When Feelings Change


I didn't know where I was going. I just felt broken and that no one can help me. My heart felt like it was torn and bleeding. I still remember the most hurtful part of the whole experience.


I needed to get out of the Hyuuga compound for a while, so I decided to take a walk through the training grounds. When I was walking through, I heard some noises coming from some trees. Being curious, I walked up a little more closer, and activated my bloodline limit, the Byagukan. I saw two people. I saw my long-time crush, Uzumaki Naruto and his teammate, Haruno Sakura. They seemed to be in a fight or something, since they were so loud.

"Naruto, why did you drag me here? I don't want to see you ever again!" shouted the pink haired girl.

"Look Sakura, I need to know what's been bugging you these last few days. You keep avoiding me and I want to know why" responded Naruto.


"Sakura tell me the truth."

"FINE! There's a rumor going around that you are in love with someone, and I want to know who it is! I need to know" said Sakura. She murmured the last part though.

"Sakura, there is someone that I like. She's always been there for me, and I love her" whispered a blushing Naruto.

"Is it Ino?"

"No, she's…she's…well she's the queen of gossip and she likes Choji. I wouldn't take away my friends girlfriend for nothing"

"Good to know" said a sarcastic Sakura. "Well, is it Tenten?"

"Nah. She's way too violent, obsessed with chocolate, and she likes Neji."




My breathing was caught in my throat. I waited until he finally said something.

"Hinata? She's shy, and she's really weird. Plus she's always red and not my type."

"Wow, you said more things about her that any other girl."

Naruto's expression turned cold. "She's one of my least favorite people. I don't know why, but she's makes me feel hatred, I guess."

"Why? At the Chuunin Exams you looked like if you cared about her…"

"I was just mad that Neji won the fight. And I was 12! I didn't know any better. Anyway I don't like that Hyuuga girl. She's…annoying."

"Anyway, who's the one you love. I can't think of anyone else" said a confused Sakura.

"Well, the girl that I want to be with and love so much is…you Sakura" Sakura gasped at this, but there was a big smile on her face. Naruto pushes Sakura against the tree, and kisses her with so much passion, you can just feel it in the air. That was the last thing I saw, before my vision got blurry with tears, and I ran out of the grounds.

End Flashback

I just kept thinking of that moment. Makes me feel hatred. How did I do that? Then I started to think about the other things in my life.

How my father thinks I'm a failure.

How Neji thinks that I'm weak (though he's starting to act like a brother now, but very little).

How Hanabi is stronger than me.

How Naruto…hates me.

How useless and weak I feel.

More and more tears just kept running down my face, as I kept thinking more and more my life. I didn't even know where I was running too. I eventually got tired and collapsed onto my knees. When I finally caught my breath, I looked around where I was. I was in a small, yet beautiful clearing. The water was like a thousand gold gems glittering off one another, because the sunset hit the lake just right. The trees provided shade, and food. There were apples, oranges, and some strawberry bushes, too. I gasped at how beautiful it was. It also had this relaxing aura, and I immediately felt like all my troubles just left. I lay down on the soft grass, and just looked at the scenery until it was already dark out. I started walking home.

The clearing helped sort some stuff out. First, I wasn't going to let anyone know about this clearing, so I can come here whenever I wanted. I was going to work hard on my senior year of high school, and get good grades. Don't think I'm dumb, it's just I get distracted *coughnarutocough*.Now I don't have a distraction. So I'll know my grades will improve.

And, for the Naruto problem…well…I give up. What I mean is that I shouldn't have any more hope that he'll fall in love me someday, especially considering what happened this afternoon.

Not my type

It still hurts to remember what happened, but I know I will get over it. I'll get over what happened today and Naruto for good.

"It's time to move on Hinata" I murmured to myself. I had a small smile on my face. I made my decision. Starting tomorrow, there will be a new Hinata.

A new Hinata that is not so shy and stutters.

A new Hinata that will do her best.

A new Hinata that will find boys who do like her.

A new Hinata who doesn't like Naruto.

My thoughts drifted to different places, until I reached the compound. I went into my room, and changed into my pajamas. Then I just lay down on my bed, and drifted off to sleep thinking of the new me.