people might be freaked out of how I looked?"I said in a matter-of-fact tone.

"No Alex I'm use to it."Randy said.


"My husband does it everytime he wrestles."Randy answered me.

"You are wrestlers?"I asked.

"Yes"Jeff spoked.

"Me and Randy like WWF we would watch it constanly Randy liked Lita and EDGE and I liked Trish and Undertaker."

"Haha your funny."they laughed.