Hello again. This will probably be the last time I'm visiting this story. I just thought it was about time I give you an update on the UFO awards. After all I've only known the results since June. Sadly, this story didn't win. It did however come in 2nd place and iStow Away came in 3rd. (Also by Moi!). What did win for the iCarly category was Stairwells and Steering Wheels by Vix23. It's a really good story and the majority of it takes place in a stairwell…or behind a steering wheel (Hey, NOW I get the title! HA J/K). Anyways thanks for reading. Thanks for voting. And Thanks for reviewing. And for all of those who anonymously favorited, but didn't vote. Thank you too. I'd thank you individually, but it was anonymous. Anyway, bye for now, and Happy Reading.