The team didn't move once they saw all the doctors and nurses walk out of the room their agent had entered not moments before, a few seconds later a scream came out of their friends mouth, mourning the loss of her best friend. But none of them moved, they couldn't think about losing JJ, not right then.

"They are just going to give up?" Reid muttered, tears already falling down his face, there was that moment of silence, all of them staring at the double doors she had been wheeled into just a few minutes ago. None of them even looked at each other, afraid it would make it real.

Then they heard it, a beep, a faint beeping sound coming from the doors – They shook their heads in disbelief, their thoughts confirmed when Emily ran out of the doors, laughing and smiling, running to the doctor.

They soon followed her into the room, shocked at the amount of blood, but happy to see the faint, but present beeping of the heart machine. They all jump as the beep becomes louder, more present, JJ's eyes flutter open, muttering for Emily.

"Check her pulse."

"BP 105/60, pulse is strong." They all looked down at the blonde confused,

"How did this happen?" The doctor shook his head, eyeing the charts he held in his hands, confirming what he had known, she had flat lined, they had given up, called the time of death and now she is alive.

"What's the matter doc, don't you believe in miracles?" Garica spoke up, running to JJ's bedside, trying to get out of the doctors way before wrapping her in a massive hug,

"I thought I lost you there baby girl." Morgan shook his head, walking over to her, noting the doctors still trying to treat the still bleeding wound.

"She will need surgery, it was probably just a machine defect or something.." The doctor seemed stunned as they quickly wheeled out JJ towards surgery, each of them whispering, wondering what the hell had gone on in that room.

"She is a fighter, I just never realized how tough a fighter she was." Emily shook her head, sitting down then looking down at her hands, panic washing through her as she ran up towards the bathroom.

"What is it?"

"I have her blood all over my hands, it feels horrible." She shuddered,

"I never thought I would say this, but miracles really do happen." Emily whispered as Garcia pulled her into an embrace, almost stopping her breathing.

"Yes they really do, and they only happen to the best of us. Now come on, when our little miracle girl gets out of surgery we will have to show her a strength of our own." Emily laughed and nodded, walking out slowly, thinking about how close she had come to losing a best friend today, wanting to do anything to avoid that situation

"!f it is a miracle any sort of evidence will answer, but if it's proof, evidence is necessary."

Mark Twain

~ The End ~