He won't even notice me sneaking up behind him, da!

Ivan's steps were as light as feathers, his gazed fixed on the Chinese man, his Comrade, ahead of him. The man was facing away, concentrated on whatever was on his desk.

Won't even notice!

"… Ivan."

The man spoke, not even bothering to turn around and face his "attacker". Ivan stopped dead in his tracks.

"Ehh, Yao. How'd you know it was me?" Yao dropped his pencil, and turned around in his computer chair. "You're too predictable, aru." Ivan sighed. "Am I, da?"

Yao only nodded, crossing his arms. "What do you want, Ivan, aru?"

"I was only paying a visit, da! You've seemed stressed lately~." Ivan's face was contorted into a rare smile. Yao just stared at him, wondering what the real reason Ivan was here.

"So, what were you so concentrated on~?" Ivan asked, still smiling brightly. Yao knew the Russian man wouldn't be leaving any time soon.

"… work. My people are starting to protest against the communist ways, aru." He answered, standing up from his chair and smoothing out his uniform.

"Ahh, I see, da."



"So how's Kiku been lately?" Ivan asked politely. Yao's glare almost spent chills up Ivan's spin, and his smile dropped. He had completely forgotten about the war between the brothers, and the pain Kiku caused…

"Don't you dare bring him up, aru." Yao's voice was dark. His hand unconsciously reached for his back, but Ivan grabbed it.

The smaller man stared at him.


More staring.

Ivan's smile returned.

"You've been lonely, da~?" He whispered, taking a stride towards the Chinese man. Yao took a step back in surprise, but Ivan's grip on his arm kept him from going any farther. "Lonely, da?" He repeated.

"Let go of me, aru!" Yao spat in protest. Ivan's strong arms wrapped around Yao's small waist, pulling him closer to the Russian man. Yao struggled for freedom, but then realized trying to get Ivan away was like trying to cure a rabid dog.

"Oh but Yao, you want this, da~?" Ivan whispered in Yao's ear. Did Yao want this?

Of course not, aru! Yao shook his head vigorously, struggling against Ivan's hold again.

"But da, you do~"

"Ivan, let go of m--" Ivan placed a soft, feather-light kiss on Yao's lips, silencing the smaller man. Yao pushed him away almost instantly.

"Oh but Yao, won't you love me?" Ivan asked, pulling him close again.

"Won't you? Ja tebja ljublju*, da~"

I do want this, aru.

No. I want him, aru.

Yao then buried his face in Ivan's chest, only pulling away to look up at him to reply.

"Ivan…" Ivan's ears listened intensely. "Da?"

"Wo ai ni*, aru."


ACK first fanfic I've written in FOREVERRRR.

* I love you in Russian

* I love you in Chinese

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