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Author's Note: I was watching another T.V. show and this saying, "Just doing my job" stood out.

Just Doing My Job

I watch from the shadows as Tony accepts another one of my awards. I watch him attempt to talk to the crowd, but nobody was listening to him. I smile at that. I wonder what would happen if DiNozzo got one of the awards that they give out. Would he still do a speech, or would he not show like I don't show up to the award ceremonies.

Tony seems to take it in stride that nobody wants to hear his speech. He smiles and then walks away with my award and then goes to his desk. He opens the bottom drawer and puts the award inside and then closes it.

I wonder if Tony would have thought that he was just doing my job. Just like me. Just is why I don't go to the award ceremony. I am just doing my job. I don't see why I need to have an award for it. I know that Tony loves attention of any form. I wonder if it's because of his family, or rather his father. I remember when he had the plague and I called his father and he never came to be with his son.

I watch as Tony grabs his bag and heads out along with the rest of the team. They are all talking to each other and laughing. I smile and think what a wonderful team I have. I walk out of the shadows as soon as the rest of the people from the ceremony leave. I don't want anybody to know that I was there watching the proceedings.

The End