ok so here is my newest story. i hope you like it. its just starting out and i have never done a prologue before before but i wanted to see what people though of it first. if y'all dont want me to continue then i wont and may just make it into a one shot but for now i want it to be a long story. that would mean i am working on 3 stories at the same time and while a.c.e is almost done my beta might just kill me me. so while you are waiting for for updates on this story check out my other stories as well as my beta Megara Megumi's story a werewolf in outerspace (its a working title) its team jacob but its very good. i am not say that because its her's either i am saying it cause really its the only jakella story i like.

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There Is Fault in Our Truths


We are all fake. Each and every one of us false. Human, vampire and werewolf alike. All fake. We are all at fault, and we are all hypocrites. Liars to each other and to ourselves. We scheme and deface everything we have ever wanted or needed. None of us better than the other, none of us worse than the other. We have lied to our loved ones and will continue to do so as long as we have a conscious mind. There is no way around that. Countless people before us have fallen pray to deceit and millions will continue to be victims after we are dead. It is our lot in life.

We lie to get what we want. We lie to 'save our loved ones from the truth'. Some lie to protect themselves from shame like the self-righteous sanctimonious bronze haired bastard that sits to my right. Some lie to themselves and pretend to be something they are not, like the russet skinned, ebony haired prick to my left. Others lie to the people around them because they think its what those people want to hear, like the blond haired brooding southern gentleman pain in my ass behind me. And still others lie because they think its keeping their loved ones safe, like me, the girl in the middle of it all, who sits in her wedding dress next to her fiancé, her best friend, and her maid of honors ex-husband. We are all at fault for this. Well, all except Alice, my maid of honor. Standing before us with shame evident on her face, shame and pain as she looks down her nose at the four of us and the path of destruction that we have each and everyone of us weaved through her once perfect life. I feel bad for her, she did nothing to deserve this. All she ever was, was a supportive sister, and wife. Poor thing didn't see this coming did you?

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