Alright fellow fanfiction friends! Here's the deal. I've decided to make this one-shot a series!!! Hooray! It won't follow any sort of plot at all, but it will be a series of one-shots (potentially more) that take a glimpse into the lives of Edward and Bella. I love writing about the everyday things we don't get to see in the books. For right now, it will probably involve just the relationship between these two with cameos from other characters. It might one day evolve into some stories post-Breaking Dawn... but I haven't tried any of that yet.

Each chapter will be a different little story with its own purpose. Mostly fluffy, funny, romantic things. I'll put a mature rating on it for the potential of future stories. ;)

I'm working on a longer piece, but it's proving to be more difficult than I thought... so for now, this is where my ideas will go. The first chapter will remain Everyday Edward (as that is the name of the series), but each story will have it's own title. They will also go back and forth between the POVs of different characters.

If any one has ideas that they would like to see, send them along and I'll do my best to honor them! Reviews are, as always, greatly appreciated. Love!



I continued to trace the inside of Edward's marble palm with my index finger as the sounds of a piano poured lightly from his stereo. We hadn't spoken in several minutes, Edward was reading an old Russian novel that Carlisle had given him for his birthday, and I had just finished my first set of summer reading questions for East of Eden. Edward sighed to himself and I looked up at his face. His jawline was the dominant feature from where I was laying on my stomach and I reached up to trace that with my index finger, leaving his hand resting beside him. He closed his eyes for a moment as I said, "What is it? Something interesting?" Edward glanced at me for a moment and then read from his book,

"The cradle rocks above an abyss, and common sense tells us that our existence is but a brief crack of light between two eternities of darkness."

"What a hopeful passage for you." I said after a few seconds, returning to tracing his open palm.

"You think so?" He questioned, laying the book open on his chest.

"Well, yes. If what--" I took a moment to pick up the book to read the cover, "Sir Vladimir is saying, you live in a never-ending crack of light. That's an extremely hopeful passage for the immortal. He must've known some pretty interesting vampires in his day." I stated simply.

"Or, he is one." Edward said with a wink.

"Then I suppose he likes his existence." I smiled up at him. Edward's eyes unfocused for a moment and then returned to me. He smiled briefly and ran his fingers through my hair. I knew where his thoughts were headed and I didn't want to ruin the simplicity of the moment so I thought of a question, and fast. "What are we listening to?" I said, getting up from the bed Edward had added to his room for more comfortable lounging purposes and crossing to his wall of music.

"Comptine D'Un Autre Ete: L'Apres Midi," he replied.

"Oh." I barely breathed, forgetting how accomplished Edward was at other languages and how beautiful they sounded when he spoke them.

"Another summer, after midday. That's what it means, roughly." He said, turning me to face him. I realized with a smile that his sudden appearances didn't catch me off guard as much as they used to and placed my hands on his chest.

"Well, that's very appropriate, seeing as how it is June 21st and it is just past noon." I smiled and randomly thought what Edward usually did during summer vacations. "Edward," speaking his name was like warm, sweet apple cider, "have you ever been to the beach in the summer?"

"I'm sorry?" he asked, bemused as he placed one of his hands in mine and the other on my waist, pulling me into a slow dance around the room. I was never a dancer by any means, but Edward seemed to love any moment to dance with me, so I had learned not to object. He would dance with me in the most unexpected moments whether it was in his bedroom, my living room, the aisle of the grocery store as I shopped for Charlie. He seemed to always have the music in his head, sometimes humming as we spun in place, his arms always holding me up just enough so that I didn't have to do any of the actual dancing. These dances usually never lasted long and he graciously made sure that we were alone for these moments so as not to embarrass me. I had actually grown to enjoy them to some degree; although, I think that was probably because Edward was holding me.

"You know what I mean. Have you ever been on a real vacation? To a beach? An amusement park? Skiing? Stayed in a hotel, come back home?" I questioned as he spun me around his room to the turning melody of the piano. He looked away for a moment, thinking, then he smiled.

"Yes. There is a particular beach that my family has gone to often, it's quite lovely. I haven't been in over a decade now. It's Esme's favorite place. She and Carlisle go every year." He stated, his eyes remembering some distant memory.

"Oh, is it far? It is the summer, maybe we should take a trip." I said, my mind slipping away to Edward on the beach, his chest bare, the sun reflecting off of his skin, bouncing off of the water. His skin cooling me from the heat...

"It isn't summer everywhere, Bella." He said, smiling as I realized that yes, this beach must be very far.

"Oh. Huh." I said, my vision of the glistening Edward not completely fading from my mind. He took my distraction as disappointment and stopped dancing. I looked up at him.

"I tell you what. I promise to take you there sometime. Just us." Edward said, looking into my eyes. I smiled lightly, my head swimming from the images of the beach and Edward's eyes burning into mine that I barely noticed when I heard a small bell ringing from the doorway. I came out of my trance and Edward and I both looked up. Alice was leaning in the doorway, giggling.

"You know, Edward, you should really ask Esme before you promise things like that." She teased. Her eyes sparkled a light gold as she appraised me. "Bella. I'm proud of you. You wore something I gave you! That top is perfect with your skin tone. I'm a genius." She paused, smiling at Edward. I rolled my eyes. I was behind on laundry and it was the only clean thing left in my closet, but I didn't want to hurt her feelings. I didn't hate the top, it just wasn't practical for any sort of situation ever, being so tight and strappy. "Want to go for a walk later? The air is getting warmer. It'll be lovely outside." She asked. That's one of the things I loved about Alice. She was always willing to slow down for me and do human things. Edward always ran with me anywhere we went. It was exhausting to be hauled around everywhere all the time. The normal action of taking a walk was often greatly appreciated.

"As long as we stay on one of the trails. I don't feel like twisting my ankle today." I replied.

"You won't." She winked at me and twirled down the hall. Edward pulled me onto to the bed and I laid my head onto his cool chest.

"Why would you have to ask Esme about taking me to the beach?" I asked, yawning slightly. Edward had woken me up in the middle of the night to take me to this beautiful place on one of the mountains behind Forks to watch the sunrise and I had yet to return to bed. He picked up the remote to his stereo and changed the song to my lullaby as he responded.

"I'm not sure what she meant by that, to tell the truth. Maybe she's losing her mind." He said conspiratorially. I thought I heard Alice growl from down the hall.

"Ha. Ha. You're so witty, Edward." I said sarcastically, yawning just a bit more and closing my eyes. I hated to sleep whenever I was with Edward because it felt like such a waist of time, but he pulled a blanket around my shoulders and held me as my lullaby played softly from across the room. Soon all I could see were visions of Edward on different beaches in different times of the day. Again in the bright sunlight, at dusk with the sun setting, a moonlit night, his hair blowing in the wind, his hands in his pockets, staring out over the water, waiting for me.

I woke up in the empty bed a little over an hour later. I stretched and looked around the room. The stereo was quiet now and I could faintly hear the television on downstairs. I pulled my fingers through my hair, knowing that it probably wouldn't help at all and got out of the bed. I thought I would find Edward before I went on my walk with Alice and headed down the stairs, assuming he would be in the living room, unaware that I was awake.

I walked into the expansive and stark living room of the Cullen house looking for Edward. Emmett was lounging on the couch watching some excruciatingly loud sport that I was fairly certain they didn't play in the continental US while Rosalie rested her head in his lap, her eyes closed and her breath even. If someone were watching this without my knowledge of who Rosalie was, they might actually believe that she was sleeping. I often caught Rosalie in these human moments when she thought no one was looking. Sometimes she would be feigning sleep or pouring a glass of water that she would never drink. The most recent time I had noticed this behavior was two nights ago when I caught her looking into a mirror, her long, slender fingers pressing into the granite of her face at the corner of her eye, her forehead, the corners of her mouth, as if searching for the wrinkles that will never appear. That time she had caught me staring and gave me a murderous glance before stalking out of the room. I knew Rosalie meant me no harm, but I did not know how to respond to the intense dislike that seemed to pour from her golden eyes. I didn't want to be caught staring again, so I turned my attention towards my search: Edward.

"Emmett, you seen Edward?" I asked nonchalantly as I came around the piano and headed for the kitchen.

"Uh, that's a no. Game's on. Maybe he's hunting or something. Maybe you're especially tasty today." He grinned, not looking away from the T.V.

"Very funny." I muttered, knowing that he could hear me. I stopped when I reached the kitchen door. Something was different. There was less space than there normally was, although nothing looked out of place. The untouched stove looked almost mournful as my eyes scanned the room. I stood there, frozen and confused for a good thirty seconds before my thoughts were diverted by cold hands on my waist and a sweet sound in my ear.

"A little bird told me that you were looking for me." Edward breathed into my neck, kissing it lightly. Although the action was small, my eyes closed, my heart raced, and my knees felt as if they had suddenly become the consistency of pudding. I fought to keep my balance and my voice steady. I'd been with Edward for so long that by this point, the effect he had on me was getting slightly ridiculous.

"By a little bird telling you, do you mean your freakishly good hearing allowed for you to hear me asking Emmett where you were?" I managed to say through my breath. He laughed and when I opened my eyes, he was lifting me onto the counter so that I was just about eye-level with him. Not that this helped my racing heart or my erratic breath, but at least sitting on the counter with Edward so close to me, I was less likely to lose my balance.

"What were you thinking of when I surprised you?" He asked honestly, searching my eyes. His were a bright gold today, a sign that he was cheerful, peaceful. This was one of my favorite expression of Edward's--second only to the smoldering liquid topaz that his eyes always turned right before he kissed me. I was so lost in the joy behind his gaze that I sat there, staring, with my mouth hanging slightly open in what I could only imagine to be an unattractive way before he let out a bemused laugh and reached one cold finger up to my chin to close it.

"Bella? Love? Where are you? You're driving me mad, darling." He added to the laugh. I finally came around.

"Oh, um, sorry. I got lost in the... well, never mind. What was I thinking about when--oh!" I exclaimed as I looked over Edward's shoulder at the practically space-ship sized appliance that seemed to appear out of nowhere as if my thoughts had summoned it into conception. "Edward..." I started slowly, "Why is there a giant refrigerator in your kitchen that has never been used to prepare food ever in it's existence?"

"Oh," he said turning around and laughing slightly. "It's for you. Sort of. Well, you see, you've been spending so much time over here that I felt like it was a necessary addition. As well as the food inside."

He smiled a bemused version of my favorite crooked smile and all of my breath left my lungs at once. I started for a few more seconds before Edward held up his hands, gesturing to the fridge as if to say "Ta-da!" It was such an absurd gesture that I immediately started laughing. Since his smile had knocked the wind out of me, my breath intake was fast and I snorted through my nose, which only sent me into further hysterics. Emmett heard me from the living room and I barely made out the sound of his booming laugh over my own. Edward started then too, and soon we couldn't stop. I don't know if it was my ridiculous snorting, Edward, or the enormous refrigerator I was laughing at, but soon, tears were streaming down my face and I was leaning onto Edward shoulders for support as my sides started to ache.

Edward laughed so freely and honestly that as my laughter subsided, I put my warm hands onto the sides of his face and turned it towards mine so that I could see the laughter in his eyes. There it was, glinting through the gold, warming my heart with its intensity. His laughter died down, but the light continued to shine through his eyes. I leaned forward with my hands still holding his face and his hands around my waist and kissed him softly.

"I love you." I said simply and sweetly. Our foreheads touching.

"And I love you, beautiful girl." he replied, the laughter still in his voice. He turned then, and a mischievous tone crept into his words as he said gesturing again to the fridge, "So, do you feel like hunting?"