Episode 1: "Heart, Mind & Music"

His walk backstage was no more desperate than his search for her among the crowd. Once he had found her, sure that was the ending; he was proved wrong: this was only the beginning. One tight grasp on his hand, a beautiful laugh and eyes shining like a starry winter night was all the understanding his heart needed, though his mind demanded more. That too he got.

As the crowd gathered themselves to leave the Great Lawn in Central Park after the concert had ended, Louis Connelly, Lyla Novachek and Evan Taylor had accepted it was their beginning. Little had they to say, not over a loss of words but over a loss of ability to say them right, when they met for the first time. It was the first time Evan saw his parents, the first time they saw him and the first time after ten years that they had seen each other.

At first, Louis and Lyla stood still, still holding each other's hand, as they studied the boy in front of them. Evan couldn't move. His eyes filled up as he let himself loose of August Rush to become Evan Taylor, not truly different people, but having given a concert he could understand a clear difference between the two. Evan studied them too. He couldn't believe who his father was and how close he had come to him! Only a couple hours later would reveal the true cause of why the advice of a stranger was so meaningful and well received. It had been no stranger at all but his father. He also noticed his mother. She was as beautiful as he had always imagined them and now to know that she was a musician also, he had no doubt that the music that built up from inside him came from them. Nor did he doubt that they had heard the music and found him.

What Evan never came close to imagine was what he would feel once in his mother's embrace. Before the few minutes they stared at one another became long or awkward, Lyla moved towards him and getting on her knees looked straight into his eyes: "Blue. Like his father's…" she said as her eyes glanced back and forth him and Louis. Then, in the same position, she stretched out her arms for Evan to reach. Afraid the dream would end, Evan took the risk of entering the attractive realm of his mother's embrace only to realize it was no dream, but a reality better than one.

Louis had no doubt that what he saw before him was real. Both his heart and mind where in total agreement. Before heading to Chicago he had told Marshall that he could hear there was something out there for him and that he was finally sure of where he was going. He hated to see Marshall had been partially right. He was right in that he really had no clue where he was going, but then again Louis had been right when he was sure there was something out there for him. On that particularly starry night he had found it. So when it came his turn to hold Evan, he hugged him as long and hard as he had controlled the impulse of doing so hours earlier at Washington Square.

Therefore when his alarm clock woke him up to a terrible headache and an empty room, Louis couldn't tell if it all had been a teasingly bad dream. It wasn't otherwise he'd never break his promise of never having to wake up to the annoying buzz of an alarm clock. He dragged his feet over to the bathroom sink and washed his face. The cold water reduced his headache and reminded him of the night before.

Mr. Jeffries from New York Child Services explained how he had to take August directly back to Walden County Home for Boys, where the process of returning him to his real parents would begin. He and Lyla had promised August they'd be there to start with all the paper work and hopefully take him out to lunch and to spend the rest of the day together as a family. That's also when he remembered having promised Lyla to meet him by the arch at 10:00am. He hadn't realized the humorous irony of their whole encounter until now. As he exited he made his mind not to allow Marshall to say a word. He hurried pass by him hoping not to have a repeat of the night before where his brother questioned everything his heart knows to be true.

It was 9:53 or so said the guy passing by when Louis asked him. He began to worry she wouldn't show like it had happened ten years ago. He remembered having advised August to have faith, but he felt his failing. He sighed and felt his breath as heavy as it had been for the last ten years. Then, among all the unfamiliar faces one usually encounters in the streets of New York City, he saw hers. Her green eyes shone still and her laugh was now a smile, not less beautiful than her laugh the night before. Louis smiled back at her as he could almost hear his heart and mind say in unison: "She came…"


Like complete strangers they shared a cab, sat in each corner of the backseat and didn't utter a sound. He'd watch her and she'd watch him careful of having their eyes meet. It was ridiculously childish for in the backseat of the cab, there was barely any space left between them. That little vacant space was suddenly compromised when Louis's hand carefully reached for hers and once they found each other where unable to let go. Like love-struck teenagers they shared a cab, sat in each corner of the backseat, didn't utter a sound, held hands and looked outside their window in hopes of hiding their smiles from one another.



Peter was happy to see his friend had returned safe and sound. He returned in the middle of the night and was extremely careful not to make a sound otherwise Peter would have known of his presence back in the room earlier. Peter couldn't wait to tell Evan his carefully guarded secret: his mother had come looking for him while he was gone. So, sitting next to his best friend in a small bench staring at the sign that read: "Walden County Home for Boys, New York, Changing lives since 1916", Peter thought the time had come to finally reveal his secret.

"Evan! I got something great to tell you!"

Although his interest was piqued, Peter saw Evan wouldn't take his eyes off the road in front of the sign. Before he could attempt to call his friend's attention, he saw Mannix heading their way. If Evan's absence had done anything to him, was just build up more energy to tease and bully Evan once he got back home.


Peter could hear Mannix and his bully friend's chant, but not understood why Evan's glance was so steady and patiently to the road and not to the trouble that laid ahead.

"Look who's back guys," said Mannix, "Was there a bad connection? Was the call from your long lost mommy and daddy just a prank?"

"Maybe no one picked up!" said Charlie, Mannix inseparable friend.

Peter wanted to tell them what he knew, that he had seen Evan's mother come for him while he was away, but he was tortured enough by them as it was.

All entertained, Mannix and his friends with their teasing and Peter in his thoughts, that neither saw when the yellow car stopped just in front of the sign. Evan's eyes, still staring at it, lit up and a huge smile drew upon his face.

"Freak! You never could hear anything…" Mannix said just about ready to turn to leave when Evan spoke.

"Yes I can" he said standing up, "And they heard me…"

Amused at his thought that Evan might actually stand up for himself now, Mannix was surprised to realize Evan stood up, but not to confront him in any way. He stood up to walk over to a couple who got out of a cab. Mannix's smile disappeared as he realized Evan had been right. Peter, on the other hand, never thought he'd feel as he did now watching Evan with his parents. For the first time, Peter saw he was not too different from Mannix, for he too was jealous.