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Chapter 1: Gifted

After nearly four years I was actually returning to this cold, wet…dark place. I had never wanted to return to the small town of Forks, located in the northern peninsula of Washington state.

My mother had remarried and due to her being torn between watching after me or traveling with her new husband (he played minor league baseball); I decided to live with my biological father, Charlie. He is the chief of police for the 'great' community of Forks. In all my seventeen years, I never remember hearing of him having to pull his gun, so he must be doing something right.

I rode in the passenger seat of Charlie's police cruiser. Don't tell him I called him Charlie though, I'm supposed to call him 'dad' when in his presence. After almost an hour of driving in silence between Port Angeles to Forks, Charlie finally spoke.

"It's really great having you back here Bells." Charlie had used the nickname he had given me when I was about five, I liked it a lot more then Isabella. The name Isabella made me sound like an Italian girl in a poofy white dress crushing grapes. I hate the name but it could have been worse.

"Hmmm…" was all I could think to say at the moment. I continued to look out the windshield at all the green. I was used to seeing cacti and yuccas and the occasional yellow lawn, this was overkill of green.

"So Bella, since you're almost eighteen, I was wondering…do you still have that unusual…." He stopped to pick out the right word, 'quirk.'

"Yes dad, I do. I don't think it's something I'll grow out of either, sorry." I took a glanced over quickly and noticed a slight red tint to his face.

"No, I, mean, I was wondering if I had to be more cautious or not," Charlie was now flustered.

I looked back out the window. "I don't really care what you do. It doesn't help me either way." Ever since I could remember, I've had this…special gift. It was embarrassing and unnatural, so only my parents knew about it. I didn't want to be labeled a freak and thrown in a circus or an asylum.

It remained quiet as we drove down the main street of Forks. In another five minutes we were pulling to a halt in front of the two-story, whit house that I now call home. Two bedrooms with one bathroom, which meant we had to share.

After we left the car, Charlie took my few suitcases from the trunk and showed me to my room. It wasn't like I didn't know where it was, it had been my room since my birth, but I decided to let him lead the way.

Charlie placed my few suitcases on my twin bed then headed in the direction of the doorway. He turned and looked around the room quickly. "Well I guess I'll leave you to unpack. I'll order a pizza since there isn't any food in the house…except fish." He watched me nod then left the room.

It had always been easy to be around Charlie. He never asked a million questions, unlike my mom, or hovered around me, unlike my mom, or forced me to do something I didn't want to do, unlike my mom. She always thought it would be good for me. But after fourteen failed ballet lessons, nine straight hours of unproductive shopping, a broken arm from mountain climbing (I only made it up eight feet), and almost drowning when she took me to learn scuba diving, she finally learned I wasn't cut out for any of that and she finally stopped forcing me into things.

I made short work of empting my suitcase and sauntered downstairs just as the pizza arrived. I was amazed this small town even had a pizza delivery place. I ate two slices of the Hawaiian pizza, drank a glass of water and turned, headed for the stairs.

"I'm going to go to sleep ok; it's been an exhausting day."

"Oh, ok…oh yeah, that red Chevy truck out front is yours. Welcome Home…" he handed me the keys and all I could do was smile. "And don't forget to stop by the school office tomorrow, I already registered you."

"Thank you dad!" I gave him a quick hug, which flustered him.

"Um… yeah …well…good night Bells."

"Night dad." I climbed slowly up the stairs to the joint bathroom and quickly completed my nighttime ritual then headed for my room. After I closed my door, I readied my backpack for tomorrow, placing my truck keys right on top. I went to my bed and climbed under the covers. I listened to the wind and rain for about ten minutes then finally reached over and turned my bedside lamp off. After another ten minutes at last I fell into a restless sleep.

It was surprisingly quiet when I awoke for school, but the grayness outside my window didn't mean it was a good weather day. Charlie was already gone by the time I made it downstairs. I wonder what time he normally leaves for work…and returns? I grabbed my bag and keys and headed out the door for my new, well, old truck. It may not be the prettiest vehicle around but it did run (piercingly) and it was mine.

I quickly parked my truck and hurried for the school's main office before anyone noticed "the new girl".

I reached the office without seeing anyone. The lady behind the counter looked up as I entered. "Oh, may I help you?" 'Wonder who she is?'

"Hi I'm Isabella Swan, chief Swan's…"

"Oh, yes Chief Swan's daughter. I have you schedule right her." She handed me my class agenda and a map of the school. "You should probably hurry and run along, don't want to be late for you first class. " 'Hope she isn't as flaky as her mom.'

I lifted my head proudly and almost stormed out of the office and headed toward my English class. The halls were loud now, in every sense of the word. Almost everyone had noticed the 'new girl' by now. I ignored all the stares and comments as I found my way to the classroom. As I entered the room, I handed my paper to the teacher and she directed me to my seat. Thank goodness it was in the back. I sat down and attempted to hide my face. I hate being the center of attention. As the room filled with other students I tried to be invisible, then it started.

'Whoa! A new girl.'

'Is that the Chief's daughter.'

'Wow she's pretty!'

'I wonder who she is?'

'So she's suppose to be his soulmate?!'

That last comment caused my head to snap up. I tried to see if anyone's faces betrayed anything more informative, since I didn't know anyone here yet, I could only guess. First class proceeded normally, as did second and third, with an occasional 'Hello' or 'Welcome'. Fourth and fifth period was different. In fourth, I met a girl named Angela who was genuinely kind and welcoming; I took an instant liking to her. Fifth was another story. Besides the fact that I hate Trigonometry, there was girl named Jessica who seemed nice and friendly but behind her façade she seemed sneaky.

'I hope she doesn't go after Mike! He's mine; he just doesn't know it yet.'

Who's Mike? Not that I care, I probably wouldn't get or want a boyfriend here anyway. I was staring at a bunch of lines and letters when the bell finally signaled lunch time.

I followed the crowd into the cafeteria. I purchased my salad and tea and looked out over the large crowded room for a seat.

"Isabella, over here." It was Angela. I smiled and maneuvered through the throng of people to her table.

"Hi, just Bella please." She smiled at me as we sat down. She introduced me to the table. Jessica I knew from Trig. Eric, whom I apparently shared third period Government with, and Mike which is in my next period Biology class. Then there was Lauren. I didn't share any classes with her thankfully, she was pretty yes but inside she was just plain nasty.

'First day and she already has the guys drooling…she's not even that pretty!' yep I really wasn't going to like this Lauren person.

I could feel a headache coming on, just then I heard some interesting comments. At least I thought they were comments but they turned out to be someone's thoughts.

'So that's her. Oh I can't wait to meet her!'

'Well Alice said she was pretty but Day-um!'

'I hope she can bring him out of his self-pitying shell.'

My head shot up in search for the owner of the thoughts four different voices, all alluring. They couldn't be talking about me, could they? Most likely not. My eyes were searching the filled room when Angela tapped my shoulder.

"Bella…are you ok?" She was genuinely concerned and worried.

"Um, yeah. It's just been a hectic day." I gave her a half smile and she seemed appeased by it.

I continued to glance around the room, and then I saw them. Five, painfully gorgeous people sitting at a corner table.

'Oh she's looking over here!'

That voice matched the first one I heard a few moments ago. I looked over to Jessica and Angela, "Who are they?" I nodded my head in the direction of the gorgeous people's table. I think the blond guy is in my English class.

'Oh great, she's discovered the Cullen's' thought Mike sourly.

Jessica smirked and started her description without having to look at who I was referring to. "The small, dark haired girl is Alice; sitting close to her is her boyfriend Jasper. The tall, blond is Rosalie; the guy's lap she's sitting on is her boyfriend Emmett. And the lanky loner is Edward. They're Dr. and Mrs. Cullen's foster kids." She glanced at the table briefly. "The loner, Edward, I don't know why, but he doesn't date….anyone!"

'I think he's gay. Why else would anyone turn me down?'

I held my head down and smirked at Laurens thought. Because, you're an arrogant, snobby, bitch. And I've known you less then an hour and I could tell, of course the mind reading thing helps.

'I wish I could tell her…'

'Poor Edward's been alone all this time, I hope it finally ends.'

I couldn't help myself; I continued to glance in the direction of the Cullen's. They all seemed interested in this table, but Edward seemed fixated on me, why. What was he thinking? I stared across the room into his coal black eyes and he stared back. It was like we were locked in a trance.


My name nearly being shouted startled me and I jerked around to see a confused table. "What, what did I do?"

Eric looked at me stunned and worried. "What was that? I've never seen the Cullen's interested in someone…let alone Edward."

I shrugged "I…don't…know…"

'What's with that? I'm better than that Cullen! I could show her heaven with just…'

"I think I'm going to go to my next class now." I stood quickly and abruptly left the cafeteria. I was going to have to stay away from Mike. His last thought scared me…he was dangerous.

'Oh no, where's she going? Edward didn't get a chance to talk to her!'

That made me come to an abrupt halt. I glanced over my shoulder at the Cullen's. Edward was still watching me. Why? I turned my head forward and went to find Biology.

At last I found it, just seconds before the bell. I immediately went to the teacher and he told me there was only one more open lab spot…next to Edward Cullen. My heart skipped a beat and I held my breath as I looked over at him. His black eyes were large, reminding me of a scared deer. I slowly moved over to the table and sat down. I glanced over at my lab partner, who was now at the far end of the table holding his breath. What's wrong with him? Do I smell or something? I showered last night. I sat trying to ignore him, but failed, I kept stealing glances at him. It was like I was drawn to him. As I sat in silence, I tried to read his mind; I tried very hard for the first time in my life. I always try to block them all out. This one time I wanted to know someone's mind and I couldn't get so much as a mumble. I was completely lost and confused. As soon as the bell rang, Edward all but leapt from his seat and was out the door, it only took him about ten seconds.

Next period is the only class I loath more then trig. Physical Education, PE for short. I sighed heavily and walked up to the teacher. Luckily I didn't have to dress down but I would have to tomorrow. Unfortunately, I still had to participate today. We were playing volleyball; anything with 'ball' in the name was like a bomb to me. After tripping on my own feet, hitting Mike in the back of the head (which I enjoyed), landing in the net and almost hitting Emmett Cullen with a ball (he caught it though), the teacher told me to sit out today.

I sat down on the second bleacher up and waited for the class to end.

'I can't believe how clumsy she is! I can't help but feel sorry for her.'

'Has she been like that her whole life?'

I looked up and noticed Rosalie and Emmett Cullen looking at me with apologetic faces. I shook my head as I looked toward the floor in disbelief. Yes unfortunately I've been like this my whole life. I looked up and watched everyone commence their games. I couldn't stop looking over at the Cullen's. Despite the one being unusually large, he was surprisingly coordinated and elegant in his movements. The tall blond made every turn and hit and spike choreographed. It's almost inhuman to have grace and beauty like that. I sat in silence and waited for the bell to release us from this purgatory. I swear this is the longest class of the day.

The bell finally rang and students started to file into the changing rooms. I noticed Mike's leisurely walk towards me instead of the rooms. I tried to get off the bleachers as fast as I could. And of course, with my being the world's leading klutz, I caught my toe on the last seat before the floor. The floor came closer to my face in an instant but never touched.

"Are you ok Bella?" I looked up to see Mike's pleased face, he had caught me around my waist and still pinned me to him. I nodded and tried to correct myself, and then sheer terror filled me as his thoughts stuck me like a cannon ball. 'You can fall on me anytime you want, anywhere. God the things I want to do to this body. AAAA, I can only imagine…'

My eyes went wide and I tried to push him away with all my strength. It surprised him a little that I wanted free but he didn't let go at all.

In two seconds, Mike was pulled away from me by Emmett Cullen; I stumble backwards a couple steps and was steadied by Rosalie Cullen.

"Are you alright?" asked the stunning Rosalie.

"Um yeah, thanks." I looked over to see Emmett holding onto Mike's collar.

"I'm sure she appreciated the fact that her face didn't hit the floor but she looked incredibly uncomfortable when you wouldn't release her." Emmett glared down at him.

"Sorry Bella…it was spur of the moment and…" 'I'll get her eventually!'

Emmett had pushed Mike towards the locker room and turned to face me. "Are you ok now Bella?"

"Yeah, he scared me for a minute."

"Scared you? You looked terrified." Rosalie rested her hand on my back, trying to comfort me.

I took a deep breath and exhaled it. "I'm ok now. Thank you for your help."

"Well…ok…" mumbled a concerned Rosalie. They both gave me a worried look and walked slowly toward the locker rooms.

I grabbed my bag and headed toward the gym doors. In the process I smacked my knee on the corner of the bleachers. As I rubbed my knee, Emmett's thoughts hit me.

'Poor girl, I wonder if there is anything my family can do for her. Maybe if she can help Edward, he could help her.'

Help Edward? What does that mean? I walked through the school grounds toward my truck. As I walked across the parking lot, out of the corner of my eye a newer silver Volvo sat four cars away from mine. The younger, thinner, more beautiful Cullen stood by the driver side door. The look on his face totally confused me. He was staring at me intensely with a face that was showing wonder, confusion, fear, longing, hate and something else…it was almost like …he was trying to scare me off. I had to near his location in order to reach my truck. Edwards' eyes widened when he saw me walk in his direction. I wasn't planning on going over to him, I just wanted in my truck. As I walked closer, he held his breath and climbed into his car with exceptional speed and slammed the door. I continued on my path, unfazed, reaching my truck I climbed in and shut the door violently. The tears started to roll against my wishes. Had I done something to him? Should I not have gazed at him so intently at lunch? Do I actually smell? Sad but true, even Lauren was nicer to me than Edward had been. I sat quietly trying to gain control of my tears.

'That was cruel Edward! She's supposed to be your soulmate!'

'Hey bro, I think she's in her truck crying' I recognized that voice as Emmett.

'She maybe an incurable klutz but she seems really nice. And I don't think she's crying because of Gym class.' I half smiled at Rosalie's thoughts, she was incredibly insightful.

'Oh now your interested. Well the teacher had her sit out today. At the end of class she tripped on the bleachers and Mike Newton caught her, and then basically assaulted her.' Why did Emmett care so much how other guys treat me?

'She looked terrified Edward and all we could see is that he wouldn't let her go.' Rosalie was right, I was and still and terrified of Mike Newton.

'So why are you being so mean and distant to her?' The music like voice paused. 'What do you mean you don't know!? She affects you differently then other humans? Guess we need to talk to Carlisle tonight.'

Humans? Wouldn't someone normally say 'girl'? Was he gay? I started my obnoxiously loud truck and headed for home. After depositing my bag on my bed I hopped in the shower. I stayed there until the water was cold and my skin was red from scrubbing so much.

Tomorrow I WILL confront Edward Cullen and demand what his problem was with me.