This is my FIRST - Joella-fic ever, and I'm deeply in love with them. So here's just some fluff.., and well. Hope you like it.

I have 2 parts so far, I don't know if I should continue or leave it as it is. Please tell me.


athousandawesomeness - emilia

Part 1 - Marked Memories

"Please Stella, just do it! There's nothing to be afraid of!" 8-year-old Joe said.

"Joe, there's like 200 feet to the ground!" his friend, Stella, a blond 7-year-old, whined.

"No there's not. Just jump!"

Joe and Stella were in Joe's backyard playing as always, and this specific day, that has a permanent mark on Stella's memories, they were climbing trees. And Joe, the adventurer as always, saw this big tree he wanted to climb. So he did and then jumped down.

Stella is a great climber so she had no problem getting up. But it was the jumping part she had problems with.

"Joeeeey, I don't wanna do this! I shouldn't have climbed up in the first place! I'll hurt myself if I jump down! I can't do this!" Stella said, whining cutely.

Joe smiled encouragingly.

"Yes, you can. I know you can Stella."

"Fine." Stella mutters. "But only if you promise you'll catch me if I fall."

Joe smiled widely.

"Stella. I always have and always will, catch you if you fall."

Stella closed her eyes and then took a deep breath. And to her it felt like slow motion as she took a step from the tree, opened her eyes, and jumped towards little Joe's open arms. She got scared the moment she didn't feel any thing beneath her feet, so she screamed and ear-piercing, terrified scream, that filled Joe with worry. She closed her eyes again until she felt Joe's arms circulate tightly around her. And as Joe caught her in his arms, he stumbled backwards and then landed on the ground with Stella on-top, still with Joe's arms securely around her. Joe let out a deep breath and hugged Stella tighter, as she still had not opened her eyes. He buried his face into her blond hair and breathed in her scent. The scent that always calmed him down, ever since they were little kids. He smiled as her scent filled his lungs.

They laid like that for a while, just breathing and enjoying each others presence.

After what felt like an hour or more, Joe slowly opened his eyes, as Stella had her face buried into his neck.

"Stella?" he whispered softly. For a few seconds, all he heard was her breathing, a worry was being built up inside him. The Stella's soft voice broke the silence.


"Thank god. You didn't get hurt, did you?" he said, Stella's scream still stuck in his ears.

"Noo... but... I-I was scared..." she said, voice shaking.

"Of what?" Joe questioned as he started to rub comforting circles on Stella's back.

"T-That, if you didn't catch me, I'd get hurt. M-Maybe, you'd hope for me to get hurt, b-because you-"

"Stella, what are you talking about? Why would I want you to get hurt? Now look at me." he said and leaned back as he waited for her to lift her head. And as she did, he took her face in his hands.

"Stella, I wouldn't want you to get hurt. Because.. I-.... I love you." the last part he said so softly and caring, like he actually meant it. Stella's mouth hang open by surprise and she gasped.

"What? Did I say something wrong?"

"N-No... it's just that mom says love is a strong word..."

"It is. But I do. I love you." as Joe said it again, Stella smiled.

"Joe... I love you too. That's why you'll have ALL my toys when I die. Nick and Kevin can't have any, okay?"

Joe smiled brightly.

"Yes! Can I have ALL your toys? The train too? And your blue teddy bear from Long Island?"

Stella giggled.

"Yes, ALL my toys."

Joe smiled again, and then as Stella stood up, so did he. When they brushed off and stood safely on the ground, Joe opened his arms and Stella gladly jumped right into them, hugging him tightly.

Stella sighed deeply as she thought of this memory. The first time Joe said he loved her. Joe Lucas said he loved her. She couldn't help but wish it was more than a brother/sister-love. They were best friends, they always have been. Stella's family, consisting Stella's parents and her little sister Alice, and Joe's family, consisting Joe's parents and his three brothers Kevin, Nick and Frankie, are also best friends, since before any of them got kids. Their parents met during college, and ever since then, they always have been best friends, they're actually neighbours.

She put down her book, she couldn't concentrate on reading right now anyways, she had too much to think about anyways.

Like how Joe had behaved. The long looks, the discreet hand-holding, the tight hugs, the goofy smiles- the list could be long.

But in a snap of the fingers, he could turn completely, be so mad and just sit around and look pissed. About what, no one knew. Not even his brothers, and they are probably the closest siblings ever.

Joe's weird behavior had started slowly, but the first time she thought about it was three weeks ago.

They were sitting in the Lucas's living room, watching Juno, Joe's favorite movie, when he suddenly grabbed her hand carefully, before intertwining their fingers. Stella already knew why she felt such comfort and why the feeling sent tingles through her arm, she was in love with him. But she would never admit it, only Macy, her best friend, knew. She hated the fact that she did love him, because he would never love her back. He always thought of her as a sister. Nothing more, nothing less.

But that night, confused her.

Of course he had held her hand before, but during movie nights - NO.

The only time she could remember was when they watched House of Wax one stormy Saturday.

When she came to think of it, it was only 2 weeks before the "Juno-incident".

She was frightened, she really hated horror movies. But for some reason, she had agreed to watch it.

As she hugged her knees tight to her chest, she felt Joe's strong arms wrap around her, pulling Stella on to his lap. She slowly released her knees before throwing her arms around his neck, and burying her face into his neck. He chuckled softly as he rubbed her back soothingly.

But not even that time did he hold her hand like lovers do.

She can't say that she wasn't surprised when he held her tight while watching that horror movie, whispering comforting things in her ear. Because she was. Sure, he comforted her before, but not like that. Not pulling her on to his lap, whispering to her, having her close.

As she kept searching through her mind, more memories like these came to her.

But they were still just a few.

And she wondered why she never thought about this before. But the past weeks made her so confused.

When she asked Macy about this, she said he probably, finally, and TOTALLY was in love with her!

Stella had to find out about his feelings. She doubted he actually was IN love with her, but ...

She sighed as she picked up a piece of paper and a pen. Slowly she began to write...

Reasons why Joe isn't in love with me.

1. He ALWAYS calls me 'little sister'.

2. He ALWAYS tells me how glad he is to have a best FRIEND like me.

3. He had known her since forever, and if he didn't love her before, why now?

She sighed as she studied what she had written.

Why couldn't she come up with other reasons?

Reasons why Joe is in love with me

He always hugs me so tightly I might as well suffocate, and buries his face into my hair. And I can HEAR how he smells it too.

Since that night three weeks ago, he have sometimes just randomly took my hand in his and then intertwined our fingers.

He always says he loves me when we hang up, and I mean after EVERY phone call.

He sometimes gazes at me with a look in his eyes that I can't really place. And if he get caught doing it, he blushes.

Everytime I tell him a compliment; It can be how great those pants look on him, or how gorgeous his hair is today, or maybe just that he sang beautiful. No matter what it is, he always blushes.

He hates every boyfriend/date I've ever had. It can just be his protective side kicking in... but sometimes I wonder.

If he's sleeping over, he always is stubborn about sleeping in my bed. Doesn't matter it don't fit us both. He just always has too.

The last time he slept over, three days ago; I woke up and he was laying on his side, above the blanket in his pajamas, resting on his elbow, just staring at me. When I asked him about it, he said he just 'spaced out'. Yeah right. He's a terrible liar.

Sometimes he just randomly run his fingers through my hair, or just start playing with it.

She sighed as she looked at the two lists.

There were too many reasons FOR to concur the AGAINST list. And she still hadn't written all the other 397 reasons why he was.

She sighed deeply again before laying back against her pillows, letting sleep take over her.