Chapter 1:Warrior's Strength

The smell of the ocean was very strong to Zach as was on the deck of the ship that was taking him to this place called Duel Academy.

"I am so bored right now." he said it had 3 hours since he left North Academy, Zach and 3 others had been chosen for a transfer program to go to Duel Academy island

"Zach enjoy it while it lasts cause as soon as we get off it'll be classes and duels all the time." Akira his best friend said to him

"I know I know but until we get here I'm just so bored."

"Ugh boys." she mumbled

"What was that, I didn't quite hear ya on that." Zach laughed

At Duel Academy

"Hurry up Syrus!" a boy wearing a red blazer shouted

"I am Jay, remember your legs are longer than mine." the boy with blue hair shouted back

"Man, what's with running all the time." a boy that had a strange resemblance to a koala said to himself these were Jaden Yuki top Slifer red duelist on campus and his two best friends Syrus and Chumley they too were in Slifer red over the past year the Slifer red dorm has been given the title of the underdogs thanks to Jaden being not only the top Slifer Red but the best duelist in the whole academy.

"Look there is a ship coming into dock, hmm wonder what's going on?" Jaden asked

"No idea lets go find out."

"Good suggestion Syrus, hurry up Chumley."

"I'm(breath)trying(breath)."Chumley said almost out of breath

Back on the ship

"Attention we will be arriving at Duel Academy in the next hour so prepare your decks, repeat we will be arriving at Duel Academy in the next hour." the loud speaker announced

"Its' about time we got there, look Akira I can see it." Zach exclaimed and judging by the look on his face he was beyond exited when Akira saw this look on her friends face she wasn't surprised she and Zach were the best duelists at North Academy Adam being slightly better than her

"Chill Zach you're making this academy look bad." at this Zach and Akira turned around to find that Ryuzaki had appeared on the deck his rank was third and his specialty deck was a dragon deck

"Sorry Ryu, I'm just totally exited for this."

"It's apparent." Ryu said with a some what annoyed look on his face. Ryu was a serious duelist and didn't have time with this nonsense attitude that Zach had

"Ok boys chill." Akira spoke up "Before WWIII breaks out."

"Sorry." both of them apologized

Of in the distance the fourth duelist Jen was in her room

"Finally a deck that suits me and my Red-Eyes." she said with a smirk on her face

On the Duel Academy Dock

"Here comes the boat and the new students lets hope they aren't like those slackers Jaden and his group." This man was Professor Vellian Crowler head of Obelisk Blue dorm and assistant headmaster of the academy

"Yes yes." a short stubby person beside Prof. Crowler he was Bonaparte Crowlers right hand man

"I'm actually interested to see what these new students can do, what do you say Prof. Crowler."

"Of course, Chancellor Sheppard, I'm really forward to them."

"Good, oh I don't want any funny business going on either, that means no getting rid of Jaden or the Slifer Dorms."

"As you say Chancellor." Bonaparte spoke up

"Here they come now."

The four duelist stepped off the boat

"OH DRY LAND THANK YOU THANK YOU." Zach was the first one that spoke

"Jeez man do you ever chill?" Ryu asked

"Nope he is always full of energy." Akira said as she just laughed it was apparent that she was amused

"God he is such an idiot, it's like he hasn't ever been on land before." Jen scolded at Zach

"Ah hello students, I am Chancellor Sheppard and welcome to duel academy, may I ask what your names are." Chancellor Sheppard asked the teens

"I am the number four ranked duelist and North Academy Jennifer Williams." Jen spoke up

"Ryu Saito number three ranked duelist at North Academy." Ryu stated

"Number two ranked duelist at North Academy Akira Tenshi." Akira announced

"And I'm the number one ranked duelist from North Academy Zachary Scott"

Next thing that happened was Jaden and his group arrived to see the commotion

"Oh hello are you guys new students?" Jaden asked

"Yeah this is Jen, Ryu, Akira, and my name is Zach."

"Nice to meet you guys my name is Jaden Yuki." Jaden said

"Likewise man who are you guys." Zach asked Syrus and Chumley

"Chumley Huffington."

"Sy-syrus Truesdale."

"Wait did you say Truesdale?" Jen asked with a surprised look on her face

"Yeah why."

"Then your brother wouldn't happen to be Zane Truesdale."

"Yes he is my big brother."

"Nice, I've always wanted to duel him." she said with a look of pure hunger for that duel

"Speaking of duels, Jaden you are scheduled to face one of these students today who do you want to face." Chancellor Sheppard asked the Slifer red student

"I'll face Zach he looks like he will be a great opponent."

"Zach do you accept Jadens challenge."

"Yes I do." Zach said he was eager for this duel he heard a lot about this Jaden Yuki and he wanted to see what this kid was made of

"Well alright lets head to the duel arena."

In the duel arena

"I hope Jaden knows what he is doing Syrus." Chumley said obviously worried that Jaden might lose

"Hey guys what going on."

"Yes do tell."

"Alexis, Bastion what are guys doing here."

"We heard the four new duelist are here and we wanted to see them for ourselves." Bastion said

"Yeah, and besides I've heard about these guys they are the top ranked duelist from North Academy." Alexis told them. Alexis Rhodes was in the Obelisk blue dorm and she was a pretty good duelist as for Bastion Misawa he was a Ra yellow student and he relied on strategy and was famous for thinking three moves ahead of his opponents.

On the duel arena floor

"This will be good don't you agree Zach."

"Most defiantly Jaden, most defiantly."

"Duelist shuffle your decks and begin." Sheppard said over the loud speaker





"I'll go first Jaden."

"Fine with me."

"I'll draw and place two cards face down, and summon my Queen's Knight in attack mode (ATK/1500 Def/1600), and with that I'll end."

"Alright my go."

"I draw and I'll summon Elemental Hero Bubbleman in attack mode (ATK/800 DEF/1200) and when Bubbleman is the only card on my field I can draw two new cards, I'll throw down two face downs, then I equip him with the spell Bubble Blaster now his attack is increased by 800."

Bubbleman (ATK/800-1600)

Queen's Knight (ATK/1500)

"Bubbleman attack with bubble shot!"

"Not so fast I activate my trap Magic Cylinder, now this will redirect your attack directly to your life points."




In the stands

"Wow that was a good move by Zach." Alexis said

"Of course" Akira said as she came sit down with Jadens friends "Zach is the best duelist at North Academy and is ranked number one."

"What are you serious!?" Bastion asked shocked

"Yup dead serious."

Back to the duel

"Now I'll draw and now I'll summon my King's Knight in attack mode (ATK/1600 DEF/1400), now since Queen's Knight is out I get to special summon my Jack's Knight in attack mode (ATK/1900 DEF/1000)."

"Wow what a combo man that's really sweet."

"Thanks, finally someone agrees with me that this combo is awesome."

"No problem man, now lets continue."

"As you wish, Jack's Knight attack Bubbleman with Spades Blade Attack!"

Bubbleman (ATK/1600-800)

"Wait what happened??" Zach looked shocked that Jadens monster was still there "Isn't you monster supposed to be bye-bye now."

"Usually but when Bubbleman is equipped with Bubble Blaster then the blaster takes the hit and the damage dealt is 0."

"Nice, now Queen's Knight attack with Heart of Blades."

"Nope activate Hero barrier, with this as long as I have an Elemental Hero on the field you attack is negated."

"Not bad but I still have King's Knight and he'll attack your Bubbleman, attack with Diamond Blade!"

"I activate my other face down Draining Shield, this takes your monsters attack points and adds them back to my life points."



In the Stands

Akira has a look of amusement on her face while everyone is relaxed that Jaden got his life points back even

"Wow this is the best duel I think Zach has ever been in." Akira spoke up


"Bastion was it, look at Zach's face he is enjoying this duel, its been a while since he had a challenge at North Academy."

"Whoa you're right, he's having just as much fun as Jaden." Alexis spoke up on this

In the Duel Arena Box Seats

"Your Right Chancellor, this is exciting."

"Told you Professor Crowler but, I feel like Zach is just starting."

On the duel floor

"I'll end my turn by playing this little number facedown and end."

"Now my draw, now I'll summon my Elemental Hero Sparkman in attack mode (ATK/1600 DEF/1400, now I'll equip him with the spell card Spark Blaster, now when Sparkman is equipped with this I can change the battle positions of three monsters so all three of you monster are now going in defense mode."

King's Knight (DEF/1400)

Queen's Knight (DEF/1600)

Jack's Knight (DEF/1000)

"Now Sparkman attack with lightning spark."

"Hold on I activate my trap Dark Spirit of the Silent, this will redirect Sparkman's attack to your Bubbleman!"




"Not bad I'll end."

"Now it's my draw, I'll activate my spell the powerful Black Luster Ritual."

"Whoa you have that!"

"Yes it was my dads when I started he gave this card and I've used it since now I'll sacrifice my Queen's, King's, and Jack's Knight to ritual summon THE LEGENDARY BLACK LUSTER SOLDIER (ATK/3000 DEF/2500)!!!!"

In the Stands

"So he's finally played it." Akira said smiling

"Whoa that card is ultra rare to find." Syrus squeaked

"Yup that's Zach's trump card his ultimate warrior."

In the Box Office

"So that's the Black Luster Soldier."

"Yes Crowler, I didn't know Zach had that card."

"Chancellor do you think that Jaden will lose." Crowler said smiling he would love it if Jaden lost

"It looks like it Crowler."

Back to the duel

"Now I'll equip my soldier with the spell Black Pendant, this increases his attack by 500."

Black Luster Soldier (ATK/3000-3500)

"Now attack his Sparkman with Black Chaos Blade!!!"



"Now that was a shot, wow man your good you haven't lost a single point."

"You're not bad yourself Jaden."

"Now it's my go so here goes something."

"I'll active my Polymerization fusing my Burstinatrix with my Avian to summon Elemental Hero Flame Wingman (ATK/2100 DEF/1200), now I'll equip it with fusion weapon, now Flame Wingman gains 1500 attack points."

"Not to bad."

Flame Wingman(ATK/2100-3600)

"Flame Wingman attack with Skydive Scorcher!"

"Sorry Jaden I'll activate my Negate attack Trap card."

"Rats man thought I had you on that one."

"Well you would have if I hadn't had this."

One thing you could tell about Zach and Jaden they were both having fun and it was apparent that no one would give up on this they both brought there A-game and this duel was about to get hotter.

"Ok my draw, I'll activate my spell Reinforcement of the Army, thanks to this I can add one level 4 or lower warrior to my hand so I'll chose my Gearfried the Iron Knight and I'll summon him in attack mode (ATK/1800 DEF/1600), but that's not all I activate my spell Release Restraint!"

In the stands

"It's over now Jaden is done for." Ryu said as he sat down

"Wow he has all those warriors wow I'm impressed on that, not only that he is brilliant at strategizing." Bastion said with amazement on his face

"Yeah he doesn't rely to much on power and we gave his deck the nickname of Blitzkrieg Strike." Akira said

"Wow this duel is totally wicked." Chumley spoke up

Back to the duel

"With this I sacrifice my Iron Knight to summon my Gearfried the Sword Master in attack mode (ATK/2600 DEF/2200)."

"WHOA THIS IS SO COOL!" Jaden shouted to the top of his lungs "I'm staring down with two super rare cards."

"Jaden I've had a blast dueling you and I hope this lost for ya won't stop us being friends."

"Zach in my book your ok."

"Thanks dude but unfortunately I have to end this, I equip my Sword Master with my spell Divine Sword - Phoenix Blade, this adds 300 attack to my monster but now, my Sword Master's ability comes into play, when Gearfried is equipped with a card I can chose a monster and destroy it automatically, so that means your Flame Wingman is history."

Gearfried the Sword Master (ATK/2600-2900)




And with that the duel was over Zach had proven why he was North Academy's number one duelist and everyone was in shock that he beat Jaden, but Jaden wasn't upset in fact he was ecstatic over the duel and Zach wasn't bragging he had fun and that's what is was all about


"Wow we've got some top competition now don't we Alexis, Syrus." Bastion said he was really impressed with how the duel went

"Yes we do Bastion, yes we do." Alexis said very intrigued about the situation

Meanwhile off in the hallway Jen was planning something

"Enjoy this while it lasts Jaden and Zach but when all this over I'll be the queen of the duel ring." she smiled a dark smile and laughed a dark and evil laugh