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Final chapter

We'll trust and wait for the future!

He was terrified, and contented himself with walking for the corridor. Sometimes he stood in front of the wooden door and suppressed his desire to enter and see what was happening… but, whenever he tried, Ali stopped him.

He bit his lip insistently, and passed his fingers by his hair; If he hadn't any news soon, he would go mad!

"You seem nervous, Count…" said a familiar voice with happy and mocking air; he stopped walking and turned.

Maximilian Morrel offered him a glass of wine, while in his face was a huge charming smile. Edmund accepted the drink and sat, while his beloved son imitated him.

It had passed a year since Monte Cristo and Mercedes had gone to Orient, a years since they started their life together. They both had invited the Morrels after that, according to his promise, Edmund went to know the first born of the soldier and Valentine: a beautiful child with red hair and wise eyes that was named after the good father Morrel, the old and most beloved boss of Monte Cristo.

"Its just that I don't know what to do, I'm…" Monte Cristo started to say while turning to the room were his beloved Mercedes was.

"Terrified" completed a soft, charming voice; both men turned to see Julia, always so beautiful and honest. Next to her, little Edmund watched them confused.

The boy seeing that Dantes was staring at him, smiled. Monte Cristo saw the child approach and, after sitting him on his lap, felt as the boy braced his neck with his tiny arms and laughed, joyful. He returned the hug, searching in the innocent creature the patience he needed.

"You must not fear, my father…" Julia approached and, kneeling in front of him, caressed his face sweetly. "… enjoy this experience, because there is nothing compared to the joy you're about to discover"

Maximilian's hand placed on his shoulder, and Monte Cristo buried his face on Edmund's little shoulder. He breathed, trying to assimilate the moment, to test the experience; then, he heard a door opening.

He raised his face and found many smiling faces; to his dear Betuccio and Baptiste. He saw Ali going out of the room followed by Valentine, who launched into his arms when she saw him. Monte Cristo stood up, leaving little Edmund with Julia, and hugged the red-haired girl with strength.

"Oh, my father!" the girl exclaimed, looking into his eyes. "It is the most beautiful creature I've ever seen!"

Edmund remained standing, confused and with a lump in his throat. He looked to the group and, swallowing, entered the room slowly.

He breathed with difficulty, but he could appreciate the moment with infinite clarity. He felt the strangely bittersweet taste of happiness in his mouth, and his heart beat strong and healthy in his chest. It was then when he saw her.

Mercedes laid in the huge bed of the room, in her face there were small sweat drops and her long hair feel over the pillow where she laid her head. She smiled when she saw him enter and delicately extended her hand towards him.

Edmund remained still when he saw the little creature her beloved had in her arms, the little bundle of purple fabric that breathed slowly. Mercedes took his hand, and dragged him to her.

"Edmund…" she said, with a beautiful smile on her face. "… come, Edmund. Come to see your daughter"

With extreme care, afraid to awake such small miracle, Monte Cristo sat next to his wife and, kissing her forehead, looked with surprise at the baby, born only minutes ago. The child was deeply asleep and in her mouth there was a small and surprising smile.

"She's beautiful!" he whispered, pressing himself closer to Mercedes while caressing his daughter's cheek with a hand. It was soft and warm… just like her mother's. He sighed when the baby moved, reacting to his hand's contact.

A soft, musical laugh caught his attention, and turned his face to Mercedes with questioning look. The Catalan looked at him with a strange light in her eyes.

"I already chose a name for her, Edmund…" she said with a smile, slightly blushed.

"What name is it?" he asked, confused but anxious to know the name his wife considered fitting for such a miraculous creature.

For a moment, silence remained, and Monte Cristo allowed himself to see the baby attentively: her features were her mother's; slightly brown skin and big eyes; her lips were thin, and a small lock of black hair fell over her forehead. He felt happy to notice those two last features were his.

"Haydée" Mercedes whispered after a while, and Monte Cristo felt his heart jump. He smiled, looking in the eyes of the woman.

"It's perfect!" he extended his arms and, taking the baby in his arms, walked around the room with a dreamy smile.

"Haydée…" he whispered, and kissed the newborn's forehead. "… I'll love you forever, my child"

He smiled when he felt the baby took his index finger, smiling in dreams. He turned his face to Mercedes.

"I love you!" she moved her lips slowly, articulating the words without letting out a single sound, afraid of interrupting the magic of the moment. She saw as her beloved smiled to her, and watched him return to her side in the bed.

"And I love you!" he whispered, before kissing the brunette's lips.

The joy they shared at that moment was impossible to describe, it was a happiness they believed lost and they had managed to recover together; because this was the right thing, because they were meant to be together and, finally, they were.


This story is dedicated to my grandfather Jorge Fernandez, who always encouraged me to learn and taught me the pleasure of reading. I love you, grandpa!

Here it is, finally the climax has arrived. I thank you all of you who gave me a little of your time to read my story. I really hope you like the end, personally I like it a lot. I'll wait for your opinions.

Thanks for joining me in this trip! And remember: "The human wisdom is resumed in two words: Trust and wait!"


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