Hello people and welcome to my first story upload.

This story is dedicated to my little sister. She is the main oc in the story but I will not give out her real name. She will be using her code name Rin but that's later on in the story.

This story was her idea so she is the boss of it.

So without further a do, enjoy the story.


(First person Pov)

One spring day, I was walking home from track practice on a Saturday.

'I really need a shower', I said. 'Coach drove us up the wall today.'

I was excited though that summer was almost here which means school will be over.

'Only 15 more days' I thought happily and skipped for joy; that is until I fell in a medium sized hole in the ground. It was not deep so I was able to stand up with my head poking out. I felt something hard under my foot so I looked down. To my surprise, it was a crystal.

'Wow, this is real pretty. It must cost a fortune,' I said to no one in particular.

As I climbed out of the hole, I heard someone say 'Hey, get of my lawn!' I looked like a deer caught in headlights. 'I am sorry ma'ma. It was not my intention to be on your property. I fell in a hole.' The woman looked at me then her eyes fell on the object in my hand. Her eyes narrowed back at me.

I'm in trouble now, I thought.

The woman suddenly changed her expression to happy and enthusiastic. 'I'm sorry dear. Didn't mean to scar you. Why don't you come in for some tea and cookies?'

'Um…. Sure,' I said a little unsure of what to make of the situation. So I went into the lady's house looked around. It looked normal for an elderly woman. 'Come to the kitchen my child.

The cookies are ready.'

Before I walked out, I spotted a book that had strange symbol on it. I cautiously walked to the kitchen though because I didn't know what I was getting myself into.


(Switch to Amestris)

In a small village of Resembool, there were two boys whom were reading and studying books in their home. They lived alone because their father abandoned them, and their mother died. The boys were studying forbidden art of Human Transmutation, in which one attempts to create or modify a human being.

'Brother, are you sure we are ready to do the transmutation soon?

'Sure we are. Have a little faith Al. soon we will have mom and be a family again.'

The boy named Al and his brother Ed were only children yet they could perform alchemy. They were determined to bring back their beloved mother no matter what.


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