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Chapter 1- Sasuke's PoV.

I groaned in frustration as I stared at my blonde haired idiot of a best friend, Uzumaki Naruto. The stupid dobe had managed to get me to abandon my afternoon training in order to stuff his face with ramen. He was on his fourth bowl, and I was the one paying.
"Dobe! That's enough you pig!" I scalded him lightly. He turned to look at me, his mouth full of those reached noodles and god knows what. He swallowed and smiled.
"Awe, come on Sasuke, you have to make up for lost time." He grinned before turning back to his bowl.

I had been back in Konoha for just over a year. Naruto had lived up to his promise and had brought me back home. I had managed to kill my brother Itatchi, however, due to a fluke, when it had come to killing Orochimaru he managed to get away at the last minute.
"Ne, Teme?" Naruto started next to me.
"What Dobe?" I countered.
"I'm done, lets go spar" He grinned at me as he wiped his mouth with a napkin. I nodded my affirmation and paid for our lunch. In sudden haste and excitement Naruto had grabbed hold of my hand and pulled me towards our usual training grounds.

Naruto and I had trained non stop for a good few hours. The dobe now lay flat out next to me on his back, both of us breathing heavily. Sweat and dirt covered our bodies from head to toe.
"That was… a good… workout" Naruto managed between panting breaths. I nodded and turned my head to look at him.
"Let's go home… dobe" I breathed out as I sat up after having got my breath back. He smiled and sat up after me. I was about to stand when I suddenly felt a weight on my shoulder. I turned my head to see that Naruto had slumped up against me, his own head on my shoulder.
"Ne, Sasuke…" He started. "We're best friends right?" He asked me.
"Of course we are dobe." I nodded.
"I've been thinking…"
"Ouch, did it hurt?" I teased.
"Shut the fuck up teme!" He growled before continuing. "Anyway, as I said, I've been thinking."
"About?" I pressed.
"Us?" I questioned, slightly curious as to what he was trying to get at.
"Yes, us… Sasuke, i…" I noticed him blush.
"What is it Naruto?" I asked softly. I knew he wanted to say something important.
"S'uke, I think I'm… in love, w-with you." His blush became heavier as he became flustered. My eyes widened in surprise, I was not expecting him to say that. What can I say in return, I'm sure he knows I'm strai-
"I know your straight S'uke, I just, thought I'd tell you, you know…" He shrugged in a defeated manner.

"Naru…" I sighed and then smiled. Only around Naruto do I smile and become as soft as this. "Thank you for telling me dobe." He looked up to me and nodded.
"Sorry if I've said anything out of line. I just didn't want you to push me away."
"Dobe I wouldn't do that. You're my best friend remember, the only person worth sparing with." I got up onto my heels and turned myself to look at his sombre expression. "I'm sorry I can't return your feelings Naruto…" I leaned forward and hugged him. I nuzzled the side of his face and he wrapped his own arms around me. Affectionate, I know, but we're only like this when we're on our own. No-one but Naruto has seen the last Uchiha become such a sap.
"If the circumstances were different Naruto, then I'd defiantly go out with you. I do love you Naruto, you're like my little brother, I'm just not in love with you…You're my best friend and I hope we can still be that way." The blonde nodded against my chest.
"Sure Sasuke, we're still best friends." He lifted his head and grinned at me cheekily. "So my sexy-no-jutsu really does affect you then teme." I glared at him playfully. 'More than you'll ever know Naruto', I inwardly thought as I stood up and lifted him up with me.
"I'm tired now Sasuke, I'm gunna head on home 'k." He motioned with his thumb in the direction of his house. I nodded.
"Sure, see you tomorrow dobe." I smirked as I walked passed him. I leant toward him when I was near enough and gently placed a light kiss on his forehead. "Make sure your up before I come get you this time." I kept the smirk on my lips as I headed off home for a relaxing evening.

I arrived at Naruto's apartment early, like always. I knocked on his door and entered his apartment as I usually did. I headed over to the bedroom door, expecting to find the blonde dobe still in bed. I reached out with my hand to open the door, but suddenly stopped upon hearing music and then… singing? I raised a brow and walked over to the little kitchenette that was Naruto's. I hid behind the wall, but poked my head out to watch the blonde sing and dance a little to a song.

"Lay where you're laying,
Don't make a sound.
I know you're watching.
They're watching."

He swayed his hips gently to the music as he sung along.

"You… Your sex is on fire."

I tried not to laugh as he sang those lines whilst flipping a pancake. The said pancake missed the pan and landed on the fox boy's face. I saw him pout for a few moments before smiling once again and continuing with breakfast. It was then I decided to make myself known.
"Naruto!" I called out as I stepped out from behind the wall and into the kitchenette and the blondes view.

Naruto spun around, looking at me with a shocked expression on his face. He then smiled and pointed to the little table he used to eat off.
"Sit. Breakfast's ready." I nodded and sat whilst Naruto continued to sing and dance. He must be in a good mood today.

"The soft lips are open.
Them knuckles are pale"

Naruto had served up our breakfast and had started singing and dancing playfully to me. For each of those two lines he pressed a finger against my lips and then he followed it with a brush of my hand. I raised a brow in amusement at his antics.

"It feels like you're dying.
You're dying."

He sat on my lap and leaned back dramatically, one arm and one leg up in the air. I laughed at his stupidity.

"Hot as a fever."

He put a hand to my forehead.

"Rattling bones."

He poked both my clavicles.

"I could just taste it.
Taste it

He licked my nose.
"Naruto! Eugh, get off me you goof!" I chuckled at him and wiped my nose as he got up off me.

"And you…
You're sex is on fire."

He faded out there as he shook his hips a little. He then sat down in his seat opposite me with a huge grin on his face. I couldn't help but laugh again.
"Naruto, as much as I love your singing, you are the biggest baka I have ever known."
"why thank you sir." He joined in with my laughter as we both carried on with our breakfasts.

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The song is by Kings of Leon, The Sex is on Fire. My 3 year old brother loves this song. haha