Wrote this on LJ and thought I may as well post it here. I said on my Profile Page I'll write any idea, and that's exactly what this is (although surprisingly for me, it's not that angst-y). So, welcome to my first piece of Romance. Ish.

Disclaimer: Not Mine. Although I think - I think - the idea may be fairly original.


He walked up to the door nervously. Two or three regenerations since he last saw her, and all the while he's been wondering when to go back. When she would say yes.

His mind drifts back to the last time he saw her. Her memories returned... he would never forget the way she had knocked insistantly on the TARDIS doors, and invited herself back in with a flippant 'Hello, Spaceman'. They had saved the world - again - and he had invited her back on board the TARDIS. Same old life, hand in glove. Please?

But she had turned him down. There was more kindness on her face this time than that first time in the snow, but her definitive 'No' broke his heart almost as much as losing her in the first place. She had things to do, she said, responsibilities, and she refused to be the one to deprive the universe of its Doctor. So he left, and she stayed.

The waiting nearly killed him. He knew, one day, he would leave the traveller's life and return to her. And this time, he would do it properly, the two of them, together, forever... Please?

And yesterday, with his brand new face, the TARDIS mirror showed him an end to that wait. A sign that he could finally, finally, go back to her. Destiny.

But first, he had to make a quick trip. All for the sake of paradoxes, but the false life brought tears to his eyes as he walked tentatively up the familiar path. But he would have that life now; he would offer it to her on a plate along with his heart.

He knocked on the door, just as she had done all those years ago. And, like him, she would open the door to a familiar face. But it would not be the one she expected.

She opened the door, still as beautiful as ever, and gasped.