*Ring Ring*


Hi Baby. It's me, Wassup? Look, I'm kinda kidnapped so I might be late tonight. DON'T come rescue me, k?

Where are you?



Look, my batts low, if you can hear me, I'm in a prision cell somewhere, gotta go,

Let me tell you the story about the call that changed my destin-y

Me and my boys went out, just to end Shinra's misery,

Was about to go home,

When there she was, standing in front of me,

She said 'Hi, I got a lil church nearby, wanna go?'*

I should have said no,

Someones waiting for me,

But I just rang her up, and then said…


Listen Tifa, I'm sorry

Just wanna tell you don't worry

I have been caught,

Do NOT come and Rescue me,

I said: Anyhow.. I'm dropping out,

My battery is low,

Just so you know,

I'm in a prison cell somewhere

Gotta go…

This call was done, my batt has gone, I can't take it back what's done is done.

Barrett then found out, Tifa wasn't my only one.

And it hurts from deep inside,

His bullets wound my pride.

Jus because, I saw a fine thang Oh yeah.


*Ring, Ring*


*Ring Ring*


(Gotta go)

Oooh,ooohh,ooooh, oohh oooooooh, ooooaaahhh…

1st Verse to star

(Chorus x2)

In a prison cell somewhere

Gotta go.