I was being lazy the other day and made a wish for something that seemed rather Sammish. I thought, wouldn't that be funny if Sam and Freddie had a bet, and Sam got what I was wishing, and Bingo, Bango, Bongo...this short fanfic was born! I know I usually have these complete before I post, but I'm going to try something a bit different this time. I have the story started, but I will let you guys decide some of the details along the way. It may be for the next chapter, it may be a couple chapters down the line. You game? LETS GET THIS MOVA STARTED!

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Monday, after 2nd period Geometry:

They stepped out of Geometry class into the crowded hallway at Ridgeway. "So did you understand what Mr. Lewis was saying about polyhedrons and obloquies?" Carly asked still confused over the day's lesson.

"It was a little confusing. I'll look over my notes again when I get home." Freddie said shoving his books into his locker. "I just wonder if it's going to be on the test Thursday."

"There's a test Thursday?" Sam said in shock.

"Yes, and you would have known that if you ever stayed awake in class," Carly reprimanded.

"It's not my fault," Sam whined. "The Monster Fright Fest didn't end until 3am and talking to my Uncle Bert is more exciting than Zippy in there, and Bert's in a coma!"

"Well, you really need to try and stay awake. You ruined last summer by having to repeat history," Carly reminded her. " You don't want to have to do the same thing this summer, do you?"

"Eh…No big," Sam shrugged. "I'll just borrow Freddie's notes." She reached behind him as he was bent over in his locker and started to unzip his backpack.

"Oh No You Don't!" He jerked away from her and pointed at her like a mother scolding her toddler. "The last time you borrowed my notes, you didn't give them back until the morning of the test. I ended up getting a B-."

Sam stared at him blankly. "And your point?"

Freddie rolled his eyes at her. "And my point, Sam, is that you have used me in one way or another to pass your classes since the 5th grade. I don't think it's possible for you to make it through even one test without my help!"

Sam laughed bitterly. "That's not true, I do not use you every time!"

"Yeah, Sam," Carly interrupted. "You kind of do."

"Well, that's only because I don't like to do the work." Sam defended. "I can pass without you easy!" she said in his face.

Freddie laughed. "I wouldn't bet on it!"

Carly immediately saw Sam's eyes widen, and she knew what was coming. "No! Freddie!"

Sam smirked, "Did I hear you say bet, Fredward?"

Carly stepped between them. "No! No he didn't! He said he wouldn't bet on it, didn't you Freddie!"

Freddie smirked at the challenge laid front of him. "You want to bet me that you can pass the test without my help?"

"You guys! No Betting!" Carly demanded, glaring between them.

"Yeah, you're right Carly," Sam said smiling at her. "I guess the nub really wouldn't want to lose…again," She turned her head sharply at Freddie. "Would you Weirdward?"

Freddie, feeling emboldened by the challenge, took a step toward Sam and was now staring nose to nose with her. "Except that I wouldn't lose."

They stood silently measuring each other up, before they simultaneously burst out. "You're On!" A big smile spread across Freddie's face as he turned to the only neutral party. "Carly, will you go over the terms of the bet with us?"

"Nope!" Carly turned on her heels and stomped away, "Shay Out!" They watched her go for a few seconds before Sam grabbed Freddie's arm and pulled him back into the current challenge. "We don't need her. Let's do this!"

"Ok, the challenge is…" he smirked down at her. "You have to get a B or higher on the Geometry test Thursday without my help."

"Hey," she growled. "C- is passing!"

"Yes, but a B is what I got last time because of you!" He pointed at her again, and she chomped her teeth at him nearly catching his finger.

"Ok. Fine," she huffed. "I get a B, without your help. Is that it?"

"That's it," Freddie said simply. "Same bet as last time?"

"No," she said with a sly smile. "Lets make it interesting this time, shall we? Why don't we make this a secret bet?" She noticed the confusion on Freddie's face. "We can't know what the other is betting, until the winner is revealed."

"I don't know about that…" He said skeptically.

"Afraid Benson?"

"Do you blame me, Puckett?" he bit back. "How about a neutral party to judge the fairness in the bet?"

"Carly?" Sam looked around to find her.

"No, she hates us betting, she won't do it." Freddie spotted their red-haired friend coming down the hall. "Wendy!" he called. "Come here a minute, will you?" Wendy wound her way around a group of 7th graders and smiled as she came to Freddie and Sam. "Hey guys, what's up?"

"Wendy!" Freddie said grabbing both of her elbows. "How would you like to be our mediator?" "Your what-i-ator?" she laughed.

"The doof is betting that I can't get a B on Mr. Lewis' Geometry test without his help." Sam explained. "We want to keep what we're betting a secret, but the cheese-doodle here want to make sure it's 'fair'," she said sarcastically.

Wendy chuckled, as Freddie continued. "We'll tell you what each of our bets are. You just make sure that the values are equal, and not too dangerous," he said glaring at Sam.

Sam interrupted and pushed Freddie out of her way. "It's a secret though, so only you can know what they both say. We'll come to you when we determine a winner, and then you tell us what Freddie has to do."

"Sam!" Freddie protested.

"Sorry, what the loser as to do." She said while smirking at Freddie.

"Cool! Sounds like fun," Wendy smiled. She reached into her bag and pulled out a piece of paper. She tore the paper in half and gave a piece to each of them to write their bet. Sam filled hers out immediately and gave it back to Wendy to read. "Oh, Clever!" Wendy smiled. "I could use that!" She folded the paper and wrote "Sam Wins" across the front.

Freddie took more time to choose his bet. He had written something and then erased it four times before he finally gave his paper to Wendy. He raised his eyebrow at Sam as Wendy read it. "Are you serious, Freddie?" she asked chuckling. "Absolutely!" he said still smirking at Sam. "Well, good luck with that!" Wendy said as she folded his paper and wrote "Freddie Wins" across the front. She put both pieces of paper together and stuck them in the middle of her European Lit book. "I'd say they're both equally humiliating," Wendy grimaced. "I'm really glad I'm not betting. So what now?" she asked looking between them again. "Do you, like, shake hands or something?"

Freddie started to extend his hand, but then pulled it back. "Wait, one more thing!" Sam's annoyance was apparent as she thought he was going to back out of the bet, but Freddie continued. "The loser has to do the task without complaining, or the bet doubles!" They both looked at Wendy for approval. "Hey, it's your bet, knock yourselves out!"

"Agreed," Sam spit on her hand and held it out for Freddie to shake. He made a disgusted face, but reluctantly did the same. Wendy suddenly noticed how empty the halls were getting. "Oh man! We're going to be late!" She took off running toward her class. Freddie started running in the opposite direction, but stopped when he noticed Sam wasn't following him.

"You coming?" he called. "Nope!" she smiled. "I gotta go have another meaningless conversation with my guidance counselor. Take notes for me?"

Freddie was set to argue, but he knew he was running out of time. "Argh, Fine!" he grumbled as he ran down the hallway to class. Sam turned and had taken 4 steps toward the office, when the tardy bell rang. "Heh! See you in detention, Fredward," she smiled.

There we go, Chapter 1 done! I know MLP is kind of vague, but it has to do with the secret bet. If I'm allowed to change the title I'll do it when we find out what the bet is. I already started the story, so I don't really have anything to ask yet. Oh, I know one, Names! I need a hot guy's name for next chapter, and I need a shy, mousy girls name, and a hot girls name for later chapters. That's 3 names total. Anyone have ideas? Tell me in the review. REVIEWS MAKE ME HAPPY! (I know, not that you care = P ) See you next time!