Part XVIII: Besotted

But it doesn't matter

how I feel now, anything at all

Since I've left you with the wrong

impression while I'm still the same

When I turn around and look

at my life, shadows in disguise

but I'm working on

an interruption of hypocrisy

You're on any other side

Clawing up my eyes

I'm feeling your arms around me

On the other side, it's time to go

I'm hearing your voice without words

On the other side

Any other side

Lacuna Coil – Unspoken


Adina could hear voices.

Low and distant, yet growing louder by the second.

Wait. . .what were they saying. . .?

"Shouldn't we try to wake her up?"

"If you want to be the one who explains the how's, what's, when's, why's, and where's to her, than be my guest."

". . .nevermind."

"Besides, Goku said to let the Senzu bean take proper effect on her body. It's best to wait 'til she wakes up on her own."


. . .Goku. . .Goku. . .

Why does that name sound so fimiliar. . .?

"But isn't the Senzu's healing power supposed to work immediately?"

"Yes and no. The closer you are to death, the longer it takes heal. A second later and she would have been beyond saving."

"Poor thing. I can't possibly imagine what she's been through, having to spend a week with that awful monster Cell. . ."


Just like that, Adina was wide awake. Her breath caught in her throat the very instant her eyes popped open. She allowed them only a moment to adjust; it took that same instant for her to realize she was lying on her back. Violently, she surged into a sitting position and exhaled for the first time. Instantly the voices stopped, and were replaced instead by several surprised yelps. Adina's head jerked in the direction of the sounds and was met by a fairly large group of people. People she didn't know.


Normally, that word triggered her defense, and she would go into survival mode. She must've forgotten how, because all she got from being in a room of complete strangers after an 'oh-my-god-how-long-was-I-out!' period of unconsciousness was a strange sense of. . .comfort.

Why did she feel like she could trust a group of people she'd never met before?

What is wrong with me?

Movement. Out of the corner of her eye.

Adina's attention immediately came upon a man with cropped black hair and a crossed-shaped scar on his cheek. He had taken a step forward, his hands reaching out as if to touch her.

"Uh, you. . .are you ok, um. . .miss?"

No I'm not ok, Adina shouted in her mind, because at the moment she couldn't remember how to talk. Would you be ok after. . .after. . .

Oh my god.

A very abrupt, very loud gasp emitted from Adina's throat, causing all who were present to jump in unison. Her hand flew to her mouth, even after it was too late to muffle the noise.


Back at the arena. . .something happened to him. . .but I. . .I can't describe what.

All I know is it felt. . .terminal.

. . .what a minute. If that's true, shouldn't I be dead right now? If Cell is still alive, than where is he now?

And just how the hell did I get from the arena to here in the first place!