Timothy McGee blinked hard against the light shinning in his face. He shifted in the hard wooden seat and gasped at the pain that ran through his body. He couldn't move his hands; the rope was cutting into his wrists when he just sat there, the pain of him moving them made his head reel in a dangerous spin, one that threatened to make him black out again.

Concentrating on his breathing, Timothy looked around, trying to make sense of his surroundings. His memory was hazy but flashes of his recent torture and questioning flashed violently through his head, too rapidly to make much sense of. Taking a deep breath he shifted again, cringing against the pain that ran through him, and tried to get at least a glance behind him.

A shadowy figure moved and strong hands gripped his shoulders, fingers biting into wounds on his bare skin. Timothy yelped out and his head jerked backwards as he tried to slide out from under the grip on him. He shut his eyes hard against the pain but was also thankful for it. He was feeling, he wasn't numb and wasn't blacking out. That could mean that he was going to make it through this yet. "Tony…" he muttered under his breath.

"What?" a dark voice snapped from behind him, echoing across the nearly empty warehouse in an echo. "What did you say? Are you finally giving in, Timothy?" There was a smile in the voice, the dark smile of a viper.

The NCIS agent still wasn't sure who this was, what he was doing here, or what the man grabbing him was looking for from him. "Fuck you," he growled pulling his head forward and as far from his captor as was possible.

A tight grip on his short brown hair jerked him back and he felt his head hit hardened abs. That wasn't what was bothering him, though. The bitter taste of a recently used gun barrel, the pain of hard metal slamming into his mouth and jamming against the back of his throat and the sound of a cocking gun, that made him worry.

He closed his eyes, one image passing through his mind as he decided this was where he was going to die. Tony made it out alive. He is not here with you, his cover was not blown. You can let go…

"Timmy!" Tony Dinozzo's voice yelled out from the doorway of the warehouse.

Timothy could feel the gun being yanked from his mouth and his eyes snapped open as he saw Tony standing there, badge in one hand, gun in the other pointed towards him and his captor. The sound of a gun going off rang out sharply in Timothy's ears and a tear slid down his cheek, unnoticed…