Chapter 2:The Cyber Dancer and The Fallen Angel

Zach's P.O.V

After my duel with Jaden we had to chose where we would stay so I chose the Slifer dorms, I mean yeah not the most expensive on the campus but hey one lives and learns, Akira and Ryu chose Ra dorms, and Jen well she and this guy named, I think it was Chazz Princeton, went together to the Obelisk dorms, if you ask me that Jen is kinda weird she didn't even congratulate me after my victory

"Hey Zach."

"Yeah what is it Jay."

"Where did you get all those warrior cards?" Jaden asked me

"Well it's a long story, I mostly got them from my dad he was a pro duelist and one of the best for the use of warriors, his nickname was "blitzkrieg" cause he used to be able to swarm his opponent."

"So that's where you get it from." Syrus said

"You got that right, he taught me everything I know and he also taught me to respect my cards."

"Wow man that's cool."

"Yeah, but after he retired he gave me his old Black Luster Soldier, but I gained another rare card after that." I added grinning Jaden and them were just waiting for me to tell them

"But that's info for when I duel." I said

"AHHHH." all three of the said at once but then that turned into laughter and with that we had a good time just random chit-chat.

Normal P.O.V

At the Ra dorm Bastion was showing Akira and Ryu where they would be staying and in there minds these were ok accommodations better than what they were used to at North Academy

"Hey Akira, what are you doing?"

"Oh nothing, just looking at who I'll have to duel next."

"So who you got in mind I know that Jaden kid is tough, but I don't think Zach went full strength on him, you know what I mean."

"Yes I do Ryu." Akira said she had been amused with how Zach won his duel and she was even more amused with how Jaden put up a good fight and then she found her victim or opponent

"Ok you're scaring me with that smile, and when you get that look you've got something planned now who is you opponent."

"This Alexis Rhodes she looks like a good opponent, don't you think Ryu." the thing about Akira when she planned something and had that smile to her then you know something is going to happen

"Ok lets get some sleep." Ryu said as he got in his bed and Akira had to agree sleep would do one good.\

At the Obelisk dorm

"Thanks for showing me around Chazz and yes it was good to see you again." Jen said as she and Chazz got reacquainted. When Chazz was at North Academy he met Jen and they hit it off instantly and became good friends

"It's no problem Jen and I'm glad you decided to come here." he said and at the same time he was blushing it was apparent that he had a crush on Jen

"Well good night Jen." he said

"Good night Chazz." Jen said back she liked him but right now she needed rest luckily her class schedule wasn't with the others so that was a good except for one class, she was glad to get a way from Zach in her mind he was a idiot, but his dueling skills were impressive, but he's still an idiot she said in her mind

The Next day

"Wow this class is boring, what do you think Akira." Zach said as he was listening to Crowler and his lecture on how to use Field spells

"I agree." she said, this wasn't a boring class it's just Crowler was boring and a lousy duelist

"HEY YOU TWO PAY ATTENTION!!!" Crowler shouted at Akira and Zach

"Sorry teach, here is a suggestion make this class less boring." Zach remarked at this the whole class busted out laughing and Crowler's face went a deep (and I mean deep) shade of red, he was pissed


"Ok and I'm sorry teach."

"That's better, now back to the lecture." he started, Zach had a look of complete victory

After Class

"Wow I never knew someone's face could get that red hahahahahaha." Zach laughed he was in a great mood since he mad Crowler so mad he couldn't see straight

"I know man that was the best class I have been ever in." Jaden said he too was laughing

"Zach I don't know if that was a good idea, I mean Crowler has been trying to get me and Jaden here expelled since the start of the year."

"Chill Sy, I don't see the big deal, tomorrow isn't going to be my first detention ever."

"It's true guys he got detention almost everyday at North Academy but he made up for it in his dueling talents." Ryu said, next thing that they saw was Jen walk past them

"Good job Zach, you made Crowler mad today and cause of you I didn't get all the info from his lecture jeez you need to grow up."

"Jeez Jen you need to lighten up, of anything you should be thanking me for making class a little bit interesting." Zach laughed

"No I shouldn't you a joke you know that."

"Hmmm but I more than make up for it in dueling talent, if you don't remember how I wiped the floor with ya." with that Jen stormed off

"Zach I don't think that you should have done that."

"Chill Ryu I know, but it was to much fun."

"You guys amuse me." Akira said "But I've got a duel to get ready for so see you round." and Akira headed to the Ra Dorms to get ready for her duel against Alexis

At the duel arena

"Where is Jen, she's going to miss Akira's duel and this should be a good one." Zach said almost in anticipation of this duel

"There she is, and she's with Chazz of all people." Ryu said, when Chazz was at North Academy Ryu really disliked him because one he was a rich snob that needed to be put in his place, Ryu was lucky that he got his hands on a few of the Armed Dragon cards before Chazz got them

"Chill man chill besides the duel is starting."

Duel floor

"Akira you know I'm not going to hold back."

"I don't expect you to Alexis."

"Good now lets start."

"DUEL!" they both shouted



"I'll start."

"Go ahead Alexis."

"Ok I'll draw and summon Etoile Cyber in attack mode (ATK/1200 DEF/1600), then I'll place one face down and end my turn."

"My draw and place one card face down then summon my Fallen Angel Ukoback in defense mode (ATK/700 DEF/1000), then with that I'll end."


"Huh Fallen Angel what kind of monsters are those."

"Those are Akira's specialty monsters they are fairies with dark attributes, hence why they are called fallen angels."

"Ever since we can remember Akira has used those monsters."

Opposite end

"So I finally get to see her use those fallen angels, Akira is good but in the end she must go down like all the others." Jen said

Back to the duel

"My draw now I'll summon Blade Skater in attack mode (ATK/1400 DEF/1500), now attack her monster with Blade Strike."

"Not so fast I activate my trap Fallen Angel's Bewitchment, this works when one of my dark fairy monsters is targeted for an attack, it redirects your monster attack right to your Etoile Cyber



"Good move now I'll activate my trap Call of the Haunted to bring back my Etoile Cyber and then I'll end."

"Ok my draw and I'll summon Zolga in attack mode (ATK/1700 DEF/1200), now attack her Etoile Cyber, Cloak of Darkness…"

"I activate my trap Doble Passé, now your attack becomes a direct attack to me but you also take damage to my Etoile Cyber's attack."

"Not bad, you now have me amused."




"Wow I never thought she would get a hit on her but she did."

"Yeah I know what you mean Ryu, but apparently Alexis is tougher than we thought."

Stands opposite end

"Not to bad I'm going to have to keep my eyes on her, she may be a problem in the end for my plan."

Back to the duel

"Not to bad Alexis you have my full attention."

"Glad to hear it." Alexis said she hasn't had this much fun since her duel with Jaden

"Now I draw and I play Polymerization to fuse Etoile Cyber and Blade Skater to form my Cyber Blader (ATK/2100 DEF/800), now since you have two monsters cyber blades attack doubles

Cyber Blader (ATK/2100-4200)

"Whoa that is cool."

"Now Cyber Blader attack her Zolga with Hyper Blade Strike."

"Hold up I activate my Negate Attack trap card."

"Wow that saved you didn't it."

"Yup." Akira said she was giving that smile now you know that something was going on

"Now its my draw, now I'll activate my Card Destruction spell card, now when this is played we discard all of the cards in our hand, then draw until we hold the exact same number of cards we had."

"Ok what was the point."

"This I activate my own Call of the haunted to summon my Fallen Angel Superbia in attack mode (ATK/2900 DEF/2400), now when Superbia is special summoned I can special summon a fairy monster from my graveyard, now I'll summon my strongest monster Fallen Angel Desire in attack mode (ATK/3000 DEF/2800)


"Whoa Zach is this for real."

"Defiantly man only one person has stared down that card and won."

"Who was that."

"You're looking at him Jay."

"Ryu is that true?" Syrus squeaked

"Oh yeah, Zach here beat Akira to become number one at North Academy."

Back to the Duel

"Wow this is cool." Alexis said

"Sorry Lexis but your going down, but I did have fun."

"Good me too, lets be friends ok."

"You got it, now Fallen Angel Desire attack her Cyber Blader, Dark Fury Blast…



"Now Superbia end this Dark Angel Ring strike!"



"Well at least I put up a fight, good duel Akira."

"Right back at you, you're a great duelist and good luck in your future duels."

That's the way it should be two duelists leaving it all in the ring but Jen as soon as the went somewhere

"Interesting development but, when the time comes they will all bow to me ." she said as she laughed and smiled that same dark and eerie laugh.