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today I got an idea for the story, and now I got it all in my head, so I thought I'd upload the third part, not sure how many there will be but... anyways:


Chapter 3: Bedroom Coziness

Three weeks later
Joe sighed happily as he was laying in Stella's bed, snuggling with his girlfriend Stella Malone. He never thought he could be any happier.
He watched her eyes sparkle as she concentrated on the movie they were currently watching.
He ran his hand through her hair, and she shivered. He smiled even brighter.
Joe wasn't even focusing och what they were watching, but that didn't matter. That he was here with her, that mattered.
"Are you going to keep staring at me or watch this movie like we planned?" she smiled. And his heart fluttered.
"But you are WAY more interesting and beautiful than this movie."
Stella turned her head towards him, with red cheeks.
"Do you have any idea how cheesy you are?"
"Cheesy for you, baby."
"Oh, shut up!" Stella said laughing.
"You know you love me!" Joe said with a bright smile.
Pure happiness.

"SO!" Joe said catching up with Stella in the hallway, putting an arm around her.
"How's gorgeous herself today?" Stella giggled.
"She's good. Thinking about what she'll be doing to her boyfriend tonight." she said with a wink.
"Oh? That must be a lucky boyfriend then?"
"He better be." she muttered

Later that day, Stella Malone smiled as she walked home.
Soon, her boyfriend Joe Lucas would be coming over, to spend the weekend with her while her parents and little sister went to her grandma's.
When she came up to her room, she sat her bag on her bed while taking out three pictures in frames, recently taken, all of her and Joe.
The first one was from when Joe took her out for their "first date".

A picnic on her favourite beach, in the sunset. And after they ate, they just lied down next to each other, looking at the stars, well Stella was looking at the stars while Joe was looking at her. Slowly he moved closer, until she felt his hot breath right next to her ear. She melted inside.
"Do you know that you are beautiful, Stella Malone?" he whispered in her ear.
She sighed.
"No Joe. I'm not." she whispered back.
"Yes you are! Don't say that!" she giggled at this statement and turned to look at him.
"Do you know that I love you, Joe Lucas?"
Joe smiled widely.
"I love you too."

Stella smiled and sighed as she picked up the next photo, from prom two weeks ago. Joe handsome and gorgeous as always in an outfit she picked out, of course. And Stella in a pink dress, that matched the color on Joe's tie.
The next picture was from just two days ago when they went to the zoo. The picture is taken just by the dolphins, Joe's holding the camera, while kissing Stella's cheek, and she's smiling towards the camera.
Stella loved it just because they both looked so happy.

Stella smiled again. She hanged up the three photos on her wall, just above her drawer. The one from the zoo in the middle.

Just right then Joe came running through the door.
Stella couldn't help but smile and her heart did weird flutter things.
"Hey baby!" Joe said, out of breath.
"Hey.." she responded softly while Joe threw his bag on her bed, and then went over to wrap his arms around her from behind, kissing her neck softly.
"Missed you..." he whispered.
"Joe, you saw me about ten minutes ago."
"Missed you anyways..." he said, burying his face in her neck. Stella smiled, reaching one of her hands up to run it through his hair, while leaning her body backwards against his.
Suddenly she felt something poking her back thigh, making her giggle.
"Oh... eh sorry Stella." Joe said. Stella knew he was blushing.
"It's OK Joe, always nice to be appreciated." she said giggling some more.
Joe sighed, lifting his head up, noticing what she was looking at, the pictures on her wall. He hugged her even tighter kissing her head.
"Nice pictures." Stella could almost hear him smiling.
"Mm... "
Stella turned around, wrapping her arms around his neck, while he wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her as close as possible, making Stella feel exactly how close he wanted her.
"Someone's in the mood today." she whispered extremely close to his lips, teasing him.
"Stella..." he groaned, letting his hand slide down over her butt, squeezing lightly making Stella smirk, before moving up again, under her shirt, feeling the soft skin on her lower back.
Stella shivered at his gentle touches on her back.
She finally gave in, closing the distance between them, kissing him passionately. She moved her hands to his hair, running them through it.
Joe moaned and shivered.
Slowly he guided her towards her bed, reaching out his hands to clear off the bags. As they landed on the bed, Joe kept kissing her.
Stella felt Joe's tongue sliding across her bottom lip so she opened her mouth, letting his tongue enter her mouth.
He held himself steady above her, one hand on each side of her face.
Stella sighed before pulling away.
"Joe, I think we should stop now, not because I don't want to, but I know my mom made dinner for us and it might get cold."
Joe sighed, sitting up. Stella sat up also, wrapping her arms around Joe in a hug before kissing him on the cheek, getting up and starting to run downstairs.
Joe just chuckled looking after her.
"Oh how I love that girl..."

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