Siren's Song

The lovely ocean beckons, bright as angels' tears
As storm clouds ruminate and distant mountain leers
Faraway gulls wheel, free and mocking my plight
Or perhaps just elated, drunken with flight.

I stand, caught on the precipice 'twixt two worlds;
Before me, the fierce passion of dawn unfurls,
Behind me, my husband – my captor – sleeps still
Sure I can't break, nor even resist his will.

Oh, I was the siren caught by the siren's call,
Entangled in infatuation, sacrificing all
For the pleasure of a man, a wizard so fair…
I exchanged tail for legs, dear water for thin air.

So soon did sharp love to exquisite pain turn,
So soon did his sweet taste begin to burn…
I saw my down-lined nest was a harsh steel cage
And I knew my gaoler: my fair, beloved mage.

Fettered more surely than by chain to dry land
His cursed seed within me, broken now I stand
Gazing at the sea, one last spark of defiance
Pining for its safety, for the waves' salt-laced dance.

Cold dawn rises, tosses surf to a light cream
Daylight shatters my soul, I noiselessly scream,
Raging 'gainst my foolishness and all I did wrong
Listening, forlorn, to my sisters' siren song.

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