Title: Omiyage

Author: Dark Hooded Eriol the Magician

Fandom: Naruto

Pairing: SasukexSakura

Theme: 5. Gift

Rating: K

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto!!!

Summary: His heart swelled when he realized that she had stitched the date of their anniversary.


Sasuke Uchiha stared at the brightly wrapped box sitting on the bed.

He looked around the deserted room quizzically. Nothing was out of the ordinary.

So the dark-haired man approached the box cautiously. He stared at it warily. Naruto Uzumaki had sent one those things to him and it contained a thousand frogs inside. He shuddered.

In his opinion, he had every right to be wary.


Sasuke's head swiveled to his right. His new wife, Sakura Uchiha, jumped out of the closet in exasperation. She looked simply furious. (He hid a smirk when he realized that she couldn't stay still while hiding. Her impatient and impulsive nature was too cute to resist.)

"Do you know who gave this?" he asked casually.

Sakura shrieked.

He dodged a punch that was directed at his head. His wife plopped down on the bed and pouted. He stared at her with a raised eyebrow.

"Who else has access to the master's bedroom?" Sakura retorted, glaring.

Sasuke thought about that.

"Um, the housekeeper?" he guessed.

Sakura grabbed the box and thrust it into his face. He took it with a slightly surprised expression. "What's the occasion?"

She sighed and got up. He watched her walk towards the doorway leading out of their bedroom with curiosity. She did not glance at him.

Sasuke ripped the paper and opened the box carefully. He was expecting something convenient and normal like a necktie or a t shirt but he was pleasantly surprised. His eyes softened as he lifted her gift out of its box.

It was a blue blanket with an Uchiha crest print. He smiled as he fingered the imperfect embroidery that she had stitched by herself. His heart swelled when he realized that she had stitched the date of their anniversary.

Sasuke had never truly appreciated her hard work until that day.