A/N: Okay, since school is basically over, I was thinking I should probably make a commitment to something for the next three months. I have no inspiration whatsoever to write a complex multi chapter fic at the moment, so this will just be a collection of one shots, about whatever I want them to be about. Maybe later on in the summer, we'll get some juicy spoilers, and then maybe, just maybe, I could get something real going.

I'll say it now, and I will not repeat it. I DON'T OWN BONES. If I did, we would not have been left with such a ridiculous ending.


I know you can't hold out forever,

Waiting on a diamond and a tether

From a boy who won't swim,

But will dip his toe in

Just to keep you here with him

-Diamond and a Tether, Death Cab for Cutie

We had had a bit too much to drink. Mistake number one. We picked up thai food for later. She bet me she could down her glass of wine faster than I could finish my beer. Mistake number two and three. Not only did I lose to Bones, but I made a bet. I mean, it didn't want me to go out and blow Parker's tuition savings, but I sure as hell got a rush from it. Maybe it was the alcohol? Let's blame it on that.

So, as we drunkenly stumbled into my apartment, after struggling with the lock and key for a minute, we slumped down on the couch as if we had just run a marathon. I was certainly tired enough.

It had been a tough case. Not an extremely emotional connection kind of tough. There were no foster children, no abusive fathers, and no murdered children. It had just been a disgusting one.

The victim - her name was Hana. Hana Leigh Scott - had been taken by some creep from outside a busy Starbucks at seven in the morning. No one had seen her. She just never brought her boss the damn vanilla latte she had asked for.

She, the victim, had been beaten, raped, and some other horrid things I would rather not think about when I was sitting beside Bones, my head spinning slightly.

She had her legs crossed, like Parker did when he sat on the carpet beneath us. She was attempting to eat a spring roll without getting a single crumb anywhere. She was successful until she dropped it right onto the floor; her usual lightning fast reflexes slowed by the drinks.

"Shit," she said. "Sorry." She stood, wobbled, steady herself, and headed for the kitchen. She returned in less than thirty seconds, picked up the spring roll, cleaned the floor, went back into the kitchen, and finally settling back on the couch.

I put my arm behind her an encircled her shoulders. I liked it like this, when it seemed as if we could stay like this forever. She leaned into me, rested her head on my shoulders. I definitely liked it like this.

She sighed heavily. I noticed the lingering question immediately. "Bones, what's wrong?"

"It's... I'm-" she sighed again. "I hate that I have to wait."

I felt my eyebrow rise on the left side. "Wait for what," I asked.

She gave me this look, the one she gets when she tries to say something squinty and I should understand it. As if what she is trying to say should be so damned obvious.

She shakes her head, "it doesn't really matter."

"Bones..." I warn. I really hate it when people bring things up, and never finish what they're saying. It makes me crazy.

"I hate waiting for 'someday' to come along." Her answer was blunt.

That's when I understood. She wasn't waiting for some random guy to come by and sweep her off her feet. The reason she gave me those looks - as if I should have known - was in plain sight. Her looks were actually appropriate. I should have known.

Alcohol doesn't make me violent like my dad, it doesn't turn me into an idiotic jackass like Jared. It makes me think way too quickly, and furthermore, act way too quickly.

With the alcohol and adrenaline from the minor gambling still rushing through my system, and now this sudden realization, I didn't feel so tired anymore. I didn't feel so old.

Bones made me feel young and strong.

She was patient, and she had passed that on to me. She is knowledgeable; she also gave me some of that.

Because now I know she is waiting.

Waiting for me.