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Chapter 28

Silence was golden, or so many people believed. Naru however thought otherwise, especially in the situation she was in. The truth had finally come out and she had gotten her memory back. The weakening of the seal Kabuto had put on her a year ago, had helped not only her memory to return, but for Kurama to finally be heard and talked to once again. Naru had missed her furry companion's presence, but even now he was silent, sleeping seep within her mind, keeping out of what was about to unfold.

"Well?" Sasuke growled out suddenly, breaking the awkward silence. "Isn't anyone going to explain?" He asked, his hands fisting his pant's leg.

Naru and Tsunade spared each other a cautious glance, before the blonde haired Hokage gave a confirming nod, in which Naru left out a long sigh that she had no idea she had been holding. Her stomach felt uneasy and just silently prayed to whatever higher power was listening that things would go well, or as can be expected anyway.

"The last time I saw you, we were both heading off for missions. You were to be gone longer than me. However on my mission, I was poisoned and kidnapped from the Konoha hospital."

"I know that much dobe…" Sasuke stated.

"Teme! Shut up and let me explain will you!?" Naru squawked at the disruption. "So anyway!" She continued telling her half of the story. "Kabuto kidnapped me and threatened me. He said if I didn't perform my sexy jutsu, then I wouldn't get the antidote. So I preformed the jutsu and he jabbed me with the needle that contained a mixed serum of the antidote and something else… After that I was never able to turn back to my normal male self…" She paused and ran a hand through her messy sunshine blonde hair. "Then… This part is still a little hazy but Kabuto, under Orochimaru's instructions, got me pregnant. I lost my memory not long after that, a bad fall I think, and was then lead to believe that I was alone in the world."

Naru Shrugged, pretty much summarising what had been going on for the last year or so. She had nothing to hide, not from her friends, whom she considered her family and trusted them undoubtedly.

"So that's what happened to you?" Tsunade spoke up as her hazel eyes took in the emotionally exhausted young woman in front of her. Naru nodded in reply and just stared at the floor, as if it would have all the answers as to what had been going on, that or it would just open up and swallow her any moment now.

"That being said and done…" Kakashi said next, finally adding his own two cents. "If your memory is weak from the time of conception, then how sure are you that the child sleeping a few doors away is definitely Sasuke's?" He questioned. "At best Tsunade-Sama and Shikamaru-Kun can only speculate and assume from the documents that were found in Kabuto's lab."

"There were documents?" Naru questioned, she was honestly surprised as she knew nothing of this. "Can I see them Baa-Chan?" She asked, her sky-blue orbs pleading the woman she saw as her grandmother to give in and let her see them.

"Of course, but not right now, Shika-Kun and his team are still going over the finer points of the notes. However, is it possible for you to now answer Kakashi's question?"

"Yes... I mean, you just have to look at him to see he's Sasuke's son, that he's clearly an Uchiha, the DNA test you took proves that too. However, I also had a sort of nurse maid to help me through the pregnancy. She told me she had heard Kabuto talk to the snake about insemination, Sasuke Uchiha and me… At the time I didn't know who Sasuke was as I had lost my memory by then. All I knew was that he was supposed to be the father of my baby." Naru then turned to look at Sasuke. "I believe you met her once, my nurse maid. She said she had found you in a village not too far away and told you where we were, where Orochimaru's lair was…"

Now, Uchiha's normally had exceptional memory, however, Sasuke's had decided there and then to fail him for a few moments. Call it reparations for all the emotional turmoil it had to deal with over the last few days.

"Yes…" He said after a while. "She wouldn't tell me who she was, but she said she knew you and told us where to find you... After that we never saw her again but decided to go out on a whim and trust her words, we had nothing to loose, she was being honest with us all the time."

Naru nodded and smiled softly at the memory of her late friend. Morgan had done a lot for her and her son during the last year, the brave woman deserved to be remembered, and when things had calmed down and went back to some form of normality, she would as the Hokage to erect a memorial head stone for her, that is, if her body had been recovered from the desecrated lair.

"Yeah, that's exactly right. Mio is Sasuke's son, even Kurama say's so too." Naru smiled still, hoping her words would seal any confusion or suspicion that the other's still might have. "Though I wonder if these documents can help explain what my memory is lacking…" She pouted a little, feeling a bit frustrated with the situation at hand. "Is there anything else you need to know?" She asked, wanting to make sure she had covered everything they had needed to hear.
Tsunade and Kakashi nodded respectively before looking to the not-so-last Uchiha.

"Sasuke?" Kakashi questioned. The raven had been quiet for too long and it was important to hear what he had to say, what he thought and felt on the matter, it did, after all, concern him a lot. It took him a few moments, but soon Sasuke came around and replied.

"I need some time to think…" He murmured as he worried his bottom lip uncharacteristically and stood. "You can stay here dobe, and make sure our son wants for nothing…" He said before he left the house.

Sasuke decided to head over to the training grounds after mulling through things as he ambled through the streets of Konoha. Once he arrived at the familiar field he began to channel his emotions into his fists and pummelled away against any poor unsuspecting object. He needed this time to himself, to think things through properly, he needed his mind clear so that he could dissect and come to terms with what had happened, just like any good stable Uchiha would do, last thing he needed was to go off the rails… Again.

Back at the house, those that were left just sat there in the familiar silence. Each of them trying to work out what to say next, hoping not to make anything more awkward than what it already was.

"Naruto, I expect a full report of what happened during your enca-uh, time at Orochimaru's. Have it on my desk in a week's time…." The Hokage ordered softly, through all three knew she was being lenient with the time limit she had given the younger blonde, considering the girls report could be cross examined with the notes they had of Kabuto's, maybe they could finally discover the whole story from beginning to end, and maybe a way to undo the effects of the serum used on Naruto.

"Yes Baa-Chan…" Naru replied as she gave the busty blonde a small, but grateful smile. Kakashi suddenly got to his feet and smiled himself, though of course it was hidden behind his mask.

"It's good to have you back Naruto." The silver haired man then waved and left the manor, leaving the two women alone.

"Come here gaki." Tsunade reached out and took a hold of the girls hand and brought her into a long awaited and much needed hug.

"Baa-Chan!" Naru gasped before she wrapped her own arms around her self-appointed grandmother and hid her head into the woman's busty chest. "I'm home Baa-Chan…" Naru's arms tightened around the Hokage as she left out a small sob. "I'm home Baa-Chan, I'm finally home."

"Welcome home Kid." Tsunade whispered softly as her eyes glazed over. She was more than happy to have the teen back; she only hoped that things would get sorted out sooner rather than later.

It was an hour before Tsunade and Naru said their goodbyes with Naru promising to all into the Hokage tower one day soon. After she had left, Naru went to go check on Mio. Her son was still asleep, even though he was recovering from his illness, he slept like a log. Just as he always did, and for that Naru was glad, he needed it. She smiled and left the room with the door ajar so that she could hear him as she pottered about the house making herself something to eat and cleaning here and there. She was over the moon to be home and back to where she belonged. Though she hoped her and Sasuke could get on once again, she had missed her love after all.

It was hours later when Sasuke finally decided to go home. He had spent the rest of the day sorting through the day's events and working through them the best way he knew how. It was almost midnight when he walked in through the front door. He locked it behind him before venturing further into his home.

He went straight to the kitchen and opened the fridge, he hadn't yet eaten since that morning and was famished. He was surprised to say the least to see that there had been three, already made bowls covered and labelled with his name. Once had a note tacked to it, reading 'Stupid Teme. Eat up and don't starve.' Sasuke smirked at the note and took out all three bowls and heated them up before sitting at the kitchen table and tucking in. Honestly, Naruto was a good cook when she wanted to be. The rice was cooked to perfection, the fish and dumplings were moist and tasty. Sasuke poured himself some soy sauce and continued to eat until he was finished. He cleared up the table before standing at the sink to wash the dishes he had used.

"Sasuke?" Came a timid, sleep filled voice from the doorway. Sasuke turned around to face a pyjama clad Naruto standing there.

"What is it dobe?" He asked with a finely raised brow. It wasn't like her to be up at this late, what with Mio tiring her out during the day and all.

"You came home..." She said, not bothering to hide the surprise in her tone of voice.

"Did you not want me to?" He said; his eye brow now arched in mild confusion. "This is where I live after all. I have every right to be here, and come and go as I please." He smirked slightly, a hint of sarcasm in his voice.

Naru just rolled her eyes as she stepped further into the kitchen and closer to the Uchiha. She watched him carefully with her own blue orbs, hoping he wouldn't shy away, or start to ignore her like he was known to do when he was pitching a fit, or so she liked to call it.

"Sarcasm isn't you teme." She replied with her own dose of sarcasm before coming to a stop, four foot steps away from the raven. "So, now that there are no prying ears… What are we going to do next?" She asked.

Over the last few hours she had tried to come up with the answers, all on her own, but she soon quickly came to realise that she needed Sasuke's help; after all it was his life too. If Sasuke didn't want anything to do with them, or even her, then they would leave and go somewhere else. She half wondered if her old apartment, though small, would be available to them until something better came along, if ever.

Sasuke inwardly sighed as he took in the sight of the young woman before him. He wondered himself what they would do next. She was his Naruto, male or female, and she was the mother of his one and only son, he loved her dearly, though he wasn't entirely sure anymore just how far that love extended. She was still the same old dobe on the inside.

"Honestly… I'm angry, but not at you. I'm pissed off with Orochimaru and Kabuto for doing this to me, but more so you. Don't get me wrong though, the outcome was, is, very much welcomed. However your situation may be a cause for concern… Seeing my best friend, my male best friend, standing before me as a woman is unbearably confusing and unusual. It's definitely going to take some time for me to get used to it, to you again…"

"Hey, if I can get used to it, then I'm sure you can too." Naru said with a small smile. "It wasn't easy for me at first either. After finding out I was pregnant I slowly started to come to terms with it all. If I wanted to keep my baby, then I would have to." She shrugged. Yeah it had been a hell of a shock to her, but she dealt with it and became the person her son needed her to be, his mother. Not to mention her memory loss, though an unfortunate accident helped her to acclimatise to her new role and gender.

"I can understand that." The Uchiha replied as he lent back against the unit he was standing next to. "Like I said before, I'm not angry at you. I don't think I ever really was despite my attitude earlier today. Everything came as such a shock, even if I did have a small suspicion." He continued to look the blonde girl over. She really was his friend in his female jutsu form. Now that the seal had broken, her cheeks were once again scarred and her level of power, although suppressed right now, had exponentially grown. "I'm just glad your home dobe." He smirked teasingly. The work out and think out he had given himself earlier had helped him to see the light in everything that had happened over the past year. Yes there was still more to work out but right now he was just content and exceedingly tired.

"Stupid teme." Naru rebuked before smiling softly. "I'm honestly glad you're home S'uke. I wouldn't have been able to do this, raise Mio, on my own. He needs his daddy after all…" Her smiled turned into a grateful, loving one that had Sasuke nearly blushing.

"Hn…" Sasuke grunted in reply as he folded his arms and turned his head away from the young woman, which in turn only made her giggle at his actions. Ah yes, she knew him too well sometimes.

"Come on teme, don't get shy on me now. We have to teach our son about the Uchiha pride after all." She said whilst giggling still.

"Shut up Naruto." Sasuke groused, though only pretending to. His onyx orbs carefully watched the blonde in front of him through the corner of their sockets. Naruto was unpredictable, he wouldn't put it past the other to start a play fight, woman or no, tired or not.

"Wow, so mean of you Sas. You cut me to the core then. How terrible of you teme." She replied with a grin, not able to keep her face straight at all.

"Hn, dobe." Sasuke smirked before straightening himself up and walking towards Naru, closing the gap between them. "Get yourself to bed already." He murmured softly before flicking the girl on the forehead affectionately, just like Itachi used to do to him.

Naru's hand immediately shot up and grabbed the Uchiha's own larger one and brought it down to her face. She thought for a few moments before flattening the man's hand against her cheek and gently nuzzled it.

"If I have to go, then you do too…" She replied, a small smile on her plump lips.

Sasuke just nodded, his onyx orbs entranced by the beautiful woman before him. She was his best friend, and yet he found himself looking at her in a different light. As he took her in, he remembered that day, long ago, when Naruto confessed his feelings for him, and Sasuke said if only he was a woman, then things could have been different. Well, now that things were different, Sasuke's head and heart were battling it out with each other, he could feel them at war deep within his subconscious, he wondered which would win, and what path would it lead him down?

"I plan to dobe." Sasuke replied before his hand was let go and he saw a brief shade of pink on the girl's cheeks. He inwardly smirked and subconsciously flexed his hand at his side; it felt like it was on fire.

"Teme." Naru murmured a hint of a smile still on her lips. "Night then." She said with a little wave before turning and going back to her shared room with her son.

Sasuke stood there for a few moments more gathering his thoughts before he himself finally headed off to bed, asleep as soon as his head touched the pillow.

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