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A/N Just a little romance/humor on what Severus would do if he were ever faced with the daunting task of contacting technical support for a computer. I changed the rating to T as I was paraniod first fic. I reviewed other T fics and mine does not match the M I originally gave it Please let me know what you think!


Severus Snape arrived through the floo to the flat that he shared with Hermione Granger now Snape. The night of the final battle convinced him to act on the feelings that he had been harboring over her since she became of age. Holding her wand out and advancing, taking down Deatheaters, her fury showing as an orange glow encompassed around her body was beautiful and frightening at the same time. It has been 3 years, and they were preparing to return fully to the wizarding world, now that the last of the rogue death eaters had been captured.

***Bang!*** Reparo!***Bang!***Reparo!***Bang!***Reparo!......

Severus stood in the doorway leading to their library, watching his witch destroy a muggle telephone and then repair it.

"Hermionie! What's going on?" Asked Severus

She whirled around, wand pointed directly at him. The wand was emitting sparks and she had that orange glow about her.

Not Good! Last time this happened he went through a month of enforced celibacy for a flippant remark. True, the remark was not the nicest and was rather demeaning and he supposed her action was justified. The make -up sex after that was incredible.

Severus backed away from her. "Now Hermionie, put down the wand and calm down." He said smoothly, holding up his hands…

"This is your fault!" Hermionie yelled, eyes glaring at Severus. She turned around and pointed at the computer.

Severus walked over. "Witch! I just got home, how can I be responsible?"

He glanced down and saw a blue screen. What was that she called this? Oh yes, the Blue Screen of Death. Yes, this usually caused Hermionie to rant at the telephone for hours.

Hermionie sighed disgustedly. "Really Severus! I just reinstalled the operating system! Less than a week and back to the same thing. along with the Conflicker virus. I mean honestly!"

Severus crossed his arms, leaning toward her "And why pray tell, would this be my fault? I hardly use the contraption anyway."

"Well, you shouldn't just click on anything that pops up on the screen…." Hermionie started.

"Well, it said that I won…."

"And the porn sites……."

"All in the interest of research and improving my technique……."

"You do not need to improve your technique…and hands on research material are available here……."

With that Severus snagged her tightly in his arms. "Hmmmm, hands on research eh?" He let his hands slide down to rest on her hips as he whispered huskily into her ear. "Is there any particular technique that needs improvement or practice, witch?"

"None that I can think of at the moment." She shuddered with pleasure as he kissed her neck.

"Indeed? But what if one was already perfect?" He lifted her into his arms and headed toward the bedroom "I do have a particular pop up to discuss with you." He laid her on the bed. Blue screens and computer issues were quickly forgotten.


Much Later……..

"How can you do that, distract me when I am angry at you?" She sighed as she finished the operating system installation on her laptop.

Severus smirked. "Well, pet. I am a potions master. I know when something needs to be stirred rather than brewed."

Hermionie picked up her bright orange book Operating System Software Installations for Brianiacs- Iva Clue and sat down next him. He absently draped his arm around her shoulder. They sat quietly, each lost to their own thoughts.

Suddenly Hermionie spoke up. "I've got a solution to this whole problem."

"Oh, do tell…" Severus drawled

"You dear, are getting your own computer." She stood and paced in front of him, thinking. "You will be retiring in a year to go into business for yourself." She stopped and started to inwardly think of what Severus would need for his Apothecary/research enterprise. Oh yes! This is going to be good. Payback is sweet!

"Severus, I will not be putting your computer together when it arrives. You will have to do it yourself."

He glanced over at her laptop and shrugged. How hard could it be?

The room was then filled with her laughter. She correctly guessed what was going through his mind that it would be a breeze. He was in for a surprise.

"You don't think I can do it?!" He stated in disbelief.

She laughed again. "If it was torture, spying, or removing ridiculously large amounts of house points from Gryffindor, then yes no doubts." She looked to him. "However, muggle things have befuddled you in the past. I do not think that this would be an exception."

Time to now secure the bet that she was planning.

He stood up, disgruntled. "So, witch. No faith in your wizard, is that it?" His eyes narrowed. "Care to make a wager?"

Hermionie inwardly smirked. He was so egotistical.

She sniffed. "That would depend…."

"Fine!" He spat out. "If I win, then you will have to do a task for me, no matter what I ask. Still game?"

"As long as it does not involve hurt or torture, or getting arrested by the muggle police like last time, I'm game and make the same requirement of you."

They felt the magic swirl around them.

Soon it was time for Severus to floo back to Hogwarts for another week of teaching the dunderheads. Hermionie stood at the floo and kissed him. "When you come home Friday, wear your teaching robes. I miss the billowing"

"Minx." He whispered in her ear. He grabbed the floo powder. "Enjoy your week with the Ministry of Morons!" He was gone with a green flash.

Hermionie watched the glow fade away. She walked over to her laptop and started to order Severus's new computer. Poor wizard did not know what he was in for. She smirked again, anticipating the sweet feeling of winning the wager.


a/n Can anybody guess what she is ordering?? I am already beginning to feel sorry for him too!