The Garter Belt Murders

A new story by MacsLovlyAngl (lovlyangl)

I do not own the CSI:NY characters. Just the story that played on my mind.

Please keep in mind, this story is very graphic in detail. It contains, brutal violence/including sexual. This is a story for adults only. This will be a series of short stories about serial killers.


What happens when a new serial killer comes to light, in New York. With a sick hunger for brides to be. Such a sexual predator, as he brutally rapes them, pours acid down their throats, and places a flower with a pink garter in each victims lower cavity. Will Mac and his team be able to stop this animalistic serial killer in time? Especially when the killer turns out to be a cop, who comes gunning, for Mac's bride to be? Or will the revenge of one sister, Mary Jeffers, beat the CSI team to the killer? Leaving her to lose her mind, and take over where he left off.

Meet Mary Jeffers, your average female who came from a abusive home with her sister. Learning how to survive on their own, Mary's sister meets the man of her dreams and decides to marry him. The day of her wedding, she is brutally raped, and murdered, by a serial killer known as the Garter Belt killer. Deciding to take matters into her own hands after detectives and Chief Sinclair can give her no answer. She lures the garter belt killer, torturing him, like he had her sister.

Now with the taste for killing, she completely loses what is left of her mind. Deciding to leave New York for a while, just long enough to recieve facial and body reconstruction, she comes back a new woman, with a new identity. Now known as Airanna Starr, she seeks revenge on Chief Sinclair, and the officers that failed her sister. Along the way, she becomes obsessed with Danny and his daughter Lucy. Deciding the child should be hers, she ruthlessly kills Lindsay, knowing that with her out of the way, she can have the perfect family life, with Danny and Lucy by her side.

Will Airanna Starr, aka Mary Jeffers become a well bred woman of society now? Or will the thirst for revenge, come on with a brutal hunger over the days to come? Let's find out.


Three Months before the wedding...

Mac woke with a hunger. Reaching for his beautiful fiance he pulled her into his heat. Grinding his pelvis against her bum, she sighed... "Mmac... please behave. I'm tired this morning. Go back to sleep."

Kissing the nape of her neck, he whispered... "but I'm dying for you, sweetheart. My heart aches to touch you. Just feel it, it beats only for you," as he kissed her nape again. "What am I going to do with you, Taylor? Always you are in need. Does your limbido not get tired?" she laughed.

"Please my love, just let me caress your soul. You can sleep, while I play," he whispered with a deeper grind. Stroking his hand down her thighs, he worked his hand in between, raising her leg over his. Then softly, tenderly, he touched her liquid heat.

Closing his eyes, he felt her wetness from last nights love feast,"so wet love, your body wants me to love you, it's crying upon my fingers." Stella knew, Mac was going to get his way. He always got his way, when it came to making love. No matter how tired she was, he always knew how to wake her body, teasing it into play.

Turning to face him, she smiled at his sinsiter grin. "Morning Mr Taylor, I love you." Pulling her closer he whispered... "not as much as I do you, soon to be Mrs Taylor." Mrs Taylor, she still couldn't believe it. They had denied their feelings for almost ten years, before they finally realized how much they were already in love.

I mean how many men did you know, that would chase a woman half way around the world, just to make sure she was safe. If that wasn't love, then nothing was. She could still remember sitting in his office when they got back. Her with her tea leaves, telling him what was in his cup. Making him blush, from her teasing words she had given him.

"What are you smiling about, love?" asked Mac. "Just memories, Mac." Reaching her hand to caress his face, he turned his head and kissed it. Then raining little soft kisses up her arm, she purred, as he neared her naked breast. Feeling the sheet fall back, he placed a fingertip caress on her nipple, watching as she bucked.

"Easy sweetheart," he whispered as his tongue replaced his finger. Twirling and flicking, in fevered passion. Dancing his fingers deep within her, as he continued to lick, and caress her breasts. Feeling her walls clench his fingers, as he knew she was ready to release. Climbing upon her, he took her into a beautiful, tongue dueling kiss, and as he plunged his tongue deep into her throat, he gave her his thickened shaft.

"Mmaaaaaaaac..." as the orgasm overtook her. Wild now, she wrapped her legs over his hips, squeezing him deep inside her, telling him without words not to move, as the orgasm bathed her to burn, all the way to her soul. Pulling her up, he felt the head of his shaft hit her womb, as he poured his seed deep into her, praying, that this was the morning, a new Taylor would be concieved.

Gently laying her back down, he wrapped her sweetly in his arms. "Mac... are you excited about our wedding?" she asked. "Of course I am, love. What kind of question is that?" asked Mac. "I'm sorry, honey. I guess it's just wedding jitters. Anyway... we should get ready for work." Kissing his lips once more, she headed into the shower.


Meanwhile across town...

He had followed the victim to be. For weeks now, he had kept close to her. She was a beautiful woman with long golden hair that curled at the bottom, bright sky blue eyes, and a warm inviting smile. Watching her enter her little living room, he knew she would be alone for the next few hours. For this was how her fiance and her, planned it. Neither had family. Just each other to have and too hold.

Softly knocking on the door, she answered it. "Yes... can I help you?"

"I have flowers for you, maam. Where would you like me to put them?" he asked.

"Just on the table is fine. Do you know who they are from?" she asked.

"No... I'm not sure," said the delivery guy.

Yelling thank you from the little washroom, she waited to hear the door click. Once she was sure he was gone, she walked out, wrapped in her robe. Nearing her little table, she felt the hand wrap around her mouth, followed by one around her waist.

Dragging her back into her bedroom, he punched her in the mouth, knocking her out long enough so he could secure her. Taking her legs, he placed garters around each ankle, securing them to the bed posts. Then taking each wrist, he repeated the process before slipping her engagment band from her finger.

Taking out his smelling salts, he stuck them under her nose, waking her. As she came around, she seen him. "Please... she cried. What do you want?"

"What do I want? Let's see. What do you think I want? I mean... you are naked on the bed, your hands and feet are secured. My cock is stiff and swollen for you, so I guess I want to rape you. Sound okay with you?"

Tearing up, the young girl tried not to cry. "Why? Why me?"

"That's the easy part. You let me in. You didn't hesitate. I knocked, you answered. So... here we are. also I have a thing for brides to be. It's been an illness of mine for a while. Ever since my Virginia left me at the alter for my best friend. Funny what makes some men go crazy, and insane. I mean the first time was understandable. I mean with the cold feet, and all, but to have it happen four times in a row. That just makes any man go insane for justice."

The young girl was in full tears. She knew her fiance wouldn't be back. Not for at least, four hours. Knowing she was at his mercy, she tried to talk him down. "Look, I'm really sorry about what happened to you. If I could change it, I would. I know it must be very painful. But hurting me, isn't going to make you feel any better, right? So please, just let me go, and we will make like this never happened."

"I can't do that, little lady. It's a craving, a craving that doesn't stop till I rape, abuse, torture and kill you. It's just the way my life, has to be."

As he stood, she watched him drop his pants. Closing her eyes against the erection that was now facing her, she tried to scream. Before she could get it out, he gagged her with another garter. Climbing upon her, he knealt between her legs, lowering his head, as he inhaled her scent. "I'll try not to be rough, but please forgive me in advanced if I turn animal on you. For I love to bite, and pinch."

Sliding his hands up her body, he squeezed her breasts, hard. Pinching the nipples, as she tried to scream though the gag. Watching in horror, as he lowered his mouth to her sheath, and bit down on it with anger, drawing blood, as he hissed out... "Don't fuckin' move, bitch."

Raising his head, she seen the blood covering his mouth, then she felt it. His fist, as he punched it into her cavity, tearing her wide, as she gagged into the garter. Feeling her bile rise into her throat, she could feel herself choking.

"Oh no... none of that now," he said as he removed the gag. "We can't have you choking on your vomit."

Covering her body completely, he entered her brutally from behind. Tearing her second cavity wide open. Lowering his mouth to her breast, he bit into her deep, causing her to pass out. "Damn... why do they always pass out before the best part?"

When he was done with his assault, he climbed off her and snickered..."got what you deserved, didn't you? Serves all you brides to be, right. You're all the same, always saying no, when you get to the alter. always making the guy embarressed in front of his family."

Taking out the acid from his little bag, he opened it and poured it across each breast, and deep inside both cavities. He knew, he had to make sure there was no trace of himself, left on her, or the bed. Making sure the acid was doing its job, he watched as it ate her skin, past the tissue, to the bone.

Then grabbing up the flowers, he placed one up her cavity, with a clean pink garter belt. "Now the final step to my revenge," he said to himself. Removing the gag, he poured the acid down her throat. Then leaving her home, he took off in his truck with her ring, hanging from his mirror.