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Chapter 1- The Monk's Infidelity

The hunt for Naraku was finally over. The bastard half demon had been killed by Inuyasha's gang with help from Sesshomaru, as well as Kagura's unexpected support, and the sacred jewel hand finally been returned to Kagome who'd purified it and kept it with her for safe keeping.

The gang's injuries had not been all that great considering the ferocity of the battle; in fact Kagome and Miroku both had received only a few scrapes and bruises from the ordeal. It was Sango and Inuyasha who'd taken the most damage seeing as they were the primary fighters of the group and had taken the lead in attacking. Sango had received a broken arm and leg, where Naraku's tentacles had pierced her, as well as a deep bloody gash in her right side. Inuyasha had gotten a rather large hole through the stomach and his left arm was broken but nothing that wasn't able to heal upon their return to Kaede's village.

They had returned to Kaede's village to heal and a moth later Sango was once again left alone in Kaede's hut to cook dinner for the boys while Kagome went back to her time and Kaede left to help a sick woman in a nearby village. Inuyasha was out patrolling the area as was the norm and Miroku had said he was going for water. That was an hour ago and she was beginning to worry that something had happened.

Deciding that she could not properly make dinner without the water she rose to leave the hut and find out what was taking the monk so long.

"You stay here Kirara and watch over Kaede's hut for me until I get back," Sango said gently to her cat demon companion who'd been sitting silently at her side the whole time.

Making her way out of the hut she made sure to grab her katana and slip it into the obi of her kimono. She smiled at her most faithful friend once before throwing aside the door flap and exiting the hut. On her way to the village Sango thought over what Miroku had told her after they'd finally killed Naraku.

"I love you and only you Sango and I will wait for as long as you need me to so that we can be together," Miroku had said as he wrapped his hands around hers.

She had thought over their relationship status in great detail and had finally decided that tonight at dinner she would tell Miroku that she was finally ready to get married.

'That is if I can find that stupid monk,' Sango thought, irritated.

It was nearing sundown and the village people had all gone home to eat supper so the streets were practically deserted. After making one round around the village without finding any sign of the monk Sango decided to cut through one of the alleyways and make her way back to Kaede's hut to see if he had returned there.

Cutting quietly into the alley, she made her way quickly through the narrow space and was nearing the end when she saw two figures at the end of the alleyway that seemed to be caught up in a lovers' embrace. Blushing and looking down quickly Sango was about to turn to leave when suddenly the man began to speak.

"You truly are the most beautiful woman I've ever laid eyes on Amiki. I would be honored if you'd bare my child."

Now where had she heard that line before? Surely this was not who she thought it was. He told her that he'd given up his womanizing ways to wait for her. Her thoughts were interrupted by a girly giggle and squeal of delight from the shadowy figure of the woman at the end of the alley.

"Oh Monk Miroku I would love to bare your child. My hut is only a short walk away. Shall we continue this discussion there?" the woman asked in a seductive voice that hinted that she was no virgin girl.

But the woman's tone was lost on Sango. The man's name that the woman was talking to was what had Sango frozen in her tracks. There could be no other monk named Miroku in Kaede's village that was out so late at night asking women to bear his children; but that sounded like the old Miroku, the new Miroku had not so much as looked at another woman in her presence since the defeat of Naraku.

'No… That can't be him…' Sango thought desperately as she backed quietly away from the couple that had yet to sense her presence.

Upon backing up a safe distance Sango turned to run from the knowledge that her fiancé was not only flirting with other women but also taking them to bed when she hit something hard. A large, rough hand grabbed her right arm and jerked her forwards slightly and she, in too much emotional turmoil to think straight, allowed the vicious movement.

"Well, well, what do we have here boys? A pretty little girl that seems to have lost her way," said the large figure of a man that had grabbed Sango's arm, "I think we should help her out boys."

Tears falling down her face from the realization that the man she loved had cheated on her and broken her heart yet again, Sango leaned her head forwards so that her thick brown bangs covered the broken look in her eyes as she growled at the man who still held her arm in his tight grasp.

"Let me go…NOW."

"Looks like we got us a tough one here boys," the man snickered to the three lackeys that were standing right behind him.

Without another word and without lifting her eyes Sango released the hidden blade from its place in her slayer's suit beneath her kimono and sliced the man's hand as she jerked her arm out of his grasp. The large gang leader fell back and yelped in pain as his hand began to bleed profusely from the wound that the tiny brunette woman had inflicted on him with a blade that had appeared out of nowhere.

"Don't just stand there you idiots! Get her!" the boss yelled from his position on the ground.

Sango shifted her stance and put away her hidden blade in favor of drawing her katana from its place at her side. These idiots didn't know what they'd just gotten themselves into. You don't mess with this demon slayer; especially not after she'd just found her love with another woman. Dead lackeys walking…

Skillfully, Sango blocked and dodged all their attacks, even as they brandished katana of their own. She was having no problem defending herself but she desperately needed to vent some anger and she didn't want to end this fight too quickly. The noise of the battle, however, had caught the attention of the couple that had yet to depart from the end of the alleyway and Miroku had taken it upon himself to find out what was going on. Telling Amiki to wait for him there the monk swiftly made his way further down the alley to see what was happening.

By the time the monk arrived Sango was the only one left standing with her katana covered in blood and the bodies of the four men lying scattered around her. At the sight of his fiancé in the middle of the group of bloody men Miroku called out her name worriedly as he hurried forward.


The slayer turned towards him and he was shocked to a halt by the look that she shot him. The anger, sadness, and betrayal he saw in her eyes told him that she had seen him with the woman on the other end of the alley. Oh boy, was he in for it now.

"Sango, I…" he began but was cut off by her quiet voice.

"I know what you've been doing Miroku, and the wedding is off. Go find yourself some other girl to cheat on because I'm done," Sango said in a cold voice that cut him deeper than any yell or scream she could have done.

Turning swiftly and without allowing the monk to respond the demon slayer vanished from the alley so swiftly Miroku wondered if she'd ever been there to begin with.

'But I know she was,' he thought sadly as he turned to head back to Amiki, 'because I will never forget the look she had in her eyes before she left. I truly have lost her this time.'

Sango arrived back at Kaede's hut in a crying mess. She swiftly entered and began to throw her belongings together as she desperately tried to wipe the tears from her eyes that refused to stop falling. Kirara, startled from her light sleep by her mistress' distraught form, mewed in question as Sango gathered the last of her things and tied them around her neck before grabbing Hiraikotsu and putting it on her back.

"I-I can't stay here anymore Kirara… Not with him…Not now.." Sango cried as she scooped the neko into her arms and exited the hut, "Please Kirara, let's just go home."

Seeing her mistress was in no condition to tell her what was wrong the cat just mewed and jumped out of her arms so that she could transform and take her away from whatever was causing her pain. Mounting the large fire cat, Sango held on tightly as Kirara launched herself off the ground and flew towards the slayer's village that was a good two and a half days travel away.

"Thank you Kirara. I don't know what I'd do if I lost you too…" Sango sobbed as she buried her head into the furry neck of her beloved companion and lost herself in her sorrow as she flew through the brisk night air.

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