Some more vaguely LuluRolo. Spoiler-ish for Episode 19.

Such A Shame
By Hales

The saying goes that time heals all pain. Rolo had never heard of anything more ridiculous. He knew (better than anyone) that time liked to seize a person, ripping open old wounds. Those lucky enough to escape time's direct assault would only suffer from it indirectly. People grew old and fell ill, weak (inefficient). And then they died (because time stole life itself).

Rolo never thought about growing old. He never gave much thought about the future either. Everything was just completing the current mission, only to be assigned another. The passing of the years went by unnoticed (which was a shame, since sixteen was too young to forget how old he was).

Being with Lelouch was different. For once, Rolo thought about the future and what it meant. But he didn't look forward to it. Instead, he feared it, because one day it would come and steal Lelouch away. Lelouch would become just another name on the growing list of those lives taken by time (the time in Rolo's grasp).

Then Lelouch made his (fake) promise. A promise to give Rolo a different form of time. Not the time that he bent to his will with the glow of a demonic eye. Nor the time in the past that Rolo missed so much. It was a promise of a future with all the time Rolo could want (and he had never wanted so much time before then).

It was a shame, Rolo thought, that the time had been fake (as fake as his name, as fake as him). The clock was still ticking. Days went by. Time still moved. And he was running out of it. Hearts may beat in time, measured and rhythmic, but not forever. Eventually, they stopped, like the clock on the wall that needed to be wound (only, you couldn't wind a heart to get it ticking again).

Even still… Rolo let his heart beat in time with the time that he had. Even if Lelouch was fake. Even if Lelouch was a liar. Even if Lelouch was never really anything more than another name on a list, no matter what Rolo told himself otherwise. Rolo wanted to let his inner clock wind down on his own accord, and not because time lagged. He was going to grasp time by his hands, hold it, and make it do his bidding.

(Which was a shame, since he couldn't hold it long enough and it kept moving anyway.)