Well here it is, the big multichap summer project I've been bragging about writing for months. Now having watched the entire season, we'll see how this story plays out since I've had this plotbunny in the back of my head since the show's early months. Dunno how long I will keep up with updates though. The early chaps are gonna be hard for me to plan but the middle and ending should hopefully get easier.

And as promised...plenty of Peter/Olivia. Trust me, it will be big in this story once you see where it's going. :)

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William Bell took the frail hand into his own. He kissed it in the darkness. The old woman lived near isolated in this darkened apartment, but could occasionally thrive in the outside world when needed.

In the dark she often watches the world through her mind. It could only travel so far though. Yet without having to leave her apartment at the very top of Tower One, she witnessed the whole meeting between William and a young blonde woman who only piqued her interest.

A groggy voice called to Bell. "Who was she? The woman you called to meet you?"

"One of my own," said Bell. "I couldn't believe it. I thought it would be impossible to find any of them but this one was different. She came to me all on her own."

"She's special then?"

Bell laughed to himself. "I think that would be quite an understatement."

There was a long silence as Guinevere began to contemplate on this woman whom she had yet to meet though with her abilities, Guinevere felt as if she had known this…Olivia Dunham all her life. Her mind took in everything she could gather about Olivia at her meeting with Bell.

"I think…I think she will be perfect for the experiment."

Bell was shocked. "Guinevere! Are you of this…I mean, it would be too much for her. She's already a Cortexiphan soldier."

"That makes her better than perfect than, don't you agree? Do you not wish for me to live on so that you may have your secret weapon?"

"Of course, Guinevere. More than anything. But you know that with all of our planning…with all of our projects. This will take quite a while before we're ready. You won't be able to make it. You only have a few years left."

The frail woman coughed, only confirming how little time she had left in this world. "Then the sooner you do this, the better. She will do, William. If you start this as soon as possible, there will be time for a complete transfer."

Bell shook in excitement but also concern. He wasn't sure if he can put anymore of his work on one of his subjects. Yet it didn't matter now. She knew of his work and this world. She knew what was ahead of her. Guinevere was right, this was their only chance for the secret weapon to live…for the Pattern to remain in their complete control.

"If you are sure of this, then," he sighed. "I fear she won't participate in this willingly."

"Then do what you do best, William." The old woman was smiling mischievously in the dark and Bell knew it. "Deceive and corrupt. There will be time for explanations in the future."

So that was it, William thought. He had to lure and trick Olivia Dunham to be the one to carry the secret weapon. It wouldn't be for very long. Therefore, sooner would be better…especially with the small amount of time that Guinevere had.

"You said that Dr. Jones almost crossed over here to try and kill me," Bell replied. "Do you suppose they're waiting for the transfer to happen?"

"Of course," said Guinevere. "But we will have the upper half from day one. Once you have Miss Dunham become the carrier, we will be invincible. You know without me in some form, they won't have a chance at defeating us in the war. They wouldn't dare harm any of us if they knew that the transfer would begin soon. They'll try to steal yes, but this…Olivia Dunham you speak of. She wouldn't allow it. I'm sure of it."

"So do I," said Bell.

"You must go then and start planning then." Guinevere coughed again, damning her failing health. "Good God, it's now taken me this long for me to finally feel like my age."

"Don't be silly dear," said Bell as he headed towards the door. "You might be 145 years old, but you are still quite young and lovely to me."

Guinevere chuckled. "Come now, Bell. We both know that, technically speaking, I'm far older than that."

Bell left Guinevere to rest as he began planning. It was true what she said, William Bell could be quite a deceitful being when need be. There wasn't any greater proof that his colleague Walter Bishop. He was such a gullible partner, Bell was able to convince him that much of the research they did was all in good fun. He was unaware that a few particular tests they did had a far greater purpose in mind (and a greater history).

Yet behind this dark being, there was a cinch of remorse. Olivia Dunham was indeed quite special to be the only soldier (so far) with awareness of the Pattern, of the war, and now of this other world. Therefore, there could be no turning back with her. She had to be the one to do this…to be the carrier.

The only true risk was if the war started earlier than predicted. It was quite a possibility but if he planned his cards right, this could be better than perfect. The new 'secret weapon' could be far more powerful than Guinevere herself could ever be.


Yeah, sorry prologue's all I got so far. I'm trying not to spoil where this is headed. That's why alot of it's ambiguous. More to come as soon as I can think of it!