Title: Tomorrow
Rating: G, no pairings
Characters: Gokudera Hayato, other characters are mentioned briefly
Timeline: In a very far future :D
Word Count: 323

Gokudera Hayato watched from the balcony as his son laughed at something the future Vongola Undecimo said. His lips curved into a nostalgic smile. The young men reminded him of his younger self, walking alongside his most respected Vongola Decimo.


He looked at his own face reflected in the glass of the sliding door. His hair was fairer now, his eyes not as bright and a notable number of wrinkles lined his face as well as his calloused fingers.

His finger.

He brought his hand up to his eye level and stared at the ring in his middle finger. The Vongola storm ring rested snuggly there, glinting every once in a while in the gleeful sun. He didn't know how long he was lost in memories, but Yamamoto was there when he lowered his hand.

Yamamoto didn't say anything. He only smiled and handed Gokudera a small polished box, carved with utmost care to the very last details. Gokudera took the box and opened it. He looked at Yamamoto, and then he looked at the man's hand – Yamamoto's middle finger.

Gokudera closed his eyes, taking a deep breath.

Slowly, he slipped the storm ring off of his finger. Giving the ring one last gentle kiss, he put it into its reserved space in the precious box.


Tomorrow, Sawada Tsunayoshi would open the box. Tomorrow, the Vongola rings would rest in different fingers – more graceful, younger, and hopefully stronger. Tomorrow, Gokudera would let go.

But tonight… Tonight Gokudera would hug his son. Gokudera would be in tears, and he would tell his son to protect Vongola Undecimo as best as he can. In tears, he would wish his son the best of luck. Tonight… Tonight, Gokudera would smile in his sleep when he found a note in the Decimo's handwriting on his table.

Thank you for your hard works, and congratulations on a job well done. Thank you for everything.

Tomorrow… Tomorrow.


Thank you for reading =D This was written because I need a (very) small break from my obsession with 1827, 8059, Giotto, and basically all27.

p.s/ Try listening to Oku Hanako's'Garnet' when you read this. I feel like crying for some reason.