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He was lying around the shoten being lazy and listening to Tessai 'discipline' Jinta.

"Ah it's been so boring around here lately, there's nothing to do." Urahara said to no one.

"Urahara Kisuke I need your services." Nemu said standing behind him.

"Ah Mayuri finally lost his last sane brain cell and decided to kill me!" he yelled trying to hide himself under a table.

"Oh no I forgot my hat." he moaned to himself under the table.

"I did not come here to kill you. I came here for a gigai." Nemu corrected.

"Oh a customer, well it just so happens that I have a gigai for all captains and vice-captains. Now if you don't mind me asking, why would you need a gigai anyway?" he asked looking for hers.

"I…..need to go to the high school…….and get closer to Kurosai Ichigo." she said looking away and blushed unconsciously.

'Oh this might get interesting, I'll have to keep an eye on this development.' Kisuke thought to himself.

"Might I ask what interest you have in him?" Kisuke asked nonchalantly.

"I have a mission from Mayuri to get some samples from him for experiments." she said not realizing she didn't use sama after his name.

"Are you sure that's the only interest you have in him." he asked raising an eyebrow.

"I don't know what you are talking about. I have no interest in him." Nemu denied blushing even more.

"Oh that's to bad. Well I'm sure that if you tell him you have no place to go in the real world then he'll probably take you in and give you a place to sleep, that way you'll be able to stay in his room with him." Kisuke said throwing in that last one in there to see how she would react.

"Stay in…….Ichigo's room." she said to herself, her eyes glazing over.

"Yes and he only has one bed so you'll probably have to sleep next to him." Kisuke was grinning like Mayuri now, he was loving this.

Nemu accidentally let out a moan quickly clearing her throat afterward.

"I should get going now Urahara-san." Nemu said grabbing the gigai and running out the front door.

"Oh this is going to be so much fun." Kisuke said excitedly.

"What's going on boss?" Tessai asked.

"Oh nothing Tessai, just a little excitement in this little town." Kisuke replied.


Ichigo and Rukia were sitting in class before the lesson started when they were interrupted.

"Everyone I would like to introduce our newest student. Please introduce yourself miss." the teacher announced.

"My name is Kurotsuchi Nemu, nice to meet you all." she said, but she was focused solely on Ichigo.

Ichigo sweated a little at the attention until Rukia fell out of her seat.

'What's wrong with her.' Ichigo thought.

"Go take your seat behind the kid with orange hair." the teacher said.


Orihime gasped when she got a good look at the new student. Unlike Ichigo she had actually met the twelfth division captain and vice-captain. She still had nightmares sometimes about it.

After Nemu sat down Rukia passed Ichigo a note which he opened and read to himself.

It read: Ichigo the person sitting behind you is the vice-captain of the twelfth division!

Ichigo sweat-dropped at the news. He didn't know of any reason that a vice-captain would need to come to Karakura.

About halfway through the first half of school Nemu glanced around to make sure no one was watching. When she confirmed no one was she gently cut off a lock of Ichigo's hair and smelled it before tucking it away in a secret pouch.

Nemu thought no one was watching her but unbeknownst to her Orihime had seen the whole thing and two things happened.

The first was fear about what Nemu might do to Ichigo.

The second was jealousy towards Nemu. After seeing her sniff Ichigo's lock of hair she easily recognized the trace of affection, albeit strange affection, towards Ichigo.

She would not have any one take him away from her, not after they had gotten so close. She didn't care how she had him but as long as she got him then everything would be fine.

'As long as I can have him.' Orihime thought to herself.


Lunch came around and the gang went to the roof followed closely by Nemu.

When everyone had finally assembled; Rukia, Ichigo, Chad, Uryuu, and Orihime, Rukia spoke up.

"Nemu Fuku-taichou, what are you here for? Is there a problem in Soul Society?" she asked.

"Um," she started before glancing at Ichigo then turning away, "I came here to help you out with any hollows that might show up." Nemu lied.

"Oh, well where are you staying at? Are you staying at Urahara's?" Rukia asked again.

"No, he said that I couldn't stay there." she replied in her monotone voice, lying again.

"Why that sunova bitch the next time I'm I see him I'm going to kick his ass." Ichigo said with his fist clenched in the air.

Nemu blushed and smiled to herself at the thought of Ichigo beating up Kisuke for her. She thought nobody had noticed but Orihime had noticed again and she was getting less happy the longer Nemu stayed.

"When are you leaving?" Orihime asked suddenly.

"I don't know yet, I was told to stay until they called me back."

"Well if that bastard won't let you stay at his shop then you're coming home with me." Ichigo said which made Nemu smile even more much to Orihime's displeasure.

"But Ichigo, can't you just go there and MAKE him let her stay there? There's no need for her to stay at your house is there?" Orihime asked Ichigo all the while glaring at Nemu.

"I could but it's probably not a good idea to let her stay there. She has to deal with a crazy scientist enough as it is, no need to subject her to Hat and clogs unless there's a dire need. I have no idea where she's going to sleep though." Ichigo said.

"I could just stay in your room with you." Nemu said emotionlessly.

Chad and Uryuu let their jaws hang open. Rukia fell on her face and Orihime had to clutch her fists at her sides to keep from strangling the strange woman.

Ichigo just blushed and scratched the back of his head.

"Well um, I'm sure I'll find somewhere for you to sleep. If anything I'll force my dad to sleep on the couch and you can have his room, on second thought it would be best NEVER to go into his room." Ichigo said.

"Why?" she asked.

"Um, let's just say he likes to COLLECT magazines and leaves them all over his room."

"Oh do you mean the magazines of naked women. Matsumoto has some of those, they're actually kind of disappointing, they don't show any men and Mayuri won't tell me anything about the subject." Nemu said.

This time EVERYONE fell on their faces at this. Not from Matsumoto having dirty magazines, that's to be expected, no from the fact that Nemu Kurotsuchi was saying she was interested in men…….naked men!

"Well we better get going, class is going to start again soon." Uryuu said pushing up his glasses.

Everyone walked back into the building but Orihime kept Rukia back to ask her a question.

"What is it Inoue?

"Did you notice anything strange about Nemu-san's behavior?" Orihime asked.

"Do you mean hr not showing any emotions or the fact that she blatantly told us she wanted to see men naked?" Rukia said with a grin.

"Well um, during class I saw her…." Orihime didn't get to finish.

"Hey are you guys coming?" Ichigo yelled.

"We're coming already! Don't you know how to give girls their privacy?!" Rukia yelled back.

"Girl my ass! You're 150 years old, you midget granny!" Ichigo replied.

"I'm going to beat your ass Kurosaki. Come on Orihime let's go."

"Oh, ok." Orihime sighed.


After class they all headed home saying goodbye for the weekend. Nemu followed Ichigo and Rukia to Ichigo's house keeping VERY close to Ichigo the whole time.

After a long 'discussion' with Isshin and many beatings later they had come down to the only thing they could do in this situation. They wheeled another bed into Ichigo's room for Nemu much to Rukia's gratification at a blushing Ichigo.


After dinner everyone retired to their respective rooms to take showers and go to sleep. This caused Ichigo some problems and erections.

"Hey Nemu you can go ahead and take a shower and get changed for bed in the bathroom. I'll give you some clothes to wear, although the shirt might be a little tight on you because of, um, WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?" Ichigo turned around to see Nemu had already taken ALL of her clothes off and was standing there in the buff.

"I stripped for my shower Ichigo-kun. Do you not want me to be naked in the shower?" Nemu asked putting her arms under her chest making them jut out even more, which is what she had planned.

"Argh, you're supposed to take you're clothes off when you're alone, like in the bathroom, now throw this robe on." Ichigo said throwing a bath robe towards her and wiping the blood off of his face.

She walked into the shower and stepped into it only just realizing that she didn't know how to use it.

"Ichigo-kun, I don't know how to turn on the shower." Nemu informed him.

"Oh great hold on a sec. alright now…..why didn't you tell me you were naked again?" he asked covering his eyes with his hand.

"I'm in the shower now, was I not supposed to take my robe off in the shower?"

"Never mind! Okay so I can't see right now direct me to the shower knobs." he said reaching his hand out to try to find the knobs.

In his search he grabbed onto something soft and pliable. Curious as to what it was he started squeezing it and rubbing it slightly, that is until he heard a moan.

'Oh no.' he told himself.

He opened his eyes to find a blushing Nemu standing with his hand grabbing her right breast.

"Ah I'm sorry!" He apologized.

"That's ok, it was nice." she replied coyly.

"Alright, here's the knobs for the shower, now look closely, turn this one for hot water and this one for……" he stopped when he felt Nemu's breast pressed up against his shoulder.

He just stood there for a minute trying to get his brain to start working again.

"Is there something wrong Ichigo-kun? Am I doing something wrong?" she asked pressing against him harder.

"No, um, I'll just let you take a shower now." he said before tripping his way out of the bathroom.


After Nemu was done with the shower and dressed Ichigo took his shower. Nemu crept into the bathroom and spied on his nude form getting excited again like the other night.

"Um Nemu what are you doing in here?" Ichigo asked after finding her standing behind the bathroom screen watching him take his shower.

"Watching you." she replied as if there was no problem.

'sigh' "Just go lay on the bed." Ichigo said tired.


He had finally fallen asleep and was dreaming about the time he beat Tatsuki when they were kids in the dojo.

Nemu had been laying in her bed unable to sleep due to the fact she usually only got a few hours of sleep each night.

She stood up from her bed and stripped all her clothes off. She then quietly slipped into Ichigo's bed next to him spooning up against him and wrapped her arm around him.

Needless to say it was the best she had ever slept.


Ichigo woke up with another morning surprise but this time he had something or someone pressed up against his front. He looked over to see a sleeping and naked Nemu with her back pressed up against his front. She must've been having a good dream because she was slowly rotating her hips against him.

"Ugh." Ichigo groaned both in frustration and pleasure waking Nemu.

"Ohio Ichigo-kun." Nemu said facing him now.

"Nemu, why are you naked?" Ichigo asked surprisingly calm.

"I got hot last night so I took my clothes off."

"Ok, then why are you in my bed?" He asked calmly again.

"After I took my clothes off I got cold so I crawled into bed with you to try to warm up. Why did I do something wrong again?"

Another sigh from Ichigo, 'Man I need a vacation.' he thought.

"No, but I should probably get up and you should probably get some clothes on before my dad comes in." this was not the type of situation he wanted to be caught in.

"Your family is gone already, they won't be back until the end of the day." she replied calmly.

"Well what about Rukia, she could walk in here." he said worried even more about Rukia finding him.

"Enough questions. Bakudo 1: Sai." Nemu said restraining Ichigo.

"What are you doing?!" Ichigo questioned.

"I'm going to finish what I started yesterday."

"Wait you were the on in my room?! Oh shit where is Rukia!?" Ichigo asked getting worried.

"I took care of her." she said in her emotionless tone.


"I wonder where Nemu would send me so suddenly?" Rukia asked herself.

"What the heck am I……….CHAPPY!" Rukia screamed.

She had been in fact sent to an all day Chappy the bunny expo. There was no way Rukia was going back to the house.


"Hadou 33: Sokatsui." Nemu shot off the spell at Ichigo scaring Ichigo but only disintegrating his clothes leaving him bare.

"Now I'm going to get what I want." Nemu said slightly angry.

"Wha-" Ichigo was pulled into a kiss by her ending what he was going to say.

She stuck her tongue into his mouth trying to gain dominance over his tongue but finally giving up when he started kissing her back.

She kissed her way down his chest sucking on his nipples and biting them slightly before continuing on. She finally reached his throbbing erection and stared at it for a second, just enjoying how it looked and how she had finally found something good in her life.

"Nemu you don't have to do thi-ahhh!" Ichigo moaned as Nemu quickly engulfed his cock with her mouth.

She started rubbing two fingers between her pussy lips hitting her clit every time she reached the top again making her moan around Ichigo's cock still in her mouth.

She bobbed her head on him while massaging his balls with her free hand for a few minutes before switching her technique.

She started plunging her two fingers into herself covering her finger with her juices before pulling back until only the head of Ichigo's cock was in her mouth.

She then started to alternate licking on it and softly nibbling on it while slowly pumping the shaft and working herself closer to and orgasm.

Ichigo could only moan as she worked his cock like it was a porno movie. He was surprised when she pulled of and moaned out his name.

"Oh, ICHIGO!" Nemu moaned finally pushing herself over the edge covering her hands with her love juices.

But she wasn't done yet after a second to catch her breath she brought her soaked hand to cover her breasts and Ichigo's cock.

Ichigo knew what was coming but by now he was more excited than embarrassed and worried about getting raped.

Nemu then grabbed her tits and engulfed Ichigo's hard cock with her soft flesh. She started to rub them up and down on him making him thrust his hips at her.

Noticing his desire to come she continued working his cock between her tits and sucked the head into her mouth. Shortly thereafter he started moaning out.

"Oh GOD! Nemu don't stop I'm going to CUM!" He grunted before filling her mouth with his burning cum.

But she had done such a good job at making him come that there was to much and she had to pull her mouth off of him and he continued to shoot off on her face, mouth and tits covering her pale skin making it whiter.

"OH fuck that felt good." Ichigo whispered to himself.

He looked down to see Nemu scooping up his cum from herself and depositing it into her mouth before swallowing it.

"Oh Ichigo-kun it looks like your ready to go again." Nemu said showing a little excitement.

Sure enough the sight of her scooping his load off of her chest and eating it was plenty enough to bring his penis back to life.

After Nemu had made sure to get every last drop off of her and then into her she slowly straddled him, grabbing his erection with one hand and looking him right in the eyes.

"Are you ready Ichigo-kun?" she asked, the lust clearly noticeable in her voice, her eyes burning with passion.

"Do I have a choice?"

"No." and with that she dropped down onto him pushing him all the way into her with the first thrust.

"Aghhh!" they moaned in unison.

Finally getting it to the back of her now non-virgin pussy, Nemu sat there for a moment letting herself get accustomed to his size.

Before Ichigo could say anything she started to rock back and forth using just her hips. The pleasure she was giving making him loose his train of thought and his sanity.

Nemu was also feeling like she had just gotten Soul Society's best drug only amplified 10 times.

It felt even better than when she had fingered herself. Her pussy was having spasms as Ichigo's cock moved in and out of her rubbing her g-spot every time she pushed into him. His pelvis grinding against her clit when she thrust her hips forward.

Ichigo started to struggle with his bindings now that Nemu was distracted for the moment, but Nemu only felt him thrusting so she started to ride him harder. She started bouncing up and down on him each time she brought herself down he hit spots inside of her she didn't even know she had.

Nemu was startled when Ichigo finally broke free only to flip her over and start pounding her pussy without mercy and slamming his lips against her for a passionate kiss.

While his hands were working on her breasts, massaging them, pulling and pinching her nipples, she had used her hands to pull her legs back so her knees were on the sides of her head giving Ichigo the deepest penetration yet.

That had finally done it for the both of them and they both released their building climaxes.



They yelled cumming together, Nemu soaking Ichigo's bed sheets, her pussy muscles clamping onto Ichigo's cock and Ichigo spraying Nemu's insides with his burning seed.

When they finally finished Ichigo rolled off of Nemu and couldn't help but ask her.

"Where did you learn all that?"

"I found a video in your father room and studied it while you slept." she replied snuggling up to him.

"Ok, so why wasn't there any blood when I entered you I thought you never did this before?"

"Did you forget that I was CREATED not born, I wasn't made with a hymen." she replied giggling, GIGGLING!

"Thanks for that, I really wish I wouldn't have waited so long for that." Nemu said.

"Same here, now get in the shower."

"Why?" she asked confused.

"Because I want to wash off before we start again. We're going to be at this all day." he said with a grin.

Nemu just kissed him in reply.


"Ow Orihime, why did you push me off my chair?" Tatsuki asked.

"I don't know. I just got angry all of a sudden." she replied scratching her head.


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