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Sitting on the small white bench under a large Sakura tree that Naruto had insisted that they bring back from a trip from Japan, Sasuke watched as a small orange kitten tackled his litter-mate. The black kitten retaliated by swiping his little paw across the back of the tabby's head in a fair imitation for it to quit being so foolish. Shaking his head and cocking it in question the little tabby looked at the inky black kitten before leaping into the air and pouncing. Sasuke chuckled at the two little kittens' antics feeling the air rustle the pink blossoms.

Looking up he sighed, Naruto was late again. Being raised by Kakashi had given her some very annoying habits and one of them made it so that she rarely looked at a watch, clock, or any other device that would give her the time. She was perpetually late, the only time that she had been on time was when they'd…


"Will you hurry?!" Sasuke exclaimed as he practically dragged Naruto down the corridor that would lead them to their flight. They'd ended up sleeping late and had to rush out of the small apartment. Sasuke knew that he'd forgotten something but for the life of him he couldn't remember what it was. He'd checked and double checked the apartment for anything they could have missed before carrying Naruto out the door and to the cab.

The week had been filled with packing and shipping everything that couldn't be packed in a suitcase. The coffee pot, TV, futon, and stereo, along with other items that he'd accumulated during the year he'd been in college had been carefully packed in Styrofoam peanuts and/or bubble wrap then boxed and labeled with his parents' address in Konoha.

"Sasuke, the plane isn't due to leave for another five minute!" Naruto yelled as she was hauled around people as Sasuke rushed to meet their plane.

"And if I left anything up to you we would have been an hour late and would have had to pay an enormous sum of money in order to get the next flight out!"

"Wouldn't they have taken the fact that we already have tickets into consideration?"

"Who knows, but I do not want to have to take that chance so let's move!"

He heard Naruto huff out a panting breath before she skipped in order to keep up with his longer strides. Her hair pulled up in pig tails bounced and swung with each little jump causing him no amount of lustful thoughts. He tugged a little harder on her hand as he caught sight of the gate that they needed.

Handing the two tickets to the attendant—he hadn't trusted Naruto to keep them safe—the were ushered onto the flight just seconds before the door was closed behind them. Naruto rolled her eyes at the 'See, I told you' look that Sasuke had tossed over his shoulder. They'd quickly taken their seats, shoving the two carry-ons into the overhead compartment, and fastening their seat belts as one of the flight attendants announced that they would be departing on time and to please not undo the seat belt until the sign saying that they could lit up.

Naruto immediately tucked her head into his shoulder and went back to sleep because Sasuke had insisted that they take the earliest flight he could which meant that he'd had to force Naruto out of bed at four o'clock in the morning. He sighed and leaned back in his own seat, pulled on the head phones to his ipod and started dozing as well.

He woke up some time later and glancing at the Rolex that his father had given him as a graduation present, he saw that he'd been asleep for nearly four hours. Shifting slightly as the reason that he was now awake made him uncomfortable he nudged Naruto into semi-wakefulness. She shifted off his shoulder with a grumble before leaning towards the window and going back to sleep. Sasuke glanced out the window to see nothing but clouds and a wide expanse of blue water below them.

Standing and making his way carefully down the isle towards the small cubicles, he steadied himself on the backs of unoccupied seats so that he didn't stumble and fall when the plane hit turbulence. The unoccupied bathroom that he stepped into was tiny barely big enough for the sink and toilet that held it let alone a person. He quickly finished his business, washed his hands, and opened the door to nearly run into Naruto who was now standing just outside with a very suspicious grin on her face.

She stepped forward until she was pressed up against his chest and looked shyly up into his eyes.

"Do you know that on the way over I had some very interesting dreams?" Her large cerulean eyes looked up at him with innocence causing him to swallow convulsively.

"Hn…" the usual grunt was weak and questioning. Sasuke took a step back and Naruto took a step forward. The game continued for two more steps until they were both back in the bathroom and Naruto shut the door behind her with a snap locking it in place.

"Have you ever heard of the Mile High Club?" she whispered and Sasuke could hear the trepidation in her voice even though she was feigning bravado.

"Yes," Sasuke said gathering up those more than eager little fantasies that he'd been having since Naruto had shown up at the pub. "Are you…?" He didn't have a chance to finish the question as Naruto raised up on tip toes and pulled his head down to claim his mouth in a searing, fearful kiss.

Not one to stand back and let anyone have control, Sasuke quickly took over the kiss and plundered Naruto lips. His tongue invaded the warm moist cavern and tasting every inch of it. His mind had tuned to white fuzz at the first hint of what Naruto had suggested, and he was happily going along with it despite the risk of being caught. He pulled her tightly into his arms his hands moving up to remove those mind altering pig tails that drove him wild.

His hands sank into the curls once he had the elastics pulled out and he an his fingers through the silky strands enjoying the coolness and texture as they slid in between the more sensitive area of his hands. Naruto moaned as he messaged her scalp while his tongue did wicked things to hers.

Naruto's hands pushed his shirt up and he broke the kiss long enough for her to pulled his shirt over his head letting it land in the damp sink. He didn't even care that there would be water spot on it when he put it back on as Naruto's hands were now running along the had planes of his chest.

Taking her lead he pulled her own shirt over his head and let it land on top of his and then he tugged quickly on her bra until he could pull it off as well. The peach colored fabric one of his favorite and Sasuke took a moment to wonder if Naruto had already been planning this little rendezvous. He smiled to himself as he bent in an awkward manner so that he could catch one of her perky little nipples with his teeth.

Sasuke was rewarded with Naruto's gasp as he bit and tugged at the hard bud before licking it slowly then latching onto it so that he could lavish it with love. He hauled Naruto upwards and she wrapped her legs around his hips increasing the leverage and he balanced her on the edge of the sink, giving him the perfect angle. The hot dampness that greeted his dick had him bumping against her center and Naruto moaned at the contact.

"S—S—Sasuke! More, please, more," she whimpered trying to slip of the sink and follow his hips but Sasuke held her firmly in place.

"Soon," Sasuke groaned into her ear wanting to grind against her until he came but wanting to sink deeply into that heat even more. "My little vixen, soon." He pulled out a foil packet and handed it to Naruto before tugging on the button and zipper of his trousers. His erection sprang free and Naruto, blushing deeply, helped Sasuke to secure the condom in place.

He tugged the orange and red print skirt up exposing the peach lace thong that matched the bra to his hungry eyes. With a quick tug the thong panties were lying on the floor of the cubicle forgotten as Sasuke slipped the head of his penis into the delicious wetness that was Naruto.


Sasuke cut off Naruto's wail and swallowed it along with Naruto's mouth again. He kept her quiet as he thrust into her in a rapid pace. He could tell when she was getting ready to come because her muscles tensed up and her legs quivered.

"Don't come yet," Sasuke ordered.

"I—I can't st—stop it!" Naruto argued back but tried to stave of her orgasm as long as possible.

"You will!"

Sasuke increased his pace, pulling her legs higher up onto his shoulders as Naruto leaned back against the mirror that was hanging over the sink. Seeing her mouth open to let loose another wail, Sasuke quickly covered it with his hand and keeping a tight grip on Naruto with the other. Naruto moaned and screamed into his hand as she tried to buck her hips into his.

"Good girl, Naruto," Sasuke muttered as she kept her pleasure at bay while Sasuke's got closer and closer. "Just a little more…that's right…god, you feel so good…hn…mmm…hng…okay…alright…NOW!"

With the spoken command, Naruto flung back her head and cried out as her orgasm crashed over them both causing Sasuke's as her muscles tightened on him, messaging his cock and milking him of the cum that he was spurting inside of her. Unable, and unwilling to help himself he joined Naruto in the noise.

They hurriedly cleaned up and pulled their close back on before stepping out of the cubicle to see several people looking at them with knowing grins.

"Ah crap!" Sasuke growled.

"What is it?" Naruto asked with a raised eyebrow.

"My diploma is under the bed where you knocked it yesterday," Sasuke muttered then smiled as he remembered why he hadn't retrieved it.


Sasuke smiled at the fond memory as the petals of the tree rained down around him.

The two kittens crashed into his feet drawing him out of the dream and back into reality. There were so many memories that he couldn't pick just one but if any one memory stood out in his head it was…


Looking up at all the flowers that were arranged on the alter, Sasuke tried desperately to calm the pounding heart that was trying its best to escape from his chest. Itachi stood next to him chuckling then leaning closer.

"She's probably came to her senses," he muttered out of the side of his mouth and into Sasuke's ear.

"Unlike some people I know, Naruto has lots of sense," Sasuke returned with an irritated growl.

"Yeah, but I heard her telling Sakura earlier that she was extremely nervous."

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?"

"Well, haven't you ever heard of the Runaway Bride?"


"She probably jumped out the window and you won't see her again."


"Or perhaps that friend of hers…Gaara…Is that his name?"


"Maybe he kidnapped her so that he could have her all to himself."

"Shut up, idiot."

"And right now they are having mad monkey sex in the back of the limo."

Sasuke's brain immediately went to the picture that Itachi had just painted and he couldn't get it out of his head. He didn't even see the red head that was sitting in the third row back from the front of the church, his mind focused entirely on what Itachi had just referenced.

"Oh, come on, little bother! Quit being so foolish," Itachi sighed sarcastically. "If Naruto had wanted anyone else she wouldn't have proposed to you in front of god and everyone!"

Sasuke's brain shifted to the time that Itachi had said.

They'd been going out for over five years and Sasuke hadn't been able to get up the nerve to ask Naruto to marry him. He'd dragged his feet, even though he'd bought the ring a week they'd come back from Scotland and he'd carried it with him nearly every where.

It was his twenty first birthday and Naruto had insisted that they celebrate it along with all their family and friends, but instead of having it at one of their houses, Naruto had dragged everyone to the park for a cook out.

Just before full dark and as soon as the fireflies had come out to light up the darkening sky, Naruto lit several candles and walked calmly over to him, slipped out the ring box (which caused everyone to laugh), bent down on one knee and asked Sasuke to be his bride (again causing everyone to laugh hysterically). Sasuke had immediately agreed, scooping Naruto off the ground, and pulling her into a hug where he threatened her that if she thought he was going to be the bride she had another think coming. Naruto had giggled into his t-shirt then hugged him tightly before letting him kiss her soundly.

The organs first note drew his attention to the back of the church and out of the past. There Naruto stood in a flowing white wedding dress, veil draped over her head, and clutching a spray of orange and white flowers held together by a midnight blue ribbon. Sasuke stood up tall and straightened the vest that matched that ribbon then pulling the black tuxedo jacket down. He was glad that he was wearing the white gloves because he was sure that his hands would be sweating up a storm.

Naruto's eyes glistened faintly with tears as her eyes met his across the expanse of the church and she started up the isle, her heart showing him everything that she felt including the love she had for him. Sasuke felt his own sting knowing that they showed the love that he'd felt for this girl his entire life from the time she'd emerged from a spider ridden bush to just this very second and beyond.


The rest of the day had pasted in a blur of flowers, friends, and family.

Sasuke glanced down at the Rolex that was attached to his wrist. Ten minutes late, he wondered if he should go and find her but he'd promised to meet her here and an Uchiha doesn't go back on his word. Sighing he felt the little kittens nudge his leg and he bent over picking them up. They settled calmly into his lap as he shifted to accommodate them.

Over the years, Sasuke had watched as Naruto became a wonderful wife and mother. They'd had four children who had grown up to be just as caring as their mother, but each had also inherited a lot of Sasuke also. Their oldest was a young woman with red gold hair who could glare her younger siblings into doing anything she wanted of them. They'd named her after Naruto's mother, Kushina. Next came Shisui, named after Sasuke favorite cousin. His hair was just as dark as a raven's wing but with a huge grin that always reminded Sasuke of Naruto. The boy was even more of a genius than his father; he'd gone to MIT and then had joined the company, increasing its assets to nearly three times what Itachi had managed in all the time he spent at the company. Their third child was a bit of a Earth lover, Amaru was all about helping the earth in any fashion be it recycling to convincing everyone on their families' as well as their friends to build green homes. Secretly, Sasuke loved the tofu eating girl the most even though he knew that he shouldn't have favorites, but she'd reminded him so much of her mother right down to the golden blond hair that was usually untidy and wanted to stand up in spikes. Their last child was a shy boy who Naruto insisted on naming after both of their fathers. Fugaku Iruka Minato Kakashi Uchiha. Thank, God, the boy had grown into his name even if he went by Kaka Jr. The boy had been every bit as hyper active as his mother but tended to think things out before jumping into anything, though with age he had grown calmer and had joined the Marines right out of high school. He was still in the military, a Major now and ordering men younger than him into battle or yelling at them for not spit shining their shoes properly.

Yes, their family had grown and when they wanted to get together, they had to reserve that park weeks in advance so that they could have the whole thing.

With everyone counted there was Sakura and Lee and their five children, twenty one grand kids and eight greats; Kiba and Hinata who at last count had eight kids, sixty-four grandbabies, and almost fifty greats (almost because her youngest was pregnant again); Neji and Tenten who had two children, four grandchildren, and eight great grandchildren, with one great, great grand child on the way; Chouji and Ino who'd adopted one child and had three grand children, and five great grand children; Shikamaru and Temari, their four children, five great grandchildren, and one great, great grandbaby; Shino and his life partner, Zaku, and their two adopted children, five grandchildren, and three great grandchildren; Gaara and his wife, Matsuri, and their six kids, twenty-four grandkids, and fifty-seven great grand kids. Sadly, though, Gaara's older brother, Konkuro had died in the Great War. Then Itachi had married a man by the name of Kisame, who was so pale that it looked like his skin was nearly blue, they'd adopted and fostered nearly eighteen children, and they had fifty eight grandchildren, one hundred and two great grandchildren, and twenty great, great grand children. Yes, their family had indeed grown.

Sasuke heard a footsteps and glanced up from the inky black fur mixed with bright orange into blue eyes that were every bit as bright as they had ever been.

"You're late," Sasuke said standing and dislodging the kittens who jumped to the ground and glared up at him. He ignored them.

"I know," Naruto said as she linked her arm with his.

"So what is so important about today?"

"Nothing, I just wanted to spend some time with you before you go back to watching our grandchildren and great grandchildren," Naruto said as she smiled up at him.

Sasuke grinned. He bent down and dropped a kiss onto her lips. He reached up and tucked a white strand behind her ears. To him it was still golden and soft. Her face was unlined and smooth. Her touch strong and sure. And he knew that she still saw him as every bit as handsome as he'd been the night that they had shared their first kiss.

The petals of the tree fell around them like snow falling some even landing in her hair.

"Do you know how wonderful our life together has been?" Naruto asked as they began to wander down the path.

There were memories upon memories store up inside their hearts. Their lives had been filled with some sorrows but more joys to counter act them. Every day had been an adventure from Naruto knowing when one of her children, grand children and great grandchildren had been hurt, to kittens, to business. There had been so many firsts and each one more precious than the last. First babies, first teeth, first haircuts, first friends, first crushes, first kisses, first dates, marriages, and so on in a never ending cycle. There had been successes and failures, broken hearts, and mended wings; dreams that had become a reality, and dreams that had faded to be replaced with even better ones.

"Yes," Sasuke replied.

"Is their anything that you would like to go back and redo?" Naruto asked.

"Not one little thing," Sasuke said. "We've gone through just about everything, from births and deaths to friendship and love and there isn't a single moment that I would give up or redo because I did them all with you."

Naruto leaned into Sasuke at his words her heart filled with joy beyond measure. Sasuke was correct. Every moment that she cherished had been with him, through friendship and love.


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