Sorry that it's been a while since I updated. Life getting in the way, as usual! A little stuck in my longer storyline. Any good ideas for one-shots that you might like to see? I might be able to use them here or in my longer piece...

On this day, Bella gets sick and Edward wants to take care of her. She resists his help... at first. Can he convince her otherwise? Sexy and simple. Enjoy! :)




"There is absolutely no way that I'm letting you in."

"You know that I could just break down the door."

I groaned. I was completely unprepared for Edward to see me like this. I picked my head up off of the floor just enough to make sure that I had actually locked the bathroom door.

"You know that Charlie wouldn't like it." I mumbled, knowing that he could hear me. I was too tired to even come up with a sarcastic retort. This was pathetic.

"Bella, please." Edward begged. I could hear the seduction in his voice. My heart lurched. He wasn't even in the room and I could feel him. He sounded like he had his forehead pressed against the door. I groaned again, which turned into a cough. Not a mild cough, but a cough that shook my lungs and burned my throat. My chest felt like it was on fire with every breath. After it finally died down, I pressed the side of my face against the cool tile. Edward's skin would've felt better, but my pride roared angrily. I was determined to simply wait out the flu in this bathroom for the next few days. Edward would just have to deal with it. Besides, Charlie would be home at the end of the day and Edward would have to leave. Then I could surface for water and maybe soup.

"Edward, I didn't even want you to know that I was like this. It's horrible. Honestly, I could star in a Halloween movie at this point." My voice raked across my vocal chords, making them ache. I coughed again lightly.

"Will you please stop being stubborn and let me take care of you?" He was starting to get angry now. I didn't answer and then I heard him sigh audibly outside the door. He was definitely frustrated. I attempted to stand. My whole body felt weak. My knees shook as I stood up, holding onto the sink for support. My head spun as I slowly picked it up and gazed at myself in the mirror. My face was horribly flushed and there was a light sheen of sweat across my forehead. My eyes were completely bloodshot and puffy. My hair was limp and it looked as if I had attempted to put it in a bun, but had given up halfway through. I had come into the bathroom earlier in the morning to get a shower when I heard the front door slam shut. Edward had made it to school, only to see that my truck was missing. After the first bell rang with no sign of me, he had skipped class and driven straight to my house, not bothering to call. Or knock. We had been locked in this stand-still for the past ten minutes. Him trying to get in, me refusing to let him in. He was hunting last night when the flu had caught me, waking me up with a wave of nausea and aching sinuses. I decided to get a shower anyway. He could wait it out. I was the one that was really suffering.

"I'm at least going to bathe before I think about letting you see me." I said as I shuffled my way to the tub, turning on the hot water. I wanted to fill the whole room with steam in an attempt to ease my sinuses, so I turned the knob almost all the way to the left. The water flowed hot within seconds, the sound automatically making my body relax. Steam was rising fast around me as I slowly and carefully stripped out of my sweat pants and Edward's t-shirt. I wore it to sleep when I knew that he would be out hunting. It was deep gray and made of what I could only imagine to be the softest cotton in existence. It clung comfortingly to the curves of my body, full of his scent, feeling almost as if Edward was sheltering me himself. Edward couldn't get enough of me in that t-shirt. Which was just one more reason for me to wear it often.

I climbed into the shower, expecting the water to scald my skin, but it felt surprisingly wonderful. The water immediately soothed my aching body. I took in the deepest breath I could manage without starting another coughing fit. The steam entered my lungs, warming me from the inside out. I felt better instantly. I simply stood, letting the heat warm me to the core and wash away the sticky sweat that clung to my body. I never wanted to move.

After an immeasurable amount of time, I heard a strange clicking sound and suddenly, a waft of cool air was penetrating my self-made sauna. My eyes snapped open.

"Edward?" I said his name slowly, a warning. No answer. "Edward, did you just break into my bathroom?" There was a slight pause before his timid answer.

"You do have an awful lot of bobby pins just lying around your room. These locks truly aren't that complicated." he said, his voice coming from just the other side of the curtain. I sighed.

"Well, if you're going to insist on being in here, shut the door. The steam is getting out." I grumbled. I ran my fingers through my wet hair and grabbed the shampoo. Apparently, he wasn't going to leave me to sulk in my illness alone. I would have to try to look presentable. Perfect.

"You sound awful love. I'm taking you to see Carlisle as soon as your dressed." His tone sounded final.

"No you will not. This is just the flu. I'll be over it by the end of the week. Today is just going to be the worst of it." I stated, lathering up my hair and turning toward the scalding water to rinse it.

"You are so stubborn about your health." His voice came from a different place in the room. He was sitting across from the sink, waiting for me. By the time I had finished soaking, lathering, and rinsing, the water had started to run cold. Neither of us had spoken much while I was showering. I really didn't see the point in him breaking into the bathroom to wait for me to shower five feet closer to me than he already was. He was so strange sometimes. Even for a mythical being.

I turned off the water before it could get icy and ruin my sauna effect.

"Grab me a towel, would you?" I asked. As long as he was just sitting around, I might as well use him. I stuck my hand out from around the curtain. Edward and I hadn't spent a great deal of time talking about the sexual part of our relationship, but he had made his intentions very clear. Even so, I knew that in this state would not be the way I would want him to see me without clothes. I felt him place the towel in my hands. I took it, wrapping it deftly around my torso. I took a deep breath and slid the shower curtain aside. Edward was standing there, steam rising around him like a cloud of mist. He almost glowed in the light of the bathroom, his face almost matching white of the tile.

He wore a wrinkled, button-up, light blue shirt, sleeves rolled to mid-way up his forearms, over dark jeans. The top two buttons of his shirt were unbuttoned, showing just a hint of his perfect, pale neck and chest. His bronze hair looked marvelously tousled as usual, only falling slightly here and there due to the steam. He stood on the other side of the bathroom from me, leaning against the sink, looking at me with worried eyes. I wanted to cry. He was too perfect. And there I stood in my shower, wrapped in a white towel probably looking like a zombie.

I looked away as quickly as I could manage, stepping carefully out of the shower. I threw open the door, trying desperately to remember why I was put out with the perfect god standing next to me. I was supposed to be irritated, wasn't I? My stuffy head was making me woozy. Apparently not just mentally either because as I was heading out the door, I slipped, pitching forward. My left arm flew out, reaching for Edward as my right clutched the front of my towel. I managed to grab his arm, but because of the abruptness of my fall through the doorway, Edward couldn't properly catch me without falling himself. I pulled him down with me, tumbling out of the door with the rolling steam. Edward had managed to get up under me before I hit the ground, throwing his arms protectively around me. We crashed into the hallway. Miraculously, my towel stayed in place. I sent a silent prayer to God thanking him for making me short and for my father's preference to abnormally large towels.

My face was immediately red as I lifted my head to look at Edward who was smirking slightly. The heat I felt was suddenly not coming from the steam but seemed to be radiating off of my entire body. It was hard to remember that I was sick when my body was this close to Edward's. I clutched the front of my towel tighter, still trapped by his arms. Without breaking eye-contact, Edward slowly rolled me off of him, only to hover slightly above me.

My breathing was labored as I stared up at him, almost too afraid to move. His face looked pained for a fraction of a second before he leaned in to kiss me. His kiss was gentle at first, electrifying my lips, then my entire body. Instinctively, I threw one arm around his neck, pulling him down to me. His kiss became a little more frantic, a little less guarded. My body was on fire, even his icy lips did little to douse the flames. I didn't know if it was the fever or the way his lips fit mine perfectly that caused the heat, only that I didn't ever want it to end. Edward pressed his body to mine, his icy hand running up my leg. I broke our kiss for a fraction of a second to breathe, a sigh escaping as his hand ran slowly up my thigh. He kissed down my neck and my head spun.

Didn't I have the flu? Hadn't I been miserable moments before? I was hoping that this was not a dream, that Edward was really touching me, really holding me. He had wanted to protect my virtue, right? He didn't want to lose control with me. This felt very close to losing control. His hand was sliding farther up my thigh. This was farther than I ever expected to get with Edward while I was human. If it was a dream, I wasn't going to let it stop now.

I let an audible sigh escape my lips as Edward found them again, kissing me deeply. My fingers ran through his bronze hair as I held him to me. His hand slid further up my leg, sliding it through the gap in my towel and over my hip. I could barely feel his icy skin through the fever. His smooth hand felt wonderful. His name escaped my lips.

Abruptly, his hand stopped moving up my body. He brought it out from under my towel as he broke our kiss. As if by speaking, I had broken his focus. Or I supposed, his lack thereof. I opened my eyes, confused, panting. He collapsed next to me on the floor, his arms around me, his head resting on my chest, listening to the beating of my heart. Did his breathing seem labored, too? I took a deep breath, letting it out in an audible rush.

"I apologize." He said, not moving. "That was a mistake. I shouldn't have--I could've hurt you." He continued quietly, letting his anger with himself penetrate his tone.

"Nothing about that hurt." I almost laughed. I was still breathless and more than a little frustrated.

"You should've stopped me." Edward stated, raising his head to read my face.

"Yeah, right, because that sounds exactly like something I would do." I said sarcastically, my breath slowly returning to normal. He scowled.

"I'll give you a minute to get dressed." He stood up lithely, offering me his hand.

"You're going to have to give me a second, here." I stated, remaining on the floor. The ceiling was spinning in circles. I'm sure I would've had better luck crawling to my room. Suddenly I was airborne, having been dead lifted easily by Edward. He carried me with inhuman speed to my bedroom, holding me away from his freezing body, his arms not touching my skin. Before I could open my eyes, I was sitting on my bed and the door was closing behind Edward.

After my head stopped spinning, I stood slowly and threw on my sweatpants and one of Charlie's old flannel button-ups. I couldn't decide how to feel about what had just happened. On the one hand, it gave me hope that Edward and I were making progress in our relationship. There was no denying that I wanted him. Every part of him. He wasn't so sure about his control in situations like this. That thought didn't make me feel any better. I still felt frustrated and unwanted. Then again, I was practically quarantined. I suppose I wouldn't blame him if he wanted to wait for the right moment. I could live with that. My illness started to catch up with me then, the affects of the shower wearing off.

I opened the door and immediately turned back toward the bed without a backward glance. Before I could get my sluggish feet to the bed, Edward was already seated there, waiting for me. I all but collapsed into his arms. The fever was returning and I felt shaky after our hallway excursion. I crawled under the covers and waited for Edward to lie down next to me, but when I opened my eyes, he was gone. I blinked, attempting to understand why he wasn't there anymore, but my mind was sluggish because of the flu. Before I could really process his absence, Edward was at my side again with a glass of water and cold medicine. I knew that it would help me get some rest, but I was suddenly anxious to be with Edward. I didn't want to sleep the day away, even if it would make me feel better in the end.

"I don't need it, Edward, really." I lied.

"Your inability to pronounce nasal consonants would argue otherwise. Take it, please." Edward chided. I rolled my eyes.

"I can't believe you're skipping class again. How do you keep making it through high school? Attendance accounts for something." I retorted, begrudgingly taking the cold medicine. Edward smiled smugly.

"You know, you're actually incredibly charming when you're sick. But I'm still going to get Carlisle to call in a prescription for you." He commented while climbing in bed with me. He pulled my wet hair off of my back and up onto my pillow. He ran his cool fingers over my forehead. It felt wonderful. I sighed contentedly, all feelings of frustration and anger evaporated. I could feel the drugs starting to take their affect on me. I hoped I would feel better after sleeping most of the day away. At least I wasn't coughing at the moment. I took as deep a breath as I could manage and let it out in a gust.

"Sleep my love. I'll take care of you." Edward whispered into my ear.

"I know that you will. Forever." I sighed into his chest, wrapping one arm around him. "I love you." I managed as my eyelids fell closed and I succumbed to sleep.