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For all of you that have read The Composer and The Choreographer I know your dying to find out who it is Kelsi's mum wants her to meet so here's the next chapter. To all who haven't read it i would love it if you did but you don't really have to. This chapter and the following 19 are in response to AllForLoveAndHappiness's Ryelsi drabbles challenge. I hope you like the chapter. Remembers review make me happy and keeping me happy means I will keep writing for you

Draco's Guardian Angel


First Aid

"Who?" Kelsi asked

"You'll see" Her mum said

"Ok" Kelsi replied. She didn't want to meet this new person alone so she take Ryan's hand and brought him with her

"I'd like you to meet my new boy friend" her mum said

"What!" Kelsi shrieked

"Yes Kelsi. I'm dating Drew" she said

Ryan held tightly onto Kelsi's hand because he knew that Kelsi did like Drew. When her father had been alive Drew had been trying to wreck her parents marriage. Kelsi grabbed the closet thing to her which was a mug and threw it at Drew . On hitting Drew it smashed and cut him "Kelsi Marie Nielson" her mum said "Apologise to Drew right now"

"No" Kelsi said

"Then at least get the first aid kit" her mum said

"No" Kelsi said pulling Ryan by the hand out of the room and out the door