So, this is for a contest on The Muse Bunny. It's the first one I've ever done and it was quite fun, mostly just because of how much I love Matsuda and all of his goofiness. I've done one for L as well, and I might post that one up later. I'm only posting this one for the contest, though. Owner's Guide and Mainenance Manuals have been done for most of the Death Note characters already on here, and I don't wanna be accused of copying. I figured not many people show Matsuda much love, so there wouldn't be much of anything like this for him.

Granted I picked on him to no end here, but that's one of the good things about Matsuda. Pick on him with big words and he won't understand.

Agh, Comma's such an evil butthole.

Basic Information:

Name: Matsuda Tota (a.k.a. Matsui Taro, Matsu)

Date of Manufacture: December 14, 1978

Place of Manufacture: D.N. Inc., Tokyo, Japan

Age: 25

Height: Approximately 5'8"

Weight: 130 lbs


Your MATSUDA TOTA unit comes with the following accessories:

Two business suits.

Three set casual clothing.

One cell phone.

One handgun.

One police badge.


Unpacking Your Unit:

When you first remove your MATSUDA TOTA unit from his box, he may seem rather disorientated. You will soon learn that he is often like this. Show him around and allow him to become acquainted with his surroundings and he will soon become more amiable, though the disorientation will most likely remain.



The MATSUDA TOTA unit is not renowned for his intelligence, but he is goofy and fun to have around. He will probably perform the following functions if you're nice to him and don't call him an idiot all the time.

Cop: The MATSUDA TOTA unit is actually a police officer, so this function is fairly natural to him. His goofiness may cause occasional errors in judgment, but otherwise, he is fairly good at his job.

Body Guard: Well, the MATSUDA TOTA unit does have a gun. Therefore, this is also a pretty easy function for him to perform.

Manager: While he has no formal training in the area, the MATSUDA TOTA was quite a good manager to the AMANE MISA unit. If you are an up and coming actress or model, he can perform this function quite well. Just don't allow him to wander away during your photo shoots and go spy on big companies, as this could be problematic for him.

Entertainment: Planning to throw a party soon? The MATSUDA TOTA unit is rather amusing to have around large groups of people even if he doesn't realize it, and is therefore perfect for entertainment. Just don't allow him to drink alcoholic beverages, stand on the balcony, and announce the Matsui Taro Show. Entertaining as it might be, it could also be very harmful to his health. It may be a plan of the L LAWLIET unit's, but don't allow this to happen unless you know for certain.


Your MATSUDA TOTA unit will come with six different modes:

Goofy (default)





Psycho (locked)

Please note that the Goofy setting is entirely different from the Enthusiastic setting, no matter how similar they may appear to you. The MATSUDA TOTA is naturally Goofy, but on his good days or when he has been allowed to have too much coffee, the Enthusiastic setting will be activated. In the Enthusiastic setting, he is enthusiastic about everything, rather hyper, and will even grin more often than normal.

The Befuddled setting comes into play when the MATSUDA TOTA unit comes into contact with anything he doesn't understand. Getting him out of this mode takes some time and effort. You will either have to explain in detail whatever it is he doesn't understand or take whatever is confusing him away and keep it out of his reach.

The Serious mode is very rarely seen, but it can be activated when the MATSUDA TOTA unit feels very strongly about something. He tends to ponder more often than usual over serious things, particularly the Kira case, and will eventually enter Determined mode when he makes a decision on his ponderings. When he gets into Determined mode, don't bother trying to get him out of it. It's impossible.

The final setting is the Psycho setting. This setting is locked for your own safety, being that the MATSUDA TOTA unit has a gun. However, if he discovers that the YAGAMI LIGHT unit is Kira, this setting will be unlocked and he will most likely shoot the YAGAMI LIGHT unit until he is successfully restrained.


Relations With Other Units:

L LAWLIET: This unit thinks that the MATSUDA TOTA unit is a complete idiot. Prolonged contact could result in the snapping of the last few strains of sanity the L LAWLIET unit has left.

YAGAMI SOICHIRO: The MATSUDA TOTA unit looks up to the YAGAMI SOICHIRO unit very much and sees him as a mentor. He generally agrees with everything this unit says.

YAGAMI LIGHT: The YAGAMI LIGHT unit doesn't seem to have much of an opinion of the MATSUDA TOTA unit. The MATSUDA TOTA unit seems to consider the YAGAMI LIGHT unit a friend of sorts, until he discovers that the YAGAMI LIGHT unit is Kira. Prolonged contact could result in the YAGAMI LIGHT unit being shot multiple times.

AMANE MISA: The MATSUDA TOTA unit is the manager of the AMANE MISA unit. Both are rather hyper and cheerful and therefore get along quite well.

RYUK: The MATSUDA TOTA unit occasionally gives apples to this unit. The RYUK unit is fine with any unit that gives him apples and will get along with them amiably.

YOTSUBA GROUP: This special edition limited time only group of units should be kept away from the MATSUDA TOTA unit at all costs, unless you want him to die.


Your MATSUDA TOTA unit is fully capable of cleaning himself. Please do not attempt to help him, as he is easily embarrassed and probably wouldn't want to talk to you anymore if you did so. The MATSUDA TOTA unit will clean himself regularly as he needs to.



Your MATSUDA TOTA unit will eat almost anything you give him and isn't particularly picky.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: My MATSUDA TOTA unit has recently been acting depressed. Is there anything I can do to cheer him up?

A: Have you tried telling a number of corny jokes? Maybe a YAGAMI SOICHIRO or YAGAMI LIGHT unit recently died. This will activate the Serious setting for an amount of time. There is a slight glitch in that there isn't any particular way to get him out of the Serious setting. You may need to reset him.

Q: I accidentally let my MATSUDA TOTA unit wander off the other day while I was shooting a movie, and then the next day a bunch of businessmen showed up at my door asking for Matsui Taro. I told him he wasn't there, but what should I do to stop it from happening again? It was kind of scary.

A: First order of business will be to change your name. Next, you need to leave the country so you can take the MATSUDA TOTA unit into hiding. He apparently left to meddle in some big corporation and now they want him dead.

Q: I found my MATSUDA TOTA unit reading my Philosophy textbook for college, and I can't get him out of his Befuddled setting because I'm not doing good in Philosophy and I can't explain it to him. Help?

A: You could buy an L LAWLIET, NEAR, or MELLO unit to tutor you in Philosophy, as they are three of our most intelligent units (as is the YAGAMI LIGHT unit, but you shouldn't own one if you already have the MATSUDA TOTA). Then you could explain it to him and do better in school. If you don't feel like spending any more money, the best you could to is to reset the MATSUDA TOTA unit.

Q: I'm worried about how well my MATSUDA TOTA unit and my RYUK unit are getting along. Should I be worried?

A: Probably not. The RYUK unit will leave as soon as he finds a LIGHT YAGAMI unit that knows he is Kira.

Q: My L LAWLIET unit has been really stressed out since I got my MATSUDA TOTA unit. Is there anything I can do to help them get along better?

A: The L LAWLIET unit naturally finds MATSUDA TOTA units to be annoying and will therefore become stressed when brought into contact with them. The only way to solve it is to get rid of one of them.



Problem: There is a scary gothic clown following your unit.

Solution: This is the RYUK unit, and the MATSUDA TOTA unit probably gave him apples. Toss an apple out the door and the RYUK unit will go after it. Problem solved.

Problem: Your YAGAMI LIGHT unit died when you left him alone with your MATSUDA TOTA unit.

Solution: How many times must this be said? The MATSUDA TOTA unit and the YAGAMI LIGHT unit should not be allowed prolonged contact with one another, as the MATSUDA TOTA unit will attempt to shoot him when he discovers he is Kira.

Problem: Your unit is missing.

Solution: Check everywhere, he's probably lost inside your house. The MATSUDA TOTA unit tends to accidentally lock himself inside of closets and similar small rooms. This is a glitch we are attempting to work out.

Problem: Your unit looks like he has just seen a ghost.

Solution: He probably has. The MATSUDA TOTA unit generally is fearful after the first time he comes into contact with any of the Shinigami units. Don't worry, it's only temporary. He'll be feeding them apples in no time.

Problem: Your unit's gun is jammed.

Solution: This might actually be a good thing. We are recalling most of the first edition MATSUDA TOTA units that have been released with guns due to the number of complaints of shootings of YAGAMI LIGHT units.



With proper care and maintenance, your MATSUDA TOTA unit should live until all the red numbers over his head run out, or until a dying Shinigami decides to use him as a life replenishing source. If, for some odd reason, you want to get rid of this goofy and amiable unit, send him on a spy mission to Yotsuba and he'll be out of your hair in no time.

And thar yeh have it. That's my entry and it probably won't win, but I don't care because it was fun.