Title: The Space Between

Author: [info]sapphiretragedy

Rating: Teen (implied sex)

Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean

Parings/Characters: Jack/Will (implied Jack/Will/Elizabeth).

Word Count:: ~550 ; ficlet length

Summary: Jack and Will find themselves alone without Elizabeth.

Warnings: implied character death, slash

Notes: My first foray into POTC. I don't own these characters - Disney does. I'm just playing. This is AWE spoiler free in that I haven't read any spoilers. Takes place post-AWE. Feedback is always appreciated but never required.


Jack broke the kiss first, backing away from Will, using the back of his hand to caress Will's scruffy cheek. There were no words that could fill the gap between them. No words that could replace their Elizabeth. There was only touching and the hope that one day the space would close - at least a little.

"Jack," Will choked out.

Jack pressed his stained fingers to Will's lips. "No words needed, mate. None. Savvy?" he whispered.

And then Will pressed his lips against Jack's again. In a blur of shirts ripping open, sashes being cast aside, trousers being lowered, and skin touching skin, the two who had lost so much found much needed solace in each other.


Jack leaned over the ship's rail as he watched inky black waves caress it. He had started counted the crashes, hoping to find sleep hidden in the numbers, but the rum had affected his ability to concentrate long enough to get past twelve.

"Twelve," he muttered, holding up his flask of rum in salute to the moon. "There's not a better number than twelve. 'S very easy to find." He slurred his words, letting them crash into each other the same way the waves crashed into his ship.

Jack turned his back to once side of the ocean so as to look out at the other. He sighed. It was all the same, really, infinite water and no land as far as the eye could see - and in the darkness it wasn't far. Jack allowed himself to fall to the ground. The waves soon began to whisper her name. "Elizabeth," they beat out.

She'd sacrificed everything to bring him back. She'd made another choice without consulting anyone. He wished he could hate her for it; then maybe, just maybe the pain would stop.

"Jack?" Will's voice cut through his solitude tentatively. "I - you never came to your cabin." He shook a bottle of rum toward Jack, the wet slop of the liquid hitting the glass made Jack look up.

He held up his flask. "Already covered."

Will sat next to Jack on the deck, his legs carefully falling over Jack's, twined together. "Do you suppose she's watching?"

"Let's hope so. Makes things more interesting if you ask me."


The nights were long and lonely with just the two of them in a bed. Will tried to fill the gaps with conversation. Tonight, Jack was telling him the story of the piece of eight he wore draped over his bandana.

"To remind me that treasure's always in front of me. This," he said, fingering the coin, "is from my first real bounty."

Will smiled. "I never kept souvenirs - unless you count the scars."

Jack smiled, gold teeth gleaming in the candle light. "Liar," he challenged. Jack's calloused hand brushed over Will's pinky finger where he wore a ring that had belonged to Elizabeth.

Will reached for the coin in Jack's bandana, carefully untying the relic before setting it carelessly on the bed. He tugged at the ring he wore, removing it from his finger, and tied it into Jack's bandana.

"This," Will whispered, his breath hot and heavy against Jack's ear. He tapped the ring, allowing it to sway back and forth. "Is from your first real bounty, Jack."

Will pressed his lips against Jacks once more.