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Saint or Sinner?

By Del Dios

Authors note - This story is inspired by the 180 titles challenge from Pride-of-Slytherin2. One-shot, DracoxAlbus, prompt, "Saint/Sinner"

Deus inspire mihi…

"Dear, dear lord, though art in Heaven…" Scorpius Malfoy's whispers floated to the cathedral ceiling. In the silence, they sounded like thunder coming from his mouth. The volume and passion behind his words were like commands from that great entity itself, binding everything to the ground like a tree. Which is why Albus Potter didn't so much as breathe until the young Malfoy was finished praying.

"Amen." The blonde-headed boy ended his prayer, then folded his arms on the pew and rested his head on them.

"I didn't know you were religious Malfoy." Albus had finally gained the presence of mind to speak, but his voice sounded confused. Scorpius's head shot around to glare at him.

"What of it, Potter?" He demanded, reaching into his pocket. Albus already had his wand out, and pointed.

"I didn't expect it from someone like you." Albus nodded at Scorpius. Scorpius was a golden student. He never got in trouble. But, over the past year, Scorpius had done some really bad things. And, Albus had planned to hex him here.

"What did I do that's so bad?" Scorpius asked quietly, A frown building on his face.

"You got Lily pregnant!" Albus yelled, waving his wand in the air.

"That little kitten? I offered to punch her in the stomach!" Scorpius smirked, then was tossed backwards by a stun spell.

"Shut up! You're less than a man! Taking advantage of a young girl, and you won't even take care of your mistake!" Albus raged at him. The blonde stood up too, eyes furious.

"What makes you think you have the right to accuse me of these things!?" He screamed at Albus, who looked shocked to see a normally kind person in such rage.

"For your information, you little zit, she was failing Potions. She wanted me to tutor her. Since she is part of your clan, I refused. She insisted, so I demanded that she and I have sex on the spot in exchange for my services. I didn't think she would accept." Scorpius screamed, eyes tearing. Al was still glaring, but his eyes aren't as cold.

"I didn't really want to do it. I had a feeling something like this would happen. But, I practically had no choice! Now, I have to take care of her, and my little bastard child!" Scorpius stood up, pulling his wand.

"I will take care of my kid. I will not take care of her." Albus was about to forgive Scorpius, but that last statement erased any thought of forgiveness from Al's mind.

"Why not her? You ruined her life! You're a good person Scorpius, maybe not to us, but you are! How can you abandon your family?!" Scorpius threw a hex at Albus.

"I ruined her life? She had no life! And I don't plan on giving or sharing mine with her." Albus dodged the hex, then yelled at Scorpius,

"But why? You are too kind to leave her in the dirt! You're too good for this Scorpius!" Scorpius cast a water spell at him.

"Who told you I was a Saint?" Scorpius glowered as The Virgin Mother's tears fell from the highest reaches of heaven

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