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'Does this even count as an important mission?' Hinata wondered to herself as she ran beside her blond companion thought the forest that led to their destination. She slowed down a bit to have some peace for herself and to look at Naruto without him noticing. She didn't know whether to glare at him for his unfair hatred towards her or to sigh in admiration at him. Even though she knew how Naruto felt towards her, she could never bring herself to completely hate the blond haired idiot. That didn't mean she still was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him still.

Their mission was to go bring the final component for the senior's dance-the entertainment. Hinata almost face palmed herself when she was told that was her mission. She didn't expect anything higher than an A rank but she never expected a simple D rank. She stayed silent though as to not disrespect the Third Hokage and principal of the school.

Naruto on the other hand voiced out all of Hinata's opinions and more. She flinched slightly when she remembered the smacking he got when he rebelled against the mission.

'That happened yesterday and now we have to head to Sunagakure to reach that band. What was the name of that band again? Gah, I can't remember.'

The briefing was the day prior to their mission so the two assigned ninjas were allowed to leave school for the rest of the day to prepare things. Naruto and Hinata left the office and went their separate ways, only talking once about what time they should set off.

Naruto was thinking about some things too.

'Hinata looks and acts like she's changed a lot. I wonder what happened to her…."

The two were quiet for the rest of the morning until a loud rumble was heard. Hinata instinctively looked up and had a hand on a kunai when she saw Naruto stop on a tree branch. She raised one of her eyebrows in confusion.

"What happened?"

She came closer to Naruto and felt like laughing when she saw his face. He was blushing a ruby red color and was holding his stomach as to stop the noise coming out of it. Before Naruto could say anything, Hinata smiled at him which in return made the blond ninja blush more, not that he knew why he did.

"Let's have a break and eat lunch now, ok?" She didn't wait for him to utter a reply again and stepped off the tree branches onto the hard ground below. She started walking a little way from the path they were taking to see if she could find any place to rest. Naruto raised an eyebrow for her behavior since Hinata always waited for him to lead and choose everything when it came to a mission. Now, it seemed she didn't care about his opinion that much anymore. It felt odd for the blond ninja.

The black haired girl soon found a suitable place to rest and began to search for some food. Naruto stood there awkwardly, not knowing what to do. He finally took a deep breath and asked Hinata what he should do to help out. The girl told him to go find food in the forest and Naruto quickly complied and ran into the deep parts of the forest. Hinata watched him leave and as soon as she was sure he was out of hearing range, she let out a sigh that she had been holding in for the entire mission.

'I'm really trying to not like him as much but it's just so hard!'

Hinata had to bite her tongue multiple times to prevent from stuttering and blushing every time Naruto asked her something. She almost lost it when Naruto turned a slight shade of red when his stomach was caught making noises.

"At least I can have some peace for a few moments now" She murmured. She leaned on a nearby tree and looked up at the sky. The sky was a dark gray color and the clouds had an ominous feeling to them. Hinata didn't like the look of it.

'It's going to rain soon.' Hinata knew they would be stuck in the rain if they didn't find shelter fast since their destination was still a day or two away. She shook her head to clear that thought out of her mind. She would deal with the rain when it came.

Hinata soon heard a low rumbling sound and blushed slightly when she realized it was her own stomach.

'I better search for food'

She walked through the forest quietly and looked for any plants or fruits to eat. Luckily she was able to spot some mushrooms that were growing in large quantity on a nearby tree. She quickly ran to the food source and picked one up. She carefully examined it.

The mushroom was a light brownish color and had a sort of flat top. Hinata examined it some more and finally deducted it as a shiitake mushroom. She knew they weren't poisonous or anything so she gladly picked some up and began eating them. She smiled slightly at the flavor and soon left to go back to the resting place.

'Something's wrong' Hinata internally said as she saw things that weren't supposed to be there. She has half positive that she was going the wrong way too. Her eyes were seeing different colored trees and random people walking passed her, although she knew no one was in the forest at this time. Hinata's walking grew wobbly by the minute and her vision was getting blurry. The last thing Hinata knew she had to do was activating her Hyuuga bloodline and try to see who was causing this.

"Byakugan…" came the rasped whisper from the Hyuuga. Her vision was expanded and she gasped at what she saw.

"This is…" Hinata had no time to say anything else as her mind turned black and her limp body crashed ungracefully to the ground.

Naruto turned his head in all directions to see if he could find Hinata. When he returned to their place with some fish and fruits for both of them he found Hinata was nowhere to be found. He tried calling her names a few times but she never answered. There was a tug at his heart when he thought something happened to her but the blond ninja shrugged it off as being hungry. He sat down and hungrily ate his lunch. Luckily, he was able to restrain himself from eating Hinata's share.

"I wonder where she ran off too…" Naruto hummed, looking at the almost black clouds covering the blue sky. He knew from experience (since he's had missions with her before) that Hinata would never go anywhere by herself unless it was for patrolling an area or for food. Naruto decided to go with the latter option and wait for her to come back. He closed his eyes and gently started to lose his conscious.

"Why am I in this place?" Naruto wondered out loud, looking at his location. There were tons of flowers all over the place and there was a soft, gentle breeze blowing them in the same direction. He looked up at the sky and saw it was a beautiful sky blue color with white clouds in the distance. Naruto soon heard someone singing a song he couldn't quite remember hearing.

'When I'm bored to death at home

When he won't pick up the phone

When I'm stuck in second place

Those regrets I can't erase

Only I can change the end

Of the movie in my head

There's no time for misery

I won't feel sorry for me…'

Naruto cringed at the words although he didn't exactly know why it hurt him. It almost felt like those words were directed to him.

He saw a little girl at about 8 years old singing the song over and over again with a large grin on her face. She has a white sundress on and was playing with the flowers around her. Naruto smiled at the scene. It calmed him for some reason.

Suddenly, the scene turned around. The sky was no longer a beautiful blue; it was now a blood red color. The flowers all died and the place now smelled like death and despair. The little girl was nowhere to be seen. Rapidly, he found himself on the ground with a pressure on top his chest. He looked up and saw the little girl on him looking at him with sad eyes. She slowly changed and Naruto gasped. Hinata was on top of him looking like she was going to cry.

"Help" was all she said and a single tear rolled down her cheek and landed on Naruto's.

Naruto woke up with a start. He was slightly panting and confused.

'What was THAT?'

Before he could contemplate on it more, he felt something wet on his cheek. At first he thought it was that tear Hinata made in the dream but as more and more spots on his cheek became wet he knew it started raining already. Soon, the rain came down harder and harder and the blond ninja was getting drenched fast. He needed to find shelter.

'What about Hinata, though?' Naruto thought of two things he could do. He could either wait for her in the pouring rain and risk getting him seriously sick or he could find shelter for him and hope Hinata had done the same. The latter option tempted him a lot so he went with that option. Seeing in the rain wasn't a hard task for Naruto so he was easily able to find a cave. He stepped inside and found that it wasn't a big cave, but it was able to cover him from the rain for some time. There were also pieces of wood scattered everywhere and Naruto thanked everyone he knew. Now, he was able to start a fire.

He didn't know how much time passed by since he first entered the cave, but he knew it was already night time.

Hinata never came.

Naruto was getting worried by now. He knew there was still a chance that she was sheltered somewhere else, but something inside him said that wasn't true. The rain was still pouring down hard and there was even lightning and thunder now. The worse part for him was he had this nagging sensation in his heart.

'It's the cold' he kept trying to reassure himself countless times but something inside him kept saying 'yeah, you're in denial'

In denial of what, Naruto didn't know. All he knew now was his teammate was missing and he wasn't doing anything about it.


It's cold.

That's the first thought that came to Hinata's mind when she gained her conscious back. Violet eyes slowly opened but could see only blurry things. Her entire body felt heavy and she wouldn't move. She felt the rain hit her body multiple times and she had to get somewhere dry, but she just couldn't find the resolve to do it. She felt like quitting and just staying in the cold.

'I'm not gonna run away, I never go back on my word! That's my nindo: my ninja way!'

Hinata gasped when she heard those words in her head. Then, she laughed a bit.

"It looks like I can't rid myself feelings of these feelings. I'm really an idiot." With all her might, she moved a bit and put pressure on her legs and arms to stand. She was able to stand up, even though she was putting most of her weight on a tree and her stance was wobbly. Hinata lifted her foot and took one step forward. She bit her tongue to prevent her from screaming in pain. Her right feet felt like a millions of needles were thrusting into it at the same time.

'I need to get out of this rain.' She took a deep yet ragged breath and continued to walk slowly around the forest. Every step she took, her body screamed at her to stop and to just stay still but Hinata didn't listen. Her eyes were getting blurry again and she didn't like the feeling she was getting. Someone was watching her.

'Before I passed out, I saw someone looking at me. They had A Suna headband on.'

Hinata didn't know what Suna ninjas were doing in the forest but the way that one ninja looked at her told her he was doing something dangerous. And that something dangerous somehow involved her.

She didn't know how long she kept going. All she knew was that the pain was so rough it was starting to numb her other senses. Hinata didn't even realize there was a cave right in front of her until she stepped inside it.

Naruto stepped out of his daydream when he heard noises coming from the outside of the cave. He took out one of his kunai and waited for the thing to come in to the cave so he could throw his kunai at it. The rustling noises became louder and louder until a black figure finally appeared in Naruto's field of vision. Instinctively, he threw his kunai at the figure.

He saw the weapon hit the figure in the shoulder and soon collapse with a small scream. Naruto froze.

'That scream almost sounded it can't be!'

He ran to where the figure he stabbed was laying and gasped with horror. Instead of the enemy ninja he thought he went up against, he saw his comrade on the floor pale, gasping, in pain, and bleeding.

He just stabbed Hinata.

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