AN: This is a co-write with mikromb13. We do not own Terminator, its characters or plots, nor do we own the Suite Life, its characters or plots. Enjoy!

This story opens during the same period of time as the events of Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. It is the eve of Judgment Day…the end of life as it has been known. As John Connor, Kate Brewster, and the T-800 reach the military base where Kate's father is unknowingly about to release Skynet…a pair of seemingly ordinary twin brothers are at school, enjoying the end of a seemingly ordinary day. In less than an hour's time, everything they have ever known will be gone. They don't yet realize the destiny that lies before them or how important their lives will be to the resistance…but they are about to find out…

Cheevers High School

Boston, MA

August 29 - Judgment Day

Cody Martin sighed as he stared into the computer screen in his computer-aided drafting class. It was the first week of high school and he was already working on a new complex computer program that, if he got it to work right, would advance the CAD program that he and the other students would be using throughout the year. This in turn would make all their upcoming assignments easier. He had asked his new teacher if he could tinker with the program and she had enthusiastically agreed. She knew how intelligent Cody was having heard nothing but good reports about him from her counterparts back at Cody's middle school. She had told him that, if he did manage to do the things he thought he could do to the program, she would make sure he got recognized by the software companies. He rubbed his eyes and got back to work.

Over in the school gymnasium, Zack Martin, Cody's identical twin brother, was engaged in a fierce basketball game. He had gone into the game thinking it would go like the games had gone the year before, when his middle school team pretty much rolled over every other team they had played. This was Zack's first high school game and he was quickly learning that high school basketball was an entirely different animal. The team they were currently facing, from Central Boston High, was giving them a very tough time. At the end of regulation the score was tied at 65. Zack huddled with his other teammates as they discussed their plan of attack in overtime with their coach. The buzzer rang and they broke the huddle returning to battle. Overtime began with both sides trading three point shots and then a pair each of two pointers. Zack caught a pass and swiveled around an opposing defender with a look of determination planted firmly on his face. As he went to pass it over to a teammate, the ball was intercepted. Zack chased after the player and, even though he was one of the shortest players on the team, being a freshman, he managed to swat the players shot attempt away and the ball went into the hands of one of Zack's teammates. Zack ran along parallel to his teammate and got open. The ball was passed to him and he put the ball up for a two point shot as the clock ran down to zero.

In the computer classroom, Cody excitedly announced he had figured it out and hit the final keystroke to his algorithm.

As Zack's winning shot cleared the hoop, and as Cody pushed the button of the keyboard, everything shut down. Lights, computers, scoreboard, everything.

"What the?" Zack and Cody each said in their respective locations.

In the gym, the coaches told the players on both teams to go get changed. Zack and the others found this to be quite a challenge in the dark as the emergency lights did not turn on.

In the computer class Cody was in a state of shock. Since the computers had gone off without Cody being able to save his program, he was pretty sure everything he'd just spent the day working on was gone. The teacher put a hand on Cody's shoulder and tried to assure him they would be able to get the material back once the power came back on.

Since the PA system was inoperable, the administration went room to room instructing teachers to keep their students in their rooms until either the power came back on or the school day ended. The cause of the outage had still not been determined half an hour later.

Outside the school there was a sudden flash of light. Then another, and another. Arcs of lightning flashed out from around a metallic looking sphere. The lightning stopped and the sphere vanished, leaving in its place a nude human-like machine known as a T-800. As its scanners glanced at its surrounds, it almost seemed to smile as it found what it was looking for.

The machine stood and walked quickly towards the school, smashing through a wall and into a classroom. The students and teacher moved back in fear and astonishment as the machine walked in. It seemed to be scanning the teacher before walking up to him grabbing his head and twisting it. The students had no choice but to watch in horror as the machine disrobed their dead teacher and put on his clothes. Next the T-800 seemed to scan each of the students in the room before leaving and systematically began a search of the other rooms. Since there was no way to warn other classrooms, the T-800 caught most of the faculty and students by surprise each time it entered a new classroom.

Outside the school there was another flash of light. The same lightning and metallic sphere formed and a nude man dropped to the ground as the sphere vanished. Dazed and obviously in pain, the man stood and stumbled quickly towards the school. He followed the obvious path of destruction left by the T-800, entering in through the hole in the building, the occupants of the classroom long since having fled. He walked out the door and spotted a spotted a room stating it was the Custodial Lounge. He walked in and saw a row of lockers along one wall. The man swiftly broke the lock on one and pulled out a janitor's uniform. He put it on and stepped back out into the hallway. He spotted the T-800 way down the hall as it continued to check each classroom. The man headed in the opposite direction opening classroom doors on the other side of the school and calling into each one.

"Zack or Cody Martin are you in here!?" he called each time.

Cody sat in the dark computer room with his peers and teacher when he began to hear a voice out in the hallway that seemed to be getting closer. Suddenly the man burst into the room.

"Zack or Cody Martin are you here!?" the man said.

Cody stood up.

"I…I'm Cody Martin" he said.

"Come with me if you want to live," the man said extending a hand to Cody.

"Excuse me, he's not going anywhere, who are you?" Cody's teacher asked him.

About that time they began to hear crashes and yelling from the other end of the building.

"You hear that? There is a man in the school and he's checking all the rooms for the Martin twins…he's come to kill them. I've come to protect them, you've got to get everyone out of the building! Cody, come with me we have to find your brother!" the man replied.

Cody didn't know why but he felt deep inside him somewhere that this stranger was telling the truth. It was something about his eyes. Cody rushed over to him.

"Cody! Stay here…" the teacher tried to say but the man yanked Cody along with him and the two broke into a run.

"Where would Zack be right now?" the man asked.

"Gym class…is there really someone after me and Zack?" Cody asked.

"Yes, I'll explain everything later but first I have to get you two away from here and someplace safe," the man said.

They turned a corner and ran right into the basketball team.

"Zack! Some crazy guy is in the school trying to find us, this janitor says the guy is here to kill us, he's checking every room for us" Cody said as he spotted his twin.

"But why…?" Zack began but the man holding Cody's arms spoke.

"There is no time to explain…sir we need your keys" he said to Zack and then to Zack's coach.

"I don't think so and you're not going anywhere with…" the coach began.

He was interrupted by the T-800 which had come around the corner, spotted them, and had thrown a large kitchen knife it had found in the cafeteria. A second later, the knife embedded itself right between the coach's eyes. It had been intended for Zack.

"Run! Out to the staff parking lot!" the man yelled.

Zack and Cody and the other team members of the basketball team took off. The man reached into the pockets of the dead coach and grabbed his keys before running off after them. The T-800 pursued, breaking into a slight jog itself.

The twins hadn't gotten far and the man caught up with them quickly.

"Which car is his, do you know?" he asked as they ran.

"I don't know just hit the panic button!" Zack said.

"The what!?" the man asked.

"Here give it to me" Cody said as they all ran across the lot.

Cody pushed the red button on the coach's keys and a horn started honking, thankfully in the direction they were already headed.

Zack glanced back as they ran and noticed the T-800 leaping over cars and coming after them quickly.

"Don't look back just keep running!" the man said as they sprinted to the coach's car.

Cody had unlocked the doors as they got near and they all piled in as fast as they could. The man grabbed the keys from Cody and started the car. As he pulled out the T-800 jumped onto the back of the car.

"Get down!" the man shouted at Zack who was in the back seat.

The man threw the car into a series of heavy swerves and finally managed to throw the cyborg off the back of the car. He pulled onto the main road and sped for the highway. Streets were gridlocked and traffic was backed up at every light but the man just blasted through, driving on the sidewalks, on the grass, around cars, everything he could do to keep moving.

"Uh…okay dude, we got away from him, maybe you could stop now and let us out?" Zack said from the backseat.

"I can't, that wasn't a man chasing us, it was a machine. You and your brother have been targeted for termination," the man said.

"Whoa, wait, a machine!? That was not a machine, that was a man chasing us…they can't make machines that look and move like that" Cody said.

"Not yet…hang on!" the man said.

He dodged the car around another group of backed up vehicles and rode the shoulder towards the interstate.

"What you mean, not yet?" Zack asked.

"Look I know this is going to be hard for you to understand and your going to think I'm nuts but I'm from the future…IT is from the future, the year 2029. In a few hours there is going to be a massive nuclear war. A computer program called Skynet, which was hooked into everything and trusted to run it all, just came online and became self aware. That's why your power grid failed. The program is going to launch nuclear weapons at Russia because it knows the Russian counterattack will wipe out its enemies here. A resistance movement will rise from the ashes though and both of you become instrumental in the war against Skynet so you must live," the man said.

Cody looked back at Zack and each had the same look of bewilderment.

"Yeah, you're right, we do think you're nuts! Stop the car!" Zack said.

"Listen to me! You two have to survive! If I stop now and let you out you'll be dead in less than two hours do you understand that!? Look around you, everything you see is going to be gone, obliterated! There is no time for me to prove to you that what I'm saying it true, you just have to trust me," the man said.

They were on the interstate now, heading north away from Boston. Jumping out of the car now would be suicide. Zack knew he could have jumped a few moments earlier but he didn't want to abandon Cody. They would just have to bide their time and wait for another opportunity.

"What about our mother…our friends?" Cody asked.

The man looked somber.

"I'm sorry, Boston is completely leveled in the attack" the man said.

Cody turned a whiter shade and Zack realized his brother was starting to believe this man, which in turn caused Zack to start to believe him. So Zack responded the way Zack does best when he gets frightened, he got angry.

"Cody, don't believe him, mom's going to be fine…Boston's going to be fine…this guy has obviously lost it!" Zack yelled.

"Maybe, but regardless, it looks like we're stuck with him for now…what's your name anyway?" Cody said.

"My name is William, but you can call me Will," The man said.

"Will, can we at least call our mom and let her know were okay…and if what you say is true maybe we can tell her to get out of the city too," Cody said swallowing fearfully.

"No, the T-800's next course of action will be to try and relocate you two using her. It can mimic other people's voices. There's also a strong possibility that she's already dead. Besides, by now Skynet's already taken out all cell phone communications," Will said.

"I'm starting to get a little freaked here" Cody said as both he and Zack realized their phones no longer worked.

"Cody, don't buy it, he's loony tunes…you're smart Codes, a computer could never become self aware…right? " Zack said.

"Think it through Cody," Will said.

"I suppose it's possible…if it really is linked to everything…" Cody said before growing quiet in thought.

"Look, guys, give me two hours. Let me get you someplace safe. If, in two hours, nothing happens I promise you I will take you back to Boston and turn myself into the police…I'm here to help you, you have nothing to fear from me," Will said.

Again Cody sensed something the man…something to do with the look in his eyes…he knew this Will was telling them the truth. Realizing that comforted him at first, but then it terrified him. If Will was right their mother was either dead by now or certainly going to be dead when Boston was blown off the map.

"Zack I think we should listen to him. If he wanted to hurt us he could have let that…whatever it was, get us" Cody said.

"Okay, two hours…I hope to God your wrong" Zack said sitting back in his seat. He crossed his arms over his chest as he looked out the window at the scenery speeding by them.

Will drove the car north, choosing to remain on the interstate, knowing that no cops would follow them. By now they had their hands full with all the doomed city's problems. His biggest fear now was getting to the shelter in time and whether or not he'd managed to lose the T-800.