Derp, have some 3/7. Aka Gino/Suzaku. It's more hinted than anything. Written for excels on live journal for her birthday.

By Hales

He watches him, quiet and wondering while the brunet doesn't notice. He's confused by him, because he's nothing like the pictures he sees in the albums and wishes there was a way he could bring that smile back. It suits him better, he thinks, and while he won't admit it to himself, it hurts that he can't be the one to make him smile.

Because Gino won't admit to himself that his affection for Suzaku, the way he's so willing to hang on him, drape and wrap himself around the shorter teen in hopes of bringing a smile to his lips, is more than just a friendly affection. No matter how far he's flown from the birdcage and how much he assures himself that he's not bound by the habits and formalities of his status, it still clings to him like the Knight of Rounds jacket clings to his skin. So he's friends with a Japanese man. Not in love with him.

But even still, no matter how hard he tries, he cannot get Suzaku to laugh. Cannot get him to smile. What happened that broke the Knight of Seven? Surely the death of the Princess Euphemia was not as much of an impact as he was told. And even that frustrates him, because he does not like the idea of being less important than a dead woman known for killing so many.

It doesn't bother him so much, he tells himself. If Suzaku won't smile, at least he can. That's why he smiles so much. And drapes, and clings, and laughs and goads him into activities in hopes of getting the same reaction he sees in the photographs.

So he watches, he smiles, and hopefully someday he'll see it.