Rolo perspective. (I have a thing for yandere shotas). Have some HUGE SPOILERS for the end of the series.

We Missed You
By Hales

Rolo was waiting. Others were waiting with him, and he'd never thought he would share their company. But the view here was the best, and they were all watching the same thing he was. They had all been part of the story that was unfolding, so it only made sense that they would. Still, he retained that old jealousy that made him feel as if he should be the only.

"Ooh~! That must've hurt!" said a voice to his left. He frowned, suppressing the urge to glare at the woman who still acted like a child from time to time. But she had some claim, and also the right to watch, even if her comments were too playful for the scene.

"Ah… Do you think it's going to be ok?" asked as softer voice. He had been surprised upon meeting it's owner. She had been nothing like how she had been portrayed. No one so kind could possibly be such a murderer Rolo believed he understood why. She had been betrayed by power like he had.

"I don't know," he replied, keeping his eyes on what was taking place below. "But… I know what it means."

"Yes," continued another voice. It was deeper, gruffer, and one that he still feared at times, though neither of them held the power they once had. "He was right. Our way was wrong, and this will start moving the world in the direction that we had all wanted."

He sighed. It did mean that his sacrifice would not be in vain, but Rolo still wished things would not have had to come to this. He had winced when the concept, in the form of a sword, had been driven home, not wanting to watch as the one he loved tumbled forward. And her screams… her screams were something he felt inside, even if it meant…

"Mm," he murmured, turning now from the scene below. He got up from where he sat, and walked forward a few steps. There was nothing to see yet, but soon the backdrop would shift. Rolo heard a murmur from the crowd behind him when they saw the same thing he did, and felt a smile form on his lips.

A figure stepped forward, taking in the new view with wide eyes. "Is this…" But the confused man was interrupted as Rolo rushed forward and wrapped his arms around him.

"Welcome, Brother… We missed you."