When Sarah pulled into the parking lot of Sharon's home, she got out and walked up toward her door. Turning the key in the lock she felt Kennith cover her mouth and toss her inside. Sliding across the tiled floor Sarah reached for her gun and as she turned she fired, she shot Kennith right in the heart.

Watching him fall on top of her, she tried to pull him off. Being to heavy she sighed, closed her eyes and waited for Don to show with Danny. Not more then a few seconds later, Danny pulled Kennith off Sarah and helped her up.

"Bout bloody time. Damn... the guy was frickin' heavy," she huffed out. "You owe me a date Messer. My place, tonight at eight. Bring nothin' but yourself."

Walking away she turned once and gave him a seductive wink.

"Damn Danno, looks like your gonna be gettin' somethin' tonight," laughed Don as he slapped Danny's back.

"Laugh now man. But it looks like you and Cynthia are gonna be babysittin' Lucy tonight, I'll bring her little overnight bag."

"Hey! Hold up Messer. No one mentioned babysitting," said Don who was looking forward to a quiet evening with Cynthia once Donald Jr was in bed.

"No complaints man. This was your idea. You volunteered me to Sarah, so I'll drop Lucy off at seven." said Danny. "Oh... and call Mac. Let him know we caught Kennith."

Walking away Danny could hear Don complaining about not getting his quality time with Cynthia.



Mac and Stella finally had the kids in bed. Now having their last evening to themselves Mac grabbed the red wine, fruits and cheese , carrying them onto the balcony where Stella had set out the blanket and soft music.

Placing everything down Mac reached for his beautiful wife and held her tightly in his arms.

"Are you going to miss all this love?"

"No Mac. What I'm going to miss is our family time we've had. I know once we get back everything will return to normal and we will be stressed once more." said Stella with sadness.

"I want you to listen to me Stella. Things will not change when we get home. If anything this vacation has made us stronger."

"But for how long Mac? One, maybe two weeks?" asked Stella.

"Sweetheart you need to stop thinking like this. I promise you Stella we will find a way to make it work." whispered Mac as he tenderly kissed her warm lips. "The only thing I want to feel right now, is me loving you within all this magic. Watching you as you come alive when I'm within you."

Deepening the kiss Mac worked his mouth over hers as he felt her shudder leaving him to go even deeper into her already burning soul. Stella could feel her lips sting and burn from Mac's searing tongue as it darted in and around hers. Shuddering again, Stella could feel Mac's body become insatiable and possessive, leaving all her doubts and fears she had to disappear.

Mac could feel her body surrender as she fell pliant against him. He could see and feel her lips trembling from the desires he was feeding her. Lowering her to the blanket he skimmed his lips across her breasts leaving them aching and perked for more. Sliding his tongue across her tummy he felt her body gift him with another shudder as he kissed and lapped at her belly button.

Feeling her legs open Mac stopped her from wrapping them around him. Continuing his path down her beautiful sun kissed skin he came to her mound shielding her already silk wet bud from his view. Taking both her legs he bent her knees up toward her tummy exposing her folds and heated core to the cool night air.

Watching her expression, Mac could see her eyes fill with pleasure, he could see and feel her hands and legs tremble, and as he lowered his head he felt her pour as his tongue touched her folds. Never had Stella felt so exposed to the magic that surrounded her. God his tongue was dancing within, sliding from her back to her front as her hands gripped his head and forced him deeper into her liquid heat.

Feeling his wife's orgasm build once more Mac lifted her legs right over his shoulders while he sat on his knees. Feeling her body stretch and ache with the position he had her in Stella cried out as she felt Mac's thick shaft plunge her wildly into the night. Such magic and enchantment as the fireworks lit up the sky smothering her screams as the smoke filled the air like a thick mist.

It was at that moment Mac was like a man possessed for his life. He felt his soul meet hers above the surface of existence, so much wonderous exploration and unselfish love flowed between them and as they were both on the edge Mac lowered himself upon her looked into her eyes and whispered out...

"I love... you... God I love you."

Stella felt Mac's body shudder, and it was at this magic moment for the first time in their shared life that Stella had held him while they subsided.


A short time later Mac swept his wife into his arms and carried her into their room. Pulling back the sheets he placed her in the center and covered them both. Not more then five minutes later they heard their childrens footsteps.

"Mommy... daddy... can we sleep with you?" asked Breena.

Lifting his daughter into his arms he placed her against him. Then as she curled closer and rested her little head on his shoulder, she toyed with his scar falling back into sleep.

"Dad... do we really have too go home tomorrow? Can't we like live here?" whispered Cayden.

Ruffling his sons hair he told him to get some sleep.

Snuggling into his moms arms, Cayden and the rest of the Taylor's final allowed sleep to carry them away in the Magic Kingdom.