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Summary: Zoey meets an unexpected visitor at the stables.

I had just walked into the stables to clear my head so I decided to go see Persephone, whom I consider mine as long as I was a resident at the House of Night.

I turned to enter the stables and standing in the corner of Persephone's stall was Stark. He stood there waiting for me. How he had know I was coming here I didn't know?

"Hi Zoey" Stark said in a voice that was filled with lust and love.

"Hi Stark" I said not putting a lot of feeling into it.

"So what are you doing out here" he asked.

"Nothing much, just trying to clear my head" I told him.

"Oh" was all he said. I got a brush and start cleaning Persephone. She started eating hay. "Were is the Professor" I asked.

"She left" he said in that voice again.

I turned to look at him, but when I turned my lips touch his. He started kissing me with as much passion as he could. I was kissing him back with out knowing I was. His hand started up my leg. He was running his fingers up my legs, he stopped when he felt me stiffen. I looked at him and he said "I won't hurt you I promise"

I gave him a little nod. He lifted me up and laid me on a bundle of hay. His stopped kissing me he stood up. I looked at him, he reached under the skirt I was wearing and pulled my panties down my legs slowly. After did that he went and got a blanket and asked me to move so he could put the blanket on the hay. I moved. When he was done, he had me laid down, he then took off my skirt. After he got my skirt off I said " I don't think it fair that I'm half naked and your still dressed".

He looked at my with lust filled eyes, "Would you like to help me"? I smiled and helped him. I started pulled down his zipper to his jeans, then I unbutton them. I slid them down his leg very slow. When his pants were off. All that was left was his boxers. I turned to take them off and saw a tent was forming quickly.

"Getting a bit happy aren't we" I said in a lust filled voice.

"Yes" he moaned. I started rubbing his cock though the fabric. He started to moan more. I felt hands go to my shoulders. He looked down at me, I saw in his eyes what he wanted me to do. I pulled down his boxers. His cock stood at full attention. I licked the palm off my hand and rubbed his shafted. After I was done he pick me up and laid me on the blanket. He took off his shirt. He took off my shirt and was surprised as I was that my nipples were hard as rocks though my bra. He lifted me up a little so he could unclasped my bra. He took one of my breasts and took it into his mouth and he was squeezing the other one. I moaned in pleasure. He stopped at the sound of my moaning. "Are you ready" he asked me. I gave him one small nod.

He positioned himself at my hole. He looked at me and thrusted in me. I cried in pain this was my second time having sex and I had a bad first time and also Stark was so big. He stopped so I could get used to him inside me. I gave him a nod to go on. He did he pulled almost all the way back out and then thirsted back in. He hit a spot that bought a new series of moans to me.

"Faster, faster, faster" I moaned. He did as I said. He thrust went faster and d\faster hitting that spot every time. My hips were thrusting up to meet his. I felt this strange feeling in my stomach. I didn't know this feeling, my stomach was tightening into a ball, but it didn't hurt. It felt wonderful. Just before the ball of pleasure exploded, I heard Stark say "I cumming" "when you cum Zo I want you to scream my name" after that the ball exploded and I screamed Stark's name. All I saw was stars. When my vision came back I saw Stark was still inside me. We both were sticky with sweat. He looked up at me and gave me what would become my favorite smile from then on.

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