Cast Arms And The Story

Regular POV

Jeff and Randall waited almost an hour for someone to update on Alex's condition. Jeff was beyond scared after Randall told him about what happen to Alex. Only one question ran through his head all that hour. How can she cut herself so deep in less than 2 minutes?. Now that was unexplainable,Randall on the other hand. He was just plain-ed:..confused. It Was hard for Randall. Lot of questions ran through his mind. They waited for almost a hour for her condition.

"Anyone here for Alex R. S. Villuneva?"Jeff and Randall stood up from the hard seats and went over to the doctor."How is she doctor?"Jeff asked once they got there."Well what ever she cut herself with did major damage."He said and Jeff asked "Well,how much doctor?" He sounded worried."She cut herself way down deep,too deep that it slightly crack her ulna and her radius. Now we discovered this because she was losing so much blood,we thought it was just like a regular cut,but we did a quick scan and realized this."The doctor started and took a few breaths.

"So we put a cast on her right arm,since she didn't cut deep on her left."He said and he showed some X-Rays of Alex's arms.

"How much is it?"Randall asked sounding uneasy.

"100 for the cast and 50 for the color she picked."He said and Jeff took out his wallet and pulled out the amount. The doctor took it and put it in his side pocket."Do you want to see her?"The doctor asked and Jeff and Randall nodded. The doctor led them to her room and excused himself. Jeff and Randall waited for a minute and walked in. There Alex was had a mirror covering her face,Jeff closed the door and Alex put down the mirror, showing off her new paint. Her face was powered white and black circles around her eyes and red lipstick smeared over her lips.

"What do you want?"She asked in a voice so demanding. Jeff walked over to her side and Randall went the other side.

"I wanted say... I'm sorry for bringing up your brother-"Jeff started but Alex interrupted him.

"...I haven't told you my story."She said.

"What story?"Randall asked.

"The truth."

"Alex if you don't want to tell us you don't-"

"I do."She took deep breaths and started."On one day in 1998,me and Randy wear suppose have the house cleaned. So our parents gave us 10 chores for both."She breathed,and continued."I took 5 and Randy took the other 5. He had to clean out the attic,sweep the rooms,do laundry,mop the hallway and vacuum the rugs in the living room. I, had to do the dishes,walk the dog,give the dog a bath,clean out our room,and fold the clean clothes. So we had enough time until they got back. They left at 4 and came back at 9. We had all of it done,or at least we thought. I was suppose to fold clothes and I did,but I remember my mother telling me that she will put it up,but she and my dad were drunk. Randy had forgot to clean out the attic,so mainly we both forgot to do 1 chore. Both of our parents hated us,they would always put us down,call us every name in the book. Randy had too much of this place, both of us did actually, Randy told me one day that me and him would find an apartment and live together,just until we finish school."Alex breathed and continued."So I told him that we better start earning money, Randy would do underground street racing. He was only 14 at that time. Dad taught him how to drive when he turned 13,as a birthday gift. He would do bets and before his time was up, he had gotten us over 2,000 dollars in money. Now,I would check the bag and make sure we had a good amount every Friday when our parents were out and me and Randy were the only ones in there."

"Randy did underground street racing?"Randall asked.

"Yes."She nodded.

"How did he get the bike?"Jeff asked.

"Randy used and old friend of ours. Can I continue?"She asked and Randall and Jeff quieted down.

"OK,so Randy said that when I turn 13 he would teach me underground racing. So I told him it was alright. Then that day on Friday, Randy did those chores and he went out early,he won 300 that day and I went to the Attic and I put it in the bag. So all he wanted to do was lay down and play video games. So we did that and about 9,as I told you it was Friday's he went racing and that day was a Friday. So he figured he get early and come home before they came. So,our parents came in and practically yelled at us,because we didn't finish the chores. My father called Randy worthless and he called me a Slut. So you know,Randy got angry and went after my dad. But my Dad had the upper hand and was quite stronger than Randy. I tried to join in but my mother held me back and she was smiling as my dad was beating him. Once he was done he threw my brother's body to the wall and I ran to his side. I hugged him gently and managed to whisper 3 famous last words everyone wants to say. 'I Love You' then he died in my arms."Alex looked down,sobbing quietly. She choked a sob and she continued."I got up and anger went through my body and I turned and my mother threw gas in my face,I didn't know how she got it so quickly but,I manged to get it but some of the gas got stuck to my face. My father thew the cigarette to my face instantly burning my face . I tried to get it out with the water Randy was using but the burns had affect my face. My mother threw gas around the living room and kitchen. She set the place on fire and I guess they were planning it because they got there bags and left leaving me and Randy trapped in the house. I crawled over to his body and put my face in his chest. I passed out from inhaling the smoke."Alex stopped and breathed for a while before continuing.

"I woke up the next day in a hospital. The nurse was taking my bandages off. The nurse looked at me in horror. I asked what happen. She looked at me and got the mirror and showed my burns. I just looked at myself shocked. I asked her where Randy was. When she didn't answer,I yelled at her again,and she told me that he was sent to a different hospital and he made it,I was happy so I mainly asked the nurse if I can talk to him,but they said I couldn't. After I was released,I thought about the money and I realized,It was burned,the house was burned. The cops caught up with my parents and took them jail. They sent me to the Agency and I was there for 4 years. Until I found y'all. Randall Keith Orton-Hardy and Jeffrey Nero Hardy-Orton. My stepfathers who I only known for a little while which seems like forever."Alex finished with tears on her face,smearing the paint.