Disclaimer: This chapter is the preface from Between the Bridge and the River by Craig Ferguson. I did not write this book. I did, however, write this fanfiction. Please enjoy.

Author's Note: This entire story will be based on this book; however, if you have not ever read this book, don't worry. The tie-ins will be presented as quotes from the novel. This story will represent the journey of the NCIS characters from their worst moment, to a new bright future. There will be some interesting journeys that they take along the way and they will see sides of themselves that they've never seen before. I know that many people will see that no one is in this chapter and turn away, but please, stick around and read the next chapter at least. From then, a real decision might be easier to make.


This story is true. Of course, there are many lies there in and most of it did not happen, but it's all true.


Is a sacred rite enhanced by allegory, exaggeration, and lies.


Is only linear for engineers and referees.


The laws of physics state that given the mass-to-wingspan ratio of a bumblebee, it is impossible for the creature to fly.

But it does.