So here's a new story I thought up. Hope you like it, I made it because I noticed there are pretty much no Ichi/Nemu stories and I wanted there to be more. So here it is "My Stalker" Oh and this is after Ichigo has controlled his hollow.


Mayuri sat there watching the screen with rapt attention. He was watching a tape that showcased Ichigo Kurosaki fighting Byakuya Kuchiki. Normally he wouldn't have cared about something so trivial, but this wasn't any ordinary fight.

He continued to watch as the white mask started to form over the ryoka's face and his eye started to change colors. He wanted to study this boy who seemed to possess the powers of a shinigami AND a hollow. He would just go down and kidnap the boy so that he could bring him back to his lab and perform experiments on him, but unfortunately there were rules against that sort of thing, and Yamamoto KNEW he knew them.

Luckily he had come up with a plan that would allow him to study 'part' of the boy at least.

"Nemu! Get in here!" Mayuri yelled.

"Hai Mayuri-sama, what is it you need?" she asked in her emotionless voice.

"I have orders for you. You are to go to Karakura town and collect samples for me to study." He said not even looking at her.

"Hai Mayuri-sama, what samples would you like?"

"I am going to have you collect samples from the substitute shinigami Ichigo Kurosaki. I want samples of blood, saliva, skin, hair, semen, and also capture some of his rieatsu." He spoke as if it was the most normal thing in the world, then again this is Mayuri Kurotsuchi we're talking about.

"Hai Mayuri-sama. I will leave immediately." Nemu said getting up from her kneeling position to go.

"One last thing before you go, you must collect the samples as secretively as possible. I do not want him to know what is going on. Only reveal yourself if it is absolutely impossible to avoid to get the sample."

"He will never know I was there Mayuri-sama."

Nemu gathered the equipment necessary for this assignment and headed towards the senkaimon gate. Meanwhile Ichigo was in his classroom unaware that he was about to acquire a very talented stalker.


"Ow! What the hell was that for Rukia?" Ichigo howled.

"That was for not paying attention! The bell rang it's time for lunch." Rukia said smacking him again just for fun.

"Stop hitting me already I'm going." Ichigo said.

Rukia walked away going to sit with Orihime, Tatsuki, and the other girls she always sat with.

Ichigo sighed and grabbed his lunch Yuzu packed for him. He headed towards the roof he usually ate at with his friends. He opened the door and saw them all sitting there just like always.

'God I'm so bored lately. There hasn't been a hollow attack in days, I wish something exciting would happen around here.' Ichigo thought to himself.

"Hey Ichigo come over here and sit down Keigo" yelled as he waved.

"Hey guys, what's up?" Ichigo asked sitting down.

"We were just talking about Rukia. Isn't she just sooo cute Ichig-" Keigo didn't finish as Ichigo punched him in the face sending him flying through the air only to bounce off the fence and hit the ground.

"Shut up idiot. Why can't you be normal for once?" Ichigo growled still holding up his fist and keeping his eyes closed.

"You're the one who's not normal, Rukia is so cute how can you not notice it? You must be gay. AAARRGGGHHH!" Keigo yelled as Ichigo stomped his head into the concrete.

"Shut up dammit. Just because I don't act like an idiot every time some pretty girl is around doesn't mean I'm gay!" Ichigo said kicking him again.

"Well he may be on to something." Uryuu mumbled under his breath.

"What did you say cape boy?!" Ichigo asked through gritted teeth.

"I said he may be on to something carrot-top. I never see you take any interest in any of the girls that are always fawning over you when they think you're not looking. An don't you ever say anything about my fashion sense, I'll have you know that that outfit is custom made out of the highest quality material." Uryuu said pushing his glasses up.

"I don't do anything because I have some idea of decency as to not try and go after every girl near me! And look who's talking about other peoples sexual preferences, the only thing I've seen you take interest in is sewing dolls and putting a stupid cross on everything you can!" Ichigo yelled back ready to go to blows already.

"Why you - you would insult my honor as a quincy!"

"Please no more arguing. Let's just have a quiet lunch." said Chad from his seat.

Of course Ichigo and Uryuu listened to the usually quiet giant when he spoke, so they sat down and had a quiet lunch for the rest of the hour.

Unfortunately Ichigo couldn't relax during his meal. he kept getting that weird feeling when someone is watching you. He couldn't shake the feeling all through lunch. Five minutes before lunch was over Ichigo decided to address his concerns.

"Hey do you guys ever get the feeling that you're being watched?" Ichigo asked.

"Who would be watching you?" Chad asked raising an eyebrow.

"I don't think anybody is watching you Kurosaki, you're probably just being paranoid." Uryuu said with a smirk.

"Shut up bastard." Ichigo replied.

"Oooooh, maybe you're being watched by a pretty girl, and she wants something special from you!" Keigo said holing himself and wiggling his whole body.

"Dammit I told you earlier to stop talking like that!" Ichigo said hitting Keigo again. "Why does it matter if it's a man or woman?!"

"Come on guys we better get going or we'll be tardy." Mizuiro said texting one of his lady friends.

"Yeah I guess so. I still can't shake the feeling though. It's giving me shivers." Ichigo said.

"Paranoid." Uryuu said walking away.

"You wanna start something quincy?!" Ichigo yelled running after him.


Nemu sat on a tree branch next to Ichigo's high school eating her lunch that she had prepared earlier. She watched Ichigo through her binoculars, his desk was right next to the window so she had an unobstructed view of him. She had been watching him for two hours now, she noticed how his eyes strayed every once in a while between Rukia Kuchiki and Orihime Inoue. She noted this down making sure to make a full report to her captain on his behavioral patterns.

She was trying to figure out how she could get all of the samples she needed without letting him figure out she was there. So far she figured that she could get his saliva, skin, and hair while he slept, she could get some blood and rieatsu when he fought a hollow but the only thing she was having trouble with was how she was going to get the semen sample.

She obviously couldn't do it while he was awake, she could try doing it while he was asleep but there was always the chance of him waking up. She couldn't stop thinking about getting the last sample, she had read books and been lectured very shortly on the subject but her curiosity wasn't quenched. She even got desperate enough to go and ask Matsumoto about sex.

"Oh it's the most exciting and pleasurable thing you can do!" was all she got out of the woman before her captain hauled her off muttering something about nymphs, or possibly Jell-O because it sounded like it ended in an 'o'.

She was broken out of her daydreaming when the kids started filing out of the building. She quickly shunpo'ed away from anyone's line of sight and waited for him to come.


"Hey Ichigo what's wrong? Ever since lunch you've been kinda jumpy." Rukia asked.

"I don't know, Uryuu said I was paranoid but I can't seem to shake the feeling that somebody is watching me. Maybe I'm just getting antsy since there haven't been any hollow attacks for a couple of days." Ichigo said rubbing the back of his neck. He thought the feeling would go away after he focused on his work and forgot about it,but it just got worse.

"Hm, maybe you are just getting anxious for a hollow attack, well I'm sure it'll just go away just stop being a baby." Rukia said teasingly.

"Shut up midg-"

"Hollow Hollow Hollow."

"Bout damn time!" Ichigo said as he ran to hide his body in a safe place.


Nemu creeped up to his unconscious body to get some skin and blood. After she accomplished this she hurried over to where the hollow was to aquire more data for her report. She arrived shortly before he was finished with it.

She quickly sent out a tiny flying mechanism created by her captain that would capture some of his rieatsu that constantly pours out of his body. With that done she hid in a tree and just watched him fight.


"That was a short battle. I wish something stronger would come to fight me." Ichigo sighed as he pulled Zangetsu from the dying hollow.

"Be careful what you wish for Ichigo, you might end up getting Zaraki coming to take you back to Soul Society so you and he can fight for the rest of your life." Rukia replied.

"God no." was all Ichigo could muster, his face going white at the thought.

"That's what I thought. Now let's go home I feel like taking a bath, then hopefully sneak into your closet." Rukia said running toward his house.

"Dammit Rukia, my dad already set up a bed in Yuzu and Karin's room for you. You're NOT going back in my closet!" Ichigo yelled after her.

'Does not like people sleeping in his closet.' Nemu put in her report.


Ichigo had just finished his shower and was getting ready to head to bed when he noticed the cut on his arm.

"Where did that scratch come from." Rukia asked Ichigo from his bed.

"Ah! Don't do that! I don't know I must've got it after school sometime, but I don't remember when." Ichigo replied.

"Maybe you're not paranoid after all. Maybe somebody did something naughty to your body while you were fighting that hollow earlier." Rukia said with a grin.

"Idiot shut up already, you sound just like Keigo." Ichigo said kicking her out of his room.

"What are you doing I wanted to stay in your closet" Rukia protested.

"No way in hell. Now go to sleep in a BED for once."

Once he had gotten Rukia out of his room he stretched as he made his way to bed and fell asleep almost immediately thinking before he reached unconsciousness. 'Sometimes it's tiring dealing with crazy women.'

Unfortunately for him he didn't notice Nemu creeping through the window headed straight for him.


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